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  1. oh, and the art n artists. my bad
  2. I know u guys are typically referring to software and coding and how it relates to the user experience and everythin, but seriously the fuckin point is quakeworld has ALWAYS been around, and has been the ONLY version of q1 that's been played since basically 2000, decades ago. its core gameplay has also largely made its way onto modern games that don't seem to kno what theyre doin (like quake champs. relapse, warsow etc) AND lack popularity. its netquake that cant be played/experienced anymore, and has basically disappeared since then. ie. sans the bunny-hopping that completely overtook q1s gameplay, the unique misaligned crosshair, even the lack of clientside netcode prediction, etc. maybe u can argue the netcode is just a technical improvement, but anyone that played during the 90s world of doom and quake and misses to play the original quake again has to play quakeworld publicly - which they may not even know how to bunny-hop, and its been that way forever.. which is a different game, but everyone just kinda pretends that its not and just never says anything else about it, as if netquake never existed and Quake simply is or equates to quakeworld jumpin all over the place even tho Ferraris were being given out before QW and b-hop existed (Quake 3 is still the most popular quake, and a point was made to not have it include bunny-hoppin - this was at a time when qw was at its peak in popularity and bunny-hoppin had become its main element, and q3 almost limited strafe-jumpin even - and its probably the quake MOST influenced by NETQUAKE). code doesnt mean anythin almos ever if u jus forget about the user experience. whats important to preserve about "vanilla" quake is not its SP element, but its online experience and how relevant its impact(s) were to online gamin. SP were never its design goals and it obviously shows, and everythin about its MP were its milestone and visionary ideas
  3. you mean preserve the vanilla Netquake experience ??? ?
  4. Cloud

    Basic Crispy Doom questions

    crispy is compatible wid my cfg in choc rite? what file do i move from choc and where do i put it in crispy? can i just set the mouse speeds etc, in the crispy setup menu the same as i had it in choc too? thanks awesome ports
  5. Cloud

    Basic Crispy Doom questions

    curious whats the point of building it yourself when you can jus dl it yourself? advantages? i didnt see that i thought i needed to build it; the way things were organised or described on the webpages are very clearly not specific enuf or simple, maybe even misleading and i didnt know that. whats an IWAD? i assume put doom.wad in the crispy folder, then -file doom2.wad (in target when you right click, or cmd prompt). where do u put doom2.wad? thanks
  6. wasnt sure whether i should post this in the main Crispy doom thred or make a separate post. i just wana play doom along the philosophies og stated projects anf dont have much experience with this stuf. i hav a saved game (ep1 ultimate doom wad uv difficulty) from chocolate-doom, how do i go about playin it in crispy since im under the impression it works with em? i guess if the saved game runs my main goal would b to record more important i read that u could use the SSG in doom 1. i couldnt see how to do this? and lastly do i hav to build this myself thru github etc. i just downloaded choc-doom and ran it, didnt see dat wid crispy which is much preferable to me as far as i know atm. instructions on how to do dat if so would b appreciated, i couldnt find em (only the msys2 instructions) thanks! thanks for these ports
  7. Cloud

    gba vs mobile

  8. Cloud

    gba vs mobile

    u mean keyboards and mouses???
  9. thats funny, i was just in the IRC chan for chocdoom for a while yesterday and no one there knew how to nor even suggested crispy doom. when i saw crispy before that i even thought it would do it, but felt it was better to ask first to make sure it addresses it than waste time settin it up if it didn't. i would have just used cheats to try to recreate the same thin, but im not even sure if cheats work there with recording either just the same. recording software wont work for me consistently rite now. while lookin at that situation i was wonderin, if it really was like vanilla or the og, how did they go about recording MP games back in the day. sounds tuff one more question, does it work with -longtics and am i using that properly? fuckin unbelievable. I'd idle in dat chan if i could (stufs crashin for me rite now), but maybe somone should look into takin care of that chan a little better; i mean i would think this would be an obvious answer to something pretty obvious, or specificaly explained on crispy as something more accessible. thanks!
  10. i hav a saved game (ep1 ultimate doom wad uv difficulty) and ive done alot of search and readin (maybe the wrong literature lol) and im stil wonderin how i can jus record me playing that saved game to watch again after. it seems like this can not be done, which i find strange thanks