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  1. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Hello. I have two recommendations for how to make this mod more difficult on Nightmare! difficulty (skill 5 / "Ultra Nightmare"). The zombie movespeed needs to be at least doubled, and the ability to permanently stun pinkies needs to be removed! I'm not a programmer so I don't know if these can be implemented but these are just my thoughts. It took me maybe 50+ hours of grinding to complete Episode 1 on Nightmare! playing vanilla Doom. I can beat Ultra Nightmare first try every try no problem with the D4V mod. The two most obvious factors contributing to this are the virtually harmless zombies (compared to the hit-scanning zombies of original Doom) and the ability to lock in place any pinky with any weapon (compared to getting surrounded/trapped by pinkies during most Nightmare runs in original Doom). I would like to see pinkies be totally immune to stun on skill 5 so that they charge you freely and can easily surround and trap you, just like original Doom. Again, I don't know if it' possible to totally remove stun, maybe just make it as close to zero as possible like in the original Doom, where on skill 5 they stop but only for a tiny fraction of a second. This would only affect turbo nerds like me who like to grind the game on skill 5. Just to be clear, these changes are only meant to be active on skill 5, similar to how pinky movespeed is doubled while playing skill 5 in original Doom.
  2. Hard2Poop

    Sunder - Map18 Emerges!

    WEW! A new map! Sergeant Mark IV just came out with a mod specifically designed for slaughter maps, too! It's appropriately called "Meatgrinder." I never got very far in my Sunder playthrough. I only beat levels 1-3 I think, and map 11... like 6 years ago, I randomly discovered Sunder Map 11 on youtube, and that video single-handedly got me interested in playing Doom again, after almost 20 years :). Armed with the knowledge that easy difficulty will double my effective hitpoints and double my ammunition, as well as being armed with a deadly new gameplay mod, I am ready to tackle the Sunder maps!
  3. Hard2Poop

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    I really like the way the levels are designed with the monster behavior in mind - like the cyber-mancubi on map2, and how map1 is narrow so you can't circle-strafe the baron and you just keep getting pushed back by it. I got an idea for a level, inspired by map02 (Punchline) of Scythe - make a melee monsters only level! Zombies, pinkies, and hellknights! You have to score some kills vs pinkies without berserk, but you eventually get berserk and have to punch your way through sections with zombies/pinkies. The zombies will be the sole source of ammo. Massive groups of zombies are always fun to shoot up, you could create a section where you fall into a room and are surrounded and have to mow them down with a minigun along with pinkies and spectres and a hellknight or more. Also forcing the player to fist-fight a hellknight would be cool too, maybe make a trap next to a berserk pack/armor that drops iron bars in place to trap you for 10 seconds so you have to kill it to survive.
  4. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I really love the new textures, especially the new damaging floors. Maybe this is an odd request, but can you release the textures you used, or show where to get them? Specifically I love how the lava actually looks like lava! My old man hasn't played Doom in like 20+ years and I wanted to give him Doom as a present. He already played Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Plutonia, and TNT. I want him to play some maps he hasn't played before so I'm gonna give him Sigil + D4V, but *just in case* he is not keen on playing modded Doom, I still want him to experience Sigil with the upgraded textures! Case and point: the lava doesn't even glow in the original Doom! You can't even see the red in the sky! EDIT: both pics are e5m5 in GZDoom
  5. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    HOLY SHIT! Have you tried this with the Bolognese gore mod?! It looks INCREDIBLE!!!!
  6. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I really like the weapon balance for the HAR/chaingun. The HAR is similar to the vanilla chaingun in that there is no cooldown. The minigun fires like twice as fast, but there is a significant cooldown after each burst, which forces you to hold down the trigger as you turn and aim at the next target, which, combined with the extremely high rate-of-fire, will make you run out of bullets much sooner. Which weapon is better depends on the situation. When I'm playing Doom episode 1 I use the HAR but when I play episodes 2 and 3 the chaingun variant is better. You pretty much need the chaingun to get the red key on E2M6 on nightmare - the lightning gun is also incredibly strong here, dare I say OP! You should make the sprite for the lightning gun white! That would look SICK! I already think the plasma gun is the best looking gun in the game. How does the gauss cannon work? Does it fire tracers? I noticed I can't seem to hit shit with it if I am strafing and turning and firing. It appears the BFG can still do more single target damage if you get close enough that 100% of the tracers/projectile hit the target, but the big boss enemies all have the flame attack that will kill you if you try to get in their face, especially with fast monsters, so the gauss cannon appears to need less ammo to kill single enemies/bosses.
  7. Quote

    I want diminishing lighting.
    I want vertical recoil
    I want full 1920x1080, instead of the 4:3 that Crispy Doom has.
    I want the projected crosshair, or as I like to think of it, the laser sight. Crispy Doom is the only one so far that has the projected crosshair that also locks on to enemies to show you where the auto-aim is pointing.

    Damn, Crispy has a lot of features I didn't even know about. As far as I'm aware, no other ports have crosshairs that lock on, they're all completely stationary and unchanging. Vertical recoil is possible in ZDoom-family ports, but it requires modding, I don't think it's a built in option.


    I think Crispy Doom is going to be the only port that has you covered on each of those points, it has everything but the widescreen support. Considering that the port is clearly going well beyond classic vanilla limits, perhaps Fabian would be open to including a toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 in some future build. I don't want to derail the original thread so I decided to respond here, but it couldn't hurt to send Fabian a message / asking him about the possibility of implementing it.

