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  1. Malurek

    I am done

    i really dont want to load every texture pack since there could be like 6 different packs that i could only use one texture out of into slade3, just so they work else where. I'm sorry, thanks for the help, but if it doesn't work with the map builder natively, im not doing all of that. thanks.
  2. Malurek

    I am done

    I have to load every texture pack from realm 667 that i am using into slade 3?
  3. i mean as far as a texture pack that changes sounds, and status bar, and adds things other than textures. essentially. i asked the same thing twice, and later on i realized, i could probably just change it through slade3 lol
  4. After downloading some texture packs form realm667, I have discovered that one of the packs changed the sound effects for item pick ups, added zombie men noises, changed the coloring of the imps, and changedt he status bar. I believe it's the black and green texture pack from realm 667, I'll have to make 100% sure though. Is it possible to get texture packs that don't change a bunch of other things along with it, but is the texture pack that would do so anyway?
  5. Malurek

    Do you do any drugs?

    KMFDM is a drug against war
  6. There is, but when I use those specials for a ceiling, the ceiling doesn't scroll
  7. For this particular map, it's DOOM in HEXEN format in DOOM Builder 2
  8. Malurek

    Missing Textures

    I have since removed DOOM and SIGIL.WADS from resources, and I am now only using DOOM@.WAD, and the DOOM in DOOM @ texture pack. However, I still get the checker board textures when using the DOOM in DOOM 2 textures.
  9. Is it possible to have ceiling flats move like textures and floors? It seems that only wall textures, and floor flats can scroll.
  10. Malurek

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    As far as freelook, and no jumping, you can turn them off in GZDOOM options, or just bind Jump to a key you don't use.
  11. Malurek

    Missing Textures

    If I should only load once .WAD as a resource pack, then how do I get the yellow lights for yellow key doors? DOOM 2 does not have this in DOOM Builder 2 by default, I had to get this from SIGIL. DOOM.WAD resource does not have them either.
  12. I remember when I first beat DOOM 64. Hardest difficulty, and when I got to the final boss, beat it on my first try. Atleast on the black cartridge, there was a gltich you could manipulate (I figured this out myself, Nintendo Power didn't mention it, that I remember), but there was a way you could ride on top of the flame wave she shoots out. it's not on the direct center of it, but more on the edge, like on top of the hit box. I also remember seeing somewhere that the original day 1 release of DOOM 64 black cart, was a lot harder then the grey cart, and any other releases of the game.
  13. Malurek

    Pistol Starts

    How can I set maps to pistol start when you die?
  14. Malurek

    Upcoming Doom wad with 32 Maps

    32 maps will not be done in two months unless you throw it together and don't give a shit about your own quality assurance.
  15. Malurek

    Let The Maps Speak For Themselves

    if you don't want anything going through that peep hole, just set the line defs to block everything