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  1. this reminds me, my map "technically" isn't finished, so whenever I have the chance, I'll see to what i can improve and add. hope you're doing fine DK! :)
  2. Never really thought of a community project, but one idea that came up to me is something along the lines of "Imitate a map you like and give it your personal spin". So an example, Rowdy Rudy 2's MAP01 would be the basis, and taking inspiration from that, you create a map around what's featured: "Outdoors starting area with rocky mountains, which transitions into a techbase". Would be cool, honestly.
  3. Hmmm.. honestly, I'll have to check this out. Maybe if there's a spiritual successor to this project, someone mention me. I need to get on this! (Well, maybe without the Valentines and Love theming. Considering, well...)
  4. Vladguy

    Cursed Doom Images

  5. FINALLY, another project that I'm in will soon release. Hopefully everything goes smooth!
  6. Hot damn! At last, I can properly say that I've been a part in a Community Project! Can't wait to see the final two episodes finalized... I approve of the changes of my map, by the way! Great additions.
  7. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Escape is the first map of my never-to-be-released-because-I-am-lazy-as-hell Boom mapset, Activation. Indeed, it is made for Boom compatibility, so be sure of that. Only one map (duh), so I hope you enjoy Underhalls! CREDITS (for full mapset!) SCREENSHOTS Enjoy. DOWNLOAD
  8. Vladguy

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    STAY CALM, EVERYTHING'S HAPPENING Eviternity was like, probably one of my first proper Doom megawads that I've played! I sucked ass, but holy shit, we have ourselves a sequel.
  10. Hey uh... you forgot me. (Which reminds me... I have to figure out how I can more properly flesh out my map or something.)
  11. I did not expect Maskim Xul to be on today's episode, really! (Is that how you spell it?) As always, Delinquent does some trolling. Demon carnage ensues. Great stuff.
  12. Hey, thanks for checking it out. Honestly, I didn't think much about my map, considering how I've been struggling with mapper's block for quite some time now and can't seem to get it away for a minute or two aside from deadlines. If this becomes the least favorite level of the megawad for some people, then no biggie really. Thanks again.
  13. I mean, probably not, but if someone else needs a song, keep in touch. Though we could use an improvement on the title and intermission songs. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is kinda overused there.
  14. Hell yeah, good luck on that. Most of the community projects I joined have not yet been released at all so hopefully this gets finished soon.
  15. Perhaps you thought wrong, as it is indeed a surprisingly basic MIDI music composer. The more you know!
  16. "A Community Projection", as I remember from Doomworld messages.
  17. Correct, it was just something I whipped up in Aria Maestosa from what I remember.
  18. Nah, I have no recollection of making the graphics. But maybe I could whip up some quick replacement text graphics for the menu or something, I dunno.
  19. ..what was that conversation Also I completely forgot that this project was in the works! @Dusty_Rhodes How's progress going?
  20. That title MIDI made me become one of those *realizes* reaction images. Oh god, why must memes run through me?!
  21. Hey uh... It's been over a week after the supposed deadline, whatever happened to that?
  22. One day remains until the deadline.. I could add more stuff right now, but I need to know if my current version works and feels alright to play on. ..oh yeah, that drawseg sploch on the walkable rocks
  23. I don't know what to say right now, but today (in my timezone) is my birthday. Woo!

  24. I use the regular shotgun whenever I have an odd number of shells. SSG + 23 shells = nuh uh for me