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  1. slush59134

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    it depends on the quality of the game. how dare they would remake the perfectness of DOOM?
  2. I mean , classic Doom's monsters (and also players) has 4(x2) side textures and 2 back and front textures. can we make more angled sprites? oh and you might know that looking down monsters on high cliffs makes them looks like some kind of papercraft. can we make sprites that also changes due to heights?
  3. slush59134

    ultimate doom builder updates too often

    in the DBV2.
  4. slush59134

    ultimate doom builder updates too often

    select "brightness mode". select "sector(s)" and "Drag down holding the right mouse button" "brightness down" or "Drag down holding the right mouse button" "brightness up" which is impossible in UDB.
  5. slush59134

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I started to be DOOMer since I was 12 and Im 14 now
  6. and there's even no drag-brightness options lol
  7. I mean, do you use DOSDOOM or BOOM only? like, NO SLOPES, NO OVER 300X200 IMAGES, NO FLAT CEILING TEXTURES, NO 3D STAIRS, NO VERTICAL PORTALS... ONLY VANAILLA DOOM!!!!!! ▲ is this common? The reason I am asking for this, is because, I am making a new wad, and I posted about its titlepictures, intermission screen image, and some other basic textures. and I found that using gzdoom, it is OK to use an image bigger than 300X200 but it will crash on classic source ports. so I'm having a hard time because of those problems. should I use 3D technologies and fancy boosts from gzdoom and not playable on BOOM or should I make an wad that playable on BOOM with just classic elements? which do you prefer more? classic? or modern? oh, and this... is my wad's title so far. H ells C haos
  8. this is my titlepic! this is HELP! this is CREDITS! and same picture for BOSSBACK!!! how do you think about these images? all taken, edited by myself!!!! ah yeah, and some original stuffs how do you think about these images?
  9. well this is new maybe? this is a wad with only level 1. I have no more power to continue this wad. but maybe uploading the wad here may be help a lot. and a previous wad. slush.wad or slusher.wad is .. completly out of my way. I deleted it because it was too shitty to resurrect. so... I'm done with that wad. and I don't want to call it as a wad. but this time, it sure looks more neat than that. oh and if you're mind to play this wad. you should play on gzdoom or something but not boom ports. yeah this was made for gzdoom not for boom. the reason why you should not play this wad on boom? well, it keep...crashes. maybe the textures, especially the ceiling textures are keep crashing. and keep mind this thing : I didn't learned making wad from some professional guys. I was just got bored at 13 years old and I'm only one more year older than that.. era? now. so I'm keep learning about traps, 3d slopes and bunch things but NOT IN THIS WAD. I started to learning about higher technics in june. and this wad is from maybe last year. and there's some screenshots... BOOM thats all. I hope there's someone can push me hard through playing this wad and tell me something hells.zip
  10. well due to the story he maybe lived into the military base
  11. slush59134

    am i using doomworld WRONG?

    nothing to say about this topic maybe I'll upload my newest wad here
  12. slush59134

    An unusual Iconic Duo

    That's kinda cultural shock...
  13. slush59134

    An unusual Iconic Duo

    just my... imagenation
  14. slush59134

    Please play this wad and tell me

    I'll fix dat. thanks!n!n!n!n!n!n!n!n