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  1. Arielus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #258

    Correct me if I'm wrong, man, but doesn't Daniel, author of titles like 'ARMAS DE JOGOS (Game Weapons)', 'Female DOOM' and 'Neo DOOM' among several others, come from Brazil? Ariel.
  2. Arielus

    Scariest maps?

    'A Warm Place', anyone? http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12722 Ariel.
  3. Arielus

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    I agree! I played through the whole of Rise of the Triad about seven years ago, and remember I loved the music back then. Still love it, in fact. I even used some of the tunes in the Wolfenstein 3-D mod I released more than two years ago... 'In the Thick of It' was -and is- one of my favourites. Guided by a friendly Canadian dude I used to chat a lot with, I was able to grab an MP3 called 'Awesome Remix of Awesomeness', or something with a name similar to that. It was a remix of the tune used in the second level of the original game, if I remember correctly. The MP3 was not complete, but what was there was kick-ass indeed. The name of the file sounds familiar, Adhesive_Boy? :-) I've downloaded everything that can be downloaded from http://doom.ocremix.org. I'll be listening to the MP3s during the weekend. I'm sure a lot of work and effort has gone into it. Congratulations and thanks a lot to the producers! Ariel.
  4. Arielus

    Best Megawad Ever

    I voted for 'Icarus: Alien Vanguard'. Probably the mod I like the best, because of how it succeeded in getting me back to DOOMing after a long rest. I like the storyline very much, and how the levels reflect it with great consistency throughout. The music, with not one doubt, is the very greatest I've ever listened to in a DOOM mod, and I can say I've played many!
  5. Arielus

    the best stories for wads....

    I like 'Icarus: Alien Vanguard' storyline, though I do know not many are that keen on that particular mod... Ariel.
  6. I remember seeing something like that too, when playing the limited edition of 'Hell to Pay' some time ago. I think it was on the first level, though I'm not completely sure. Ariel.
  7. Arielus

    Best color coordination in WADs?

    Though not necessarily the best, 'Club DOOM' from 'Console DOOM' comes to mind as a nice example. Anyone? Ariel.
  8. Arielus

    Hordes of Chaos 4 finished! :O

    That does sound like a very good idea to me. All the 20 maps that compose the 'Hordes of Chaos' series are high quality, and since Heretic mods with that amount of maps are scarce, I believe it'd be a good move to compile these into something of that characteristics. I'd like that. Ariel. PS: Kinda off topic... Does anyone know whether somebody is working on a Hexen megawad? I've searched quite a bit yet haven't found anything of the characteristics of, say, 'DeathKings of the Dark Citadel', for instance. Given there are so many big projects for the DOOM series, I don't know, it feels perhaps a little strange that during the time Hexen has been out, nobody -at least according to my research- has released something like that. I'm not comparing both games, no, I like DOOM above anything, but it's simply that Hexen is a great game in my opinion, and it's pretty popular, so I was wondering, that's all... Anybody knows?
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the first thing I saw from DOOM was a little part of E1M3 or E1M5 - Don't remember exactly which one. The first thing I said was, "Oh! Similar to Wolfenstein 3-D..." It was back in 1993. The people at the computer shop almost killed me after such comparison - LOL... "It's way better!!!" they shouted at me, heh... I didn't play then, however; I just watched how one of the dudes at the place smoked baddies all around. Then I got a copy of the shareware version. I had a 386 SX running at 33Mhz at home, I think. Mine was a monochrome VGA monitor, not like the colourful SVGA one at the computer shop. Man, it was hard to make your way around when everything looked so gray and dark! The first level I ever played was of course the first one of the shareware version. The first custom level I ever tried was one that came within a file called CASTLE.WAD, I think. The action started outside of a very big gray castle, and the layout was rather square-shaped. After having played the original levels so many times, it indeed felt great to have new places to explore, hell yeah! Ariel.
  10. Arielus

    Unoffical /newstuff

    That's Portuguese, man, not Spanish. Ariel.
  11. Arielus

    Level Packs?

    Hannibal, your current situation looks exactly as mine did at the beginning of last year. I had been playing the DOOM series for a great many years, but curiously didn't know that such a huge community existed, and that there was an enormously massive amount of stuff completely free, just there and available for download, to expand my DOOM horizons. It indeed felt great to witness how much I had yet to try. Welcome to the DOOM community, man. I hope you enjoy the stay. If you haven't already, check out these sweet sites. All of them are devoted to Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein 3-D. http://diehardwolfers.areyep.com/ http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~brlowe/ http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk/ Ariel.
  12. Arielus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #192

    Understood. I noticed the difference in format, but didn't mention that. Thanks for your help, Grazza. Ariel.
  13. Arielus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #192

    This doubt may have already been asked and answered... I really haven't checked... I'm sorry if an answer to this has already been posted, but I need to ask anyway... What is the difference between the two versions of 'RTC-3057: Blue Hub 1'? I'm talking about the 54MB one and the 42MB one... I've got the 42MB one here, since I'm on a 56KB modem, and I was wondering what the other one offered, to decide whether to download it or not... Could anyone please tell me what they differ on? I'd like to know... Thanks a lot in advance, people. Ariel.
  14. Arielus

    I need a good music wad!

    I've never been able to download the DOOM 2 music wad from the DOOM Depot. I got PSXMUSIC.WAD, CdoomMus.wad & D1-pcmus.wad a while ago, and they can still be grabbed at the moment of this writing, but everytime I click on the link for D2-pcmus.wad, I get the 'File not Found' banner. Too bad, ain't it? Ariel.
  15. Arielus

    The /newstuff Chronicles #189

    Thanks Grazza, the version I got from the link you provided has worked with ZDOOM V2.0.63a. Thanks a lot, man. Ariel.