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  1. Captain Caleb

    Bloodflow - A GZDOOM megawad project! EPISODE 2 RELEASE

    Alfredo is a mean SOB but it's a really fun vanilla-style wad that utilizes some UDMF tricks. Love the theme with blood powering everything. You know I gotta say it - the levels could have more health and ammo. ;p
  2. Captain Caleb

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    Half-Life 1. Anything HL2 has to offer, HL1 beats it with Opposing Force.
  3. Captain Caleb

    DUSK vs Prodeus, which one to get

    It seems like DUSK still has the stronger campaign while Prodeus will be able to be played for years to come with that sweet map editor.
  4. Captain Caleb

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Here's what I've gathered so far: You like Doom Eternal and you welcome the silliness, but apparently the devs went too far with honoring a popular YouTuber's late father who had introduced him to Doom. You don't like Doom 2016 or 64 because "serious". Even though 64 is filled with corny monster designs and 2016 featured collectible dolls and a Commander Keen easter egg. Uh, right. What's your point here? I hope it's not "...other people would think the game is a joke..." because that's about as baseless as it gets. Doom has never focused on being extremely serious or humorous. It's about having fun, which it sounds like something rather difficult for you. Might be better off sticking with Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior.
  5. Captain Caleb

    September Under the Sea - A Speedmap Compilation

    Fun little mapset with some nice tunes. You can beat this in ~30 minutes. Note if you're playing v3, you'll have to give yourself the blue key on MAP05 as it's inaccessible.
  6. Captain Caleb

    Sigma-X [5 maps demo version is out!]

    Overall, I had a lot of fun and never struggled to know where to go next. The combat feels refined and well thought-out. I almost always found the door before I found the key needed for it, so it was easy to remember where to travel back to. I saw a lot of neat mechanics and concepts that worked well here. UV felt punishing yet fair; I had to stop at MAP05. I'll definitely revisit this on lower difficulty on release. I saw a lot of attention to detail and great textures added in (status bar, red/yellow wall used for exits and doors, etc). The wad feels like a nice adventure, and you even made swimming and platforming segments quite entertaining. Edit: And that MAP04 boss. Hot damn, Guardsoul. Well done.
  7. Cheers Endless - great work from everyone all around. Definitely a privilege to be a part of the wadazine.
  8. Captain Caleb

    Heelbain, Atmospheric UDMF project (with resources v6)

    Off to a good start Obake! Feels very different from anything I've played before and I enjoy it for that. Notes - Fly noise is rather hard on the ears - Level feels a bit short. Might help to have it go on a little while longer and fight another ~10 monsters. - Can't figure out how to unlock 2nd secret despite 1st one being very easy. I know where it is (flew around) but zero clue on how I would get there in-game.
  9. Captain Caleb

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    Loads of fun! Very much enjoyed the colors and architecture along with the fights. Pairing it with Supercharge definitely sweetened the experience. The arena where you circle around on tight pathways is my definition of good, challenging gameplay. Will revisit this one and be on the lookout for upcoming releases.
  10. Loved how you guys interviewed a wad author - the info in that confirmed I should give the wad a go. Touching on other games like Doom Eternal and 64 was appreciated. Cover art and screenshots helped keep me intrigued. Great stuff.
  11. Captain Caleb

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Right away I was impressed by the music and design. The textures are very nice - golden IoS, red monster faces. No SMMs and few chaingunners was much appreciated. All enemy placement was well thought-out. This experience made me better as a player with changing tactics on the go to stay alive, managing my ammo carefully and enduring longer maps. Very glad I saw things through. There's an incredible amount of substance to Bastion that provides an otherwordly experience on a very high note. This is a map I'll revisit for sure and it left me wanting to dive into harder retro Doom content.
  12. Captain Caleb

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    +Bastion of Chaos by Bridgeburner - Monumental architecture and well-balanced slaughter.
  13. Captain Caleb


    The wad is very fun. Chapter 5 definitely stands out for me. It overall feels like retro Doom while introducing a lot of mechanics and concepts that act as the link to Doom 2016. I will say the tutorial's worth doing as I otherwise wouldn't have known how the jump jets work. I like how they're more of an backup option for when you need it and less of a regular requirement. The soundtrack (which features real instruments) rips. Fond of the revised and original enemies. Favorites were Relentless and Soul Swarm. I found myself using the veteran carbine rifle and flamethrower a ton - grenade launcher for bosses. You can beat the whole thing in a few hours. Very much enjoyed the maps' length and navigation. Loads of subtle nods to 90's shooters.