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  1. @UnholyShadows Thanks very much! I had another map I made a month ago which is a more Sigil inspired map. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/116931-my-second-doom-map-ever/
  2. @Soulless Thanks, man! Glad to see you enjoyed it :) Its really interesting to see people having different experiences with the map, which is the joy of non linear gameplay. Happy to hear this, this was something I really focused on when making this. I would playtest numerous times taking different routes, picking up as little as possible and taking fights to make sure it is possible to beat.
  3. @Salmon I liked it. It was a nice clean presentation with a lovely big spacious hub. Some nice little set pieces, I liked the intermittent lift battle because I initially found it a bit easy only for my arrogance to be punished with more threatening enemies incoming. The ammo balance was good as just as I was about to run out I would find more around the next corner. Perhaps the enemies that spawn in when you return to the main hub could be spawned a bit closer as I had many big pillars to take cover and just pick them off one by one. It would be cool to be overwhelmed so I can't just sit in my hiding spot and have to keep moving. The last fight was a lot of fun, I ended up pressing the switch for the second wave before finishing the first causing my death.
  4. Rapp0ng

    Vanilla or custom assets

    I love OTEX stuff, don't get me wrong. But my heart belongs to vanilla doom :)
  5. @Soulless Thanks! I love a good looking map so I try to make mine look nice as well :) I will need to give your map a shot at some point, I had a quick look at some screens and it looks really decent! @ddmeltzer8 Thanks mate :) @thelazyqdude Thanks! Lol sorry it is a bit cruel :) I blame the doom community with their punishing wads of slaughtermaps and monster closets! They have changed me, I can't make a map now without thinking 'How can I make the player's life a misery in this room?' :P
  6. @HAK3180 Thanks for playing! Great to see that you enjoyed it! So happy to see not only people enjoying the gameplay, but the visuals as well. Of course, Doom is very old but it still is great to see a nice looking map so I try to make mine look decent as well. Re the question about what maps you played of mine. Mine was the Sigil inspired map called Vehement Malaise and the 'I just discovered doom builder and made a map far too big' called Breach. Non linear was a real challenge in regards to ammo distribution. I tried to ensure that no matter which way you went you were not punished for doing so. But the problem with this is that other areas may become easier because of all the ammo and weapon pickups throughout the map. With a linear map you could control how much the player would have throughout the level. But I agree with the sentiment that its better to have more supplies than less. At least a player can have fun shooting things, even if it is a bit easy. Yeah, the red key (the outdoor bridge area one) was the weakest. I was going to throw in arch viles and revenants spawning everywhere but I was worried I was getting too cruel so I eased up a bit on that one. Cheers!
  7. Rapp0ng

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    @Austinado Had a quick shot of your map. I enjoyed it, nice little quick map of doom goodness. I enjoyed the yellow key and ending fights. Did not find the secret but I did fine anyways. Sorry, not the most detailed of feedback but it was a decent map with a good balance of monsters and ammo. Good stuff!
  8. Going to throw my hat back in with another map I made. It is my first bash at a non-linear map. Tested with Crispy Doom / GZ Doom. Game - Doom 2 Map 29 Please note!!! - There has been reports of an issue with the blue key room and a soft lock. I have yet to solve this issue as it seems to work fine every time I test it. If you encounter this issue then feel free to noclip out of the room. Further details in the link! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for playing guys! Glad to see you enjoyed it :) Always nice to hear people enjoy the look of my maps. I always love a well crafted looking map that has a nice blend of aesthetics and gameplay so I try to do the same in my own maps. @Salmon I will always try to play through my maps without getting any secrets to see if its do-able. I think a secret should be treated as a bonus rather than an essential part of progression. As for the eviternity reference, I am sure you will get it soon lol. As I say, it's an homage not a rip-off ;) @Biodegradable No worries, mate! I'm just happy that you gave it a shot and enjoyed the experience. I love your videos btw! @smeghammer Thanks! Hope you enjoy the rest of it :)
  10. @ElPadrecitoCholo I actually had that bug happen during building. So i fixed the linedefs to stop that from happening. I thought I fixed it but sadly I have missed something. If I can figure it out I will reupload.
  11. @ElPadrecitoCholo Thanks for playing! Sorry to hear you had a hell of a time with it though. It's never a good feeling to see someone getting frustrated with your map but it is important that you give honest feedback so thanks for that! I tried the map after reading this to see if I could recreate this bug but I can't seem to figure it out. I have no idea how this happened, even without picking up the key, I was able to hit the switch to exit and then go pick up the key and it would remain open.
  12. Thanks for playing @Shawny and @tourniquet! Glad you enjoyed it! :) It's a challenge to get traps just right, I like to occasionally throw one at the player to keep them on their toes but sometimes they can become more of an irritant rather than a fun challenge. Same with hitscanners, a right amount can challenge the player and restrict movement but too many become annoying. I probably could have dialled back a bit on high up monsters. I will work on it for future maps! Yeah, probably should have just done an archway instead to keep the momentum going!
  13. Hello there! I have just completed my third map and would love for you guys to check it out! This is my first attempt at a non-linear map which was a real challenge finding a balance to ensure whatever route you take you are never at a severe disadvantage. I have play-tested this numerous times attempting different routes each time but there is only so much I can do. So I look to you guys to give it a try and give feedback and maybe even videos to show how you approached it! You may notice an homage (or rip-off if you are feeling nasty) to eviternity in one area. Not sure what comparison the difficulty level would be. It's quite a challenge but do-able for me. There are easy modes available if its too much and if you find it too easy... well, I will just have to make a more challenging map! Tools used: Doom Builder X / Slade / WhackEd4 / Doom Writer Map name: Impenitent Malice Game: Doom 2 Map: Map29 Tested with: Crispy Doom / GZ Doom Difficulty settings: Easy/Med/Hard (Designed for UV) Jumping/Crouching: No. Free look: Optional. Hope you enjoy it! Impenitent Malice.zip Screenshots:
  14. Rapp0ng

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    Prefer vanilla but i do enjoy brutal doom every now and then.
  15. Rapp0ng

    My second Doom map ever!

    Thanks! I would like to call it taking inspiration rather than stealing :) Yeah I suppose that could work. I guess I was worried about too much back wall splash damage from the cyberdemon which might be irritating for the player. Also I like to pretend there is some form of physics involved, the corners are like load bearing walls. But perhaps I am thinking too much about it haha But yeah, that would be a good idea. Might make the final fight a bit more fun!