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  1. 14.jpg.cc3b285b0406ab7bfa62615888cbf6f2.jpgSomething I'm working on it's gonna be a comic So far I have 6/20 pages colored and 20/? line worked.

    The thing that bothers  me from doom eternal is how bad they are at tying the whole "Doom universe" they hopeful will make a tie in arc or something. Because it sure is sloppy almost "annihilation" sloppy

    (one flash back doesn't say much).


    The log line goes: The Doom Guy/slayer is about to fight a hell priest but he turns into a shadow.  Then Invading his mind the priest shows him his greatest failure.



    I haven't picked his name but if I'm going to follow the whole "cannon" blah blah... it's gonna be Flynn Taggart. :P  If you guys could follow me and stuff to encourage my work that would be great.