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  1. absolutely PACKED stream tonight. we've got: @xdarkmasterx's map... and @Finnthemapmaker's maps. be there or be SQUARE we'll be playing ALL NIGHT!!! edit: complete, poggers. likely going to fire up a coding stream (and also kinda exploring linux stream) between monday and wednesday at an arbitrary time. (probably monday because i have no self control)
  2. we decided last stream that i am doomed to stream maps every saturday night at 11pm est for all eternity so be there or push a boulder up a mountain as of right now we'll be doing @Xyzzy01's last map (finally), @xdarkmasterx's map, and probably @Finnthemapmaker's maps if we don't get any more submissions also i'm thinking about doing various short streams in the middle of the week, with such bangers as: more map testing streams (if we have a busy week), mapping streams, coding streams (thinkin about making my own doom launcher), significantly less interesting things, etc. we'll see though
  3. It ends. 0.33/2 xyzzy maps, magicana's map, undeadryker's map(s), steve88's map, all complete. unironically pretty productive, feelsgoodman. i might commit to once-a-week saturday night streams since it seems availability is pretty high and it might attract more map submissions. stay tuned for updates!!
  4. It begins. @Xyzzy01 @Magicana @UndeadRyker @Steve88 @Finnthemapmaker
  5. @Finnthemapmaker ya know what? ya know what??? if there's time, i'll play it, even though they're gzdoom maps. my integrity has been annihilated. let's see Paul Allen's dick.
  6. i'm too scared to change the time so we're just gonna do the next stream at the exact same time, saturday night (11/2) at 11pm-ish EST right now the lineup is (assuming the respective authors are there): @Xyzzy01's maps, @Magicana's map, and @UndeadRyker's map + whatever else gets submitted + @Dragonfly's map if there's time (i'm puttin this one on the backburner for now since i have a strange feeling he might not have submitted the map for feedback, i'm sorry!!!), with the order being decided during the stream i'll try to make things a lot more timely this time, too hopefully it won't feel like i'm rushing or anything
  7. @kknot5889 i gave up trying to beat the final room normally but i'll pm the timestamp for my final exhausted rambling monologue to ya thanks for sticking around so long!!
  8. ~first stream in the bag 4 and a half hours gone only 2 maps played~ a lot of time was spent doing things that were not playing @kknot5889's map, such as waiting, discussing screenshots, complaining about gzdoom, etc., but next time we'll just jump right into it much faster though i still felt it was pretty productive and plan on doing another, just don't know when
  9. @Dragonfly @kknot5889 @Xyzzy01 it is time and by that i mean the stream is starting now but i'll actually be there to do stuff and things in a few minutes some nice tunes will keep you company until then
  10. we're still on to play tonight in around 6 hours. i purposely tried to not bump the thread so that i could limit how many wads were submitted for the first stream, but if you're seeing this now and want to still want to submit something in the next few hours, go right on ahead @Dragonfly i'll play the map (and @kknot5889's too) tonight assuming i don't get like... 6 more maps submitted, even though these maps fly directly in the face of my few rules!! but no more after this, i will not have you degrade the integrity i haven't established yet anymore!! but yeah i'm probably gonna play the maps i'll @ everyone again tonight before the stream i don't know why, but i'm really nervous about this, i feel like there's much more pressure on me than there actually is
  11. hey, it's me, you. me. i'm a real believer in the power of having your maps streamed for you and getting to interact with the playtester and other viewers in real-time. RULES: no slaughtermaps no zdoom-based maps maps must be personally submitted by the author* 3 maps max from a multi-map wad** 90 minutes max for single maps, 2 hours max for 2-3 maps*** (edit: changed 60 to 90 and 90 to 2 hours) format for submitting your map(s): Map(s) -- map names *and optionally, their slots if it's not just MAP01-03* Estimated time -- estimated time to complete each map Preferred port -- *optional, i'll default to glboom+ if not included* Wait for me -- *optional yes/no, i'll default to yes and only play your map if you're there for it. otherwise i'll just send you the vod* Comments -- *optional, but enter any pertinent information here (such as the difficulty, gameplay quirks, fun tidbits about the map, etc.)* more info: primary streams on saturdays around 11pm EST (with shorter random streams in the middle of the week)