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  1. Sorry I just kinda stumbled over this release. But I am so impressed by that meagawad that I still wanted to put something up here. Great work on the details, large maps, (very) gorgeus architecture... and levels that can be explored in many ways. The way the light works here is fantastic. I admire especially those areas where the walls with blending colors, giving the wad (kind of) a Doom64 feel. Same goes for level design. Some maps are in comparsion pretty tricky and some switches and keys are not easy to find... just like in Doom64 again. And so many details and gorgeous visuals. Great work! And yes I also did not like the speed-loss-below-50% because it causes havoc in many areas, often leaving the player in (platform) situations that can not be solved if there is no health pack left to be found. However This issue can be fixed with an editor... ( And I still would recommend to have a version without that option, or having a switch for that in the main menu :) And yes ammo... is sometimes IMHO WAY to tight. One has to rely on infighting a lot an/or excessive use of the chainsaw if possible. That can be fun at times... but it also can be very annoying at times. This is my personal favourite Meagawad since the "Struggle"-Megawad by Antares. Kind regards and thanks a lot for this awesome release.
  2. kyo

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    This one needs some extra love IMHO. Its a full megawad and it shows a lot of dedication and detail. And it's for doom64ex/ImDoom64 ;)