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  1. If I gotta be 100% honest Killer Instinct's OST is much better than Doom 4 or Eternal's OST (at least compared to the tracks Mick composed)
  2. TenenteZashu

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    Recently I got into For Honor, scowling around I found some old 2015 per-rendered gameplay (yes, you read that right) which showed a much more grounded concept, less cartoony than the final product and arguably better in my opinion (not that I hate the what we got) the concept I loved about it was the customization. Unlike For Honor's retail version this proof of concept had no classes like the actual game but you could create your own.
  3. TenenteZashu

    What was your first console?

    IIRC my first console must have been an old PS1 that belonged to my dad (mind you we're talking about 2004-2005, so the PS2 was out already), I have some vague memories of my mom playing Final Fantasy (or at least I think it was FF) some very abstract game which for all I know it could have been some sort of South Park game, though I cannot seem to find any results on a South Park "free roam" game on PS1 and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the turkey fps one, oh how could I forget getting scared shit-less when I would hear the mask pick up sound from Bandi Crash. As my actually "own" first console it was the PS2 that came with the Hobbit videogame, that must have been around 2008. Also an absolute truckload of bootleg plug'n'play consoles...
  4. TenenteZashu

    Obscure, Hardly Known Bad Games/Guilty Pleasures.

    There's this Italian youtuber, RedFlameFox, who posts crappy Italian dubs of old videogames, one of the more famous being this one taken from ShadowMan II and it particularly cracks me up seeing this mummy-looking dude saying "Speak Italian, asshole" to some demon, also this clip seems to have been making the rounds on our side of Tik Tok a few months back
  5. So I'm working on a map on which the player has to lower the water level of a dam in order to go back to the first section and use the blue key to open the exit, thing is when the water lowers this sort of hall of mirrors effect shows up under the windows: What drives me nuts is that I made some more windows overlooking the water using the same method and this bug won't occur no matter what, the only real reason I can chuck this up to is that this set of windows was the first I made so I may have screwed something up when creating them. Anyone has any idea on how to fix this?
  6. TenenteZashu

    Random Video Thread

    There is this video of a russian man yelling "Blyat, Traktor!" that my friends and I made into a inside joke (so much so that after losing a bet I had to change my xbox live name to "Traktor") and no matter how much I search online I cannot seem to find the origin of it, with the earliest upload dating back to 2021
  7. TenenteZashu


    Windows XP does hold a special place in my heart, for example I still remember playing some of those crappy games that came with cereals in like 2005 or 2006 and the obligatory messing around on paint but Windows 7 is the one I grew up with and I made the most memories with, for example being scared shitless by this stock wallpaper
  8. TenenteZashu

    Elden Ring

    Personally I haven't tried it yet because at the moment I don't have 70 euros to throw into a game I'm not even sure I enjoy but going off what some friends told me it's not serviceable
  9. TenenteZashu

    Open World Games with a Finite Populace

    I don't remember where I read this but a concept I would love to see in an open world game would be that of an enemy army with an actual number of soldiers, not just 'infinite' faceless goons you get to kill in droves. For example let's say you need to clear an outpost, kind of like in a Far Cry game, this outpost contains about 20-30 enemy soldiers, the death of said 20-30 enemy soldiers would actually have an impact on their army, maybe using some sort of widget on the map that displays the number of enemy soldiers left in a region or section of the world map. Even the 'random' soldiers running around the map would be counted in this widget, this would also mean that you could attempt to kill off the main villain at any point, even at the beginning of the game but instead of having to deal with next to no opposition you'd have to face his whole army, also there would a recruitment or a draft system of sorts, basically if you're not quick enough to free a region, or you start to get a bad reputation more people would join the enemy, I don't really know how this could be pulled off nor how this concept would impact the game as a whole but I think it's a very interesting concept, especially when it comes to immersion, because you could actually feel the impact of your actions on the enemy.
  10. TenenteZashu

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Due to my affinity to insects, the fact I'm left handed and was born on Friday the 17th (which is considered back luck in Italy) a few elderly ladies in my town don't really trust me because they think I may be possessed by the devil, gotta love superstitious people lol
  11. TenenteZashu

    Favourite Map from each episode?

    Knee-Deep in the Dead - E1M5 Phobos Labs The Shores of Hell - E2M4 Deimos Lab Inferno - E3M6 Mt. Erebus Thy Flesh Consumed - E4M6 Against Thee Wickedly
  12. TenenteZashu

    Post your Desktop Background

    Lately I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3 with my friends, the other day we decided to take a group picture
  13. TenenteZashu

    Random Image Thread

  14. TenenteZashu

    Post Favorite Doom-Esque Metal Music

    Got you covered. UltraNightmare - PAETOR Jacob Lizotte - Undead Killing Machine Erik Ekholm - Renegade Andrew Hulshult - Burn in Hell
  15. Hey everyone, as I said in the title I'm looking for a specific type of wad/map. Lately I found this wad, Warhammer 40k Astartes (a great mod imo) playing this wad with the base maps (or even maps of chaos) just feels underwhelming, also because those are maps I've played over and over. I need a specific style of map, something akin to the third episode of the Brutal Doom starterpack or even Eveternity, kind of a mix between technology and hellish environments with a side of medieval to it, grim-dark if you will. I've already tried a few mods that kind of play on those elements but they really couldn't scratch that itch as well as BD's maps did, among those wads are: -Baculus -Castle on the far island -Earth.wad -Trenchfoot -UAC ultra
  16. TenenteZashu

    Looking for a specific kind of wads/maps

    Looks promising already, can't wait to try it out
  17. TenenteZashu

    Favorite album of 2021?

    The Thirteen years of Nero by Ex Deo (actually one of my favorite albums in general) and the single Masters of War by Amon Amarth
  18. TenenteZashu

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Decided to get myself something for Christmas so I bought this miniature Steyr AUG
  19. TenenteZashu

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Looks like your run-of-the-mill annoying flying enemy from any 8bit 2d side-scroller ever
  20. TenenteZashu

    Vote for your favorite planet!

    Ok so this is gonna be read with a straight face but I've always liked Uranus...
  21. TenenteZashu

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    "It's a gift, take it, it will give you strength... help you on your journey."
  22. And of course it's NFT's, people this day don't have a single shred of respect