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  1. Since Halloween is next week I thought we may prepare with some short, two sentence stories, you could see this thread as a "Doomworld's bonfire ghost stories thread". If you want you can repost stories you found somewhere but I encourage you to come up with something original
  2. TenenteZashu

    Favorite website?

    I spend a lot of time listening to music so when I found RaveDJ I was stoked, too bad on mobile it often suffers lots of hiccups
  3. TenenteZashu

    Countries, Peoples and Geography discussion

    Depends in which part of the country you're in, though speaking from personal experience wine is not always A-grade and unless it's a special occasion you either find mid-tear store-bought wine or cheap brands that come in cartons, a bit like milk
  4. I'm curious to know how other people got into metal. For me it happened somewhere around the early 2010s, a friend and I used a program called "Songr" basically you'd input the name of a song, band or you could browse through genres, one day I decided to check out "Heavy Metal" just out of curiosity. At the time I barely knew English so most of the lyrics sounded like gibberish to me, at some point I stumbled across Twilight Tavern by Ensiferum (still one of my favorite songs and bands) suffice to say 10 years old me was blown away. With time I forgot about the song, still listening to it every once in a while, until one day in 2015 I ran into "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed (edgy I know...) with that I regained my interest for metal, during the years I started listening to more and more genres, and while I can't really choose my favorite I tend to lean towards Power or Death metal.
  5. TenenteZashu

    What are you listening to?

    Although I prefer Amon Amarth's version I got to say Powerwolf's take on Gods Of War Arise is decent enough
  6. TenenteZashu

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Rise of the Triad OST
  7. TenenteZashu

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Anime I guess
  8. TenenteZashu

    Have you ever changed your opinion on a game?

    Back 4 Blood, I thought I was only trying to be a Left 4 Dead knock-off but after I played it with some friends I came to the conclusion that... it's pretty good.
  9. TenenteZashu

    Random Video Thread

  10. TenenteZashu

    Let's all carve pumpkins!

    If I can manage to get my hands on one I'll post a pic
  11. TenenteZashu

    Doomworld Desktop Thread!

    Really just a Khorne Demon from WH: ChaosBane
  12. TenenteZashu

    What was your favorite subject in school?

    As a non-native english speaker I have to say... english, for some reason I picked up on it extremely quickly (with mixed results) and since middle school I had people asking for help with homework or even tests, all of which at a small fee of course, fee which would often be some spare change for vending machines or help with maths
  13. TenenteZashu

    Doom Streams

    Doing a little mapping on live https://www.twitch.tv/tenentezashu
  14. TenenteZashu

    Random Video Thread

  15. TenenteZashu

    What fictional dystopia would you want to live in?

    Good Ole City 17, it's safer there, or so I was told...
  16. TenenteZashu

    Opinions on Windows 11

    Probably won't get it untill I'll switch to a new pc.
  17. TenenteZashu

    Doomworld Halloween 2021 w/ Billy Baron

    I live in a small-ass town in central Italy, over here Halloween it's pretty much unknown so I guess I'll limit myself to play some Halloween themed wads and such
  18. TenenteZashu

    Post your Favorite GIFS

  19. TenenteZashu

    Doom Streams

    Live right now on Doom Eternal https://www.twitch.tv/tenentezashu
  20. TenenteZashu

    How do you like your Burgers?

    I make them myself as there are no fast food places in the vicinity. I like them simple, just patty, onion and cheese, no sauce.
  21. TenenteZashu

    What is your greatest fear?

    This sort of shit
  22. TenenteZashu

    Corn on pizza

  23. TenenteZashu

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I saw it on the "Funny Protips and other Game Over Messages