  8. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I dunno what that is, homie. Should I look into it? I'm still pretty new. I feel like no one sourceport has everything I want. I want diminishing lighting. I noticed some of the original maps look like crap without the original Doom lighting - the most vivid example is Sigil's Episode 5 map 8 (I know this isn't technically an original map but that is where I noticed the flaw the most). Doom Retro and Crispy Doom accomplish this look the best in the sourceports I've tried so far. I want vertical recoil, and only one I've found with it so far is Crispy. I want full 1920x1080, instead of the 4:3 that Crispy Doom has. I know Doom Retro *almost* accomplishes full 1920x1080 with the same retro look by clever screen resizing, but Doom Retro lacks the vertical recoil. I want the projected crosshair, or as I like to think of it, the laser sight. Crispy Doom is the only one so far that has the projected crosshair that also locks on to enemies to show you where the auto-aim is pointing. You would THINK that full 1920x1080 resolution would be more important than adding a little screen-shake when you shoot your gun... but after experiencing the vertical recoil in Crispy Doom, I literally cannot go back to anything else. I mean I will go back to GZDoom once I go back to running Brutal Doom+XVME, but only because I have to use GZDoom for that. I can use Zandronum too but the Brutal Doom flashlight does not work on Zandronum, and the flashlight is a must for me now when I play Brutal Doom. I can't see shit without it in dark areas like the dark sectors in E1M2. You would think this problem would be even WORSE in Crispy Doom but I think the laser sight + auto-aim make this a non-issue.
  9. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Ah, tyvm! Dude this is dope, I'm gonna crack out now and grind some episodes, thanks for all your hard work
  10. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    TY for the fast response, I just downloaded the new, new version. I am very new to modding, and I'm having trouble with something and have no idea what's going on: Earlier, when I was testing v2.0, the pistol and shotgun were firing much slower, so I thought they got nerfed. I'm assuming they were using the original Doom rate of fire. Now, as I am testing v2.0, the pistol and shotgun are shooting much faster again. I have no idea if the slow rate of fire was a bug, or if the weapons did indeed get nerfed, either way, they are firing much faster than in the original Doom. I am running the game using a command line I made: ports\crispy-doom -iwad doom.wad -file SIGIL_v1_21.wad D4V.WAD -nodeh -deh D4V.deh 4_HAR.deh
  11. Hard2Poop

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    I love this mod! I completed Episodes 1-3 on Nightmare running version 1.2 of this mod. Because of the Baron of Hell balance changes in version 2.0, I'll run through the maps again, but here are some things I noticed that weren't in the 2.0 changelog, maybe I missed a version, but anyway: -The D4V cyberdemon lost his special attacks :( Now he just behaves like a normal cyberdemon (his in-game name is now "Cyber-mancubus") -When I load D4V v2.0 in Crispy Doom, the D4V version of the Spidermastermind is there, but, -when I load D4V v2.0 in GZDoom, the Spidermastermind becomes the "Balraag Cyberdemon", which is the old D4V cyberdemon with the special attacks. -I personally preferred the pre-nerf crazy bat-shit-insane Baron of Hell. He is no good for single-segment attempts, but I'm not a speedrunner so I don't care. I already got used to saving the game before fighting them and having crazy insane fights with them. Their splash damage attack is their strength but also actually their weakness, since you can get them to infight with other demons that way, even other Barons of Hell. -I appreciate the minigun nerf, it was pretty overpowered before -I like giving the zombies a ranged attack! They were way to easy before. -The zombies death sprites don't seem to be working. In both Crispy and GZDoom, they appear to be floating in the air, instead of lying dead on the ground -Not sure how I feel about the pistol/shotgun nerfs. I don't think it hurt to have the pistol firing fast like in v1.2, it's not like you ever use the pistol anyway. The shotgun nerf I suppose had to happen -I appreciate the rocket launcher buff. It definately felt weak before and I almost never used it. Even the minor ROF buff should make it way more useful in my runs. I know you can't please everybody, but for me, the Cyberdemon and Baron of Hell nerfs kill it for me :( I suppose the Baron nerf had to happen because of the player weapon nerfs. The minigun used to be fine at killing them, but with the minigun/shotgun nerfs, I imagine they are virtually impossible to deal with without rockets/plasma. I'd have to do some playtesting in my runs to say for sure I'll end on a positive note, though, and that is that I love the texture changes, like changing the damaging floor textures, I think they look better. And I like the new belt-fed machine gun over the chaingun (it should not be called a "heavy assault rifle," though! assault rifles are not belt-fed! I'd prefer the name "General Purpose Machine Gun." It's a fictional weapon so what it is is up to you. Here is a video on the terminology and differences between light machinegun / medium machinegun / general purpose machinegun / heavy / etc. if you care https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8aAXsJRzTM ) I personally love running this on Crispy Doom, as Crispy Doom is the only source port that lets you add vertical recoil! The screen shaking makes even the pistol feel mighty, and the jarring recoil when firing rockets makes the rocket launcher feel especially powerful, especially with the D4V rocket launcher sprite! You would think that all these fancy modern source ports would have that recoil option too... Crispy Doom also has a unique crosshair option that makes the crosshair behave like a laser sight - it shines a dot on the wall that looks/behaves like a laser sight, and the dot locks on to enemies when you auto-aim! I've been having so much fun playing D4V that I don't even play multiplayer games anymore, something that I NEVER thought would happen. I'm not a competitive speedrunner, so I like to come up with my own routes for each of the episodes. I play on Nightmare so my personal routes are all about maximizing my chances of completing the episode with 0 deaths, so sometimes I LEAVE a mega armor/soulsphere behind, and come back to it right before I exit the level, after I've already lost most of my armor/HP. I come up with my routes by watching world record nightmare-speed and nightmare-100s speedruns on youtube, playing both routes on a lower difficulty, deciding which secrets to take/leave, memorizing the routes with NoMo, then playing them on Nightmare :)