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  1. I suppose I should have been more clear. PrBoom+ / ZDoom-based ports / etc is more what I'm aiming for. I've been doing some housekeeping and cleaning up some of the more messy sectors and areas of the map. I've discovered that some of the sector work done in one of the areas of my map was eating up a ton of resources. This area is relatively small. I cleaned up some sectors and removed some unnecessary extra detail in it and cut the amount of SEGS for the map in half. I was experimenting with the RROCK5 flat texture by "cutting out" the rocky parts of the texture and raising their sectors heights to create a neat cracked ground aesthetic with some height variation. This was eating up a ton of resources, so I'm detailing this area differently now. Testing it, I determined that this relatively small area alone contained ~15,000 SEGS which is absurd and needed to be corrected.
  2. Hi, I've been working on a wad project on and off for a couple of months now. My wad is boom-compatible and is set to be a few maps (currently 3 planned) that are quite detailed. I'm about halfway done with one map at the moment. I'm a little concerned with the level of detail I'm applying, I'm worried I may run into some limitations If I continue applying this level of detail. I've opened Slade to take a look at the lumps for my MAP01 and I'm currently sitting around 13833 linedefs, 25962 sidedefs, etc... Given that this is set to be boom-compatible, are there any limitations I need to be especially mindful of as I continue my project?
  3. phoo

    Doomkid's Mega! [WIP Vanilla Megawad]

    I love the classic look!
  4. Based on what you've written, I have a few ideas about what may be wrong. Unfortunately, I don't have permission to access the google drive link you posted.
  5. Hello, I'm pretty familiar with importing and converting textures to Graphic (Doom) and Graphic (Flat). I'm using Slade to edit my wad file. Inside of my FF_START to FF_END markers I currently have 9 Flats. Whenever I attempt to convert a newly imported graphic into a flat, the lump instead becomes 'unknown'. I have tried different names and graphics (all 64x64 of course) and I always end up getting the same result. I even deleted some of the existing flats and added new ones in their place and I'm always able to convert 9 flats before this issue occurs. I suspect this is a problem with the structure of my wad file or perhaps the naming conventions used for some the of lumps but I'm just not sure. I'd greatly appreciate some help, thanks! Update: I created a test wad file with just the FF_START and FF_END markers where I tried to import and convert some PNGs to Flats and I'm getting a similar result, except in the case, I'm unable to successfully convert more than 2 PNGs. There's certainly something wrong with my approach, I'm just not sure what. Solved: Boy, do I feel like a moron after this. Closing and re-opening Slade fixes the issue. Previously 'unknown' lumps resulting from the conversion are fixed and become flats when re-opening the wad file after saving. I imagine this thread is kind of pointless and no longer needed, I'd appreciate it if an administrator would delete this thread, thanks.
  6. phoo

    [Boom] Grungy Grotto

    Yeah, it is really odd. I'm running your wad in Pr-Boom+ with no other mods or files. I wish I knew more as to why this is happening. I think it would be useful to have someone else download and play your wad in Pr-Boom+ as well to see if they experience anything similar.
  7. phoo

    [Boom] Grungy Grotto

    I just finished playing it on UV. The map is well designed, challenging, and fun to play. There's also a lot of great little details that really contribute to the map's aesthetic and atmosphere. Of these, I especially liked the angled shadows, torches made of mid textures, and the crackling fire sound of the torches. I didn't think that having sounds like that in Boom was possible, I'd love to know how that was done. As a side note: I did however notice that some textures, flats, and switches weren't animated. I imagine this might be related to the recent change you made when updating the file.
  8. phoo

    [Boom] Grungy Grotto

    Looks like that did the trick, thanks! :)
  9. phoo

    [Boom] Grungy Grotto

    I downloaded your wad again and unfortunately, I'm still getting the same result. I looked over the cfg file for Pr-Boom+ to check if maybe another wad or file was conflicting with it and I have nothing else loaded. I tried opening the wad again in Slade. Attempting to view the DBIGFONT lump is what is causing Slade to crash, I have no issues with viewing the other lumps.
  10. phoo

    KUIPER - PrBooM+ Limit-Removing Wad

    woah, those screenshots are breathtaking.
  11. phoo

    [Boom] Grungy Grotto

    Looks great! I'll give it a try when I get a chance Edit: I'm getting an error message when trying to run your wad in Pr-Boom+ I get the following error message: P_InitPicAnims: bad cycle from SLIME05 to SLIME08 I suspect this may have something to do with the ANIMATED lump in your wad. I tried to investigate with Slade, but opening your wad consistently crashes Slade for some reason.
  12. phoo

    Crack Doom - the worst mod ever for DOOM.WAD

    Yeah, I'm getting the same result as the others.
  13. phoo

    Alley Cat

    Short and sweet! Some interesting texture choices. I love the prevalence of the red brick texture that's often underused in other wads. The light decoration in the alleyway with the raised floor and use of mid textures was an interesting touch. I also thought the level exit was also unique and aesthetically appealing. As for gameplay, It's smooth and fun with good flow.
  14. phoo

    The Spaghetti Trilogy

    Spaghetti megawad when?
  15. I love the classic style of the wad! I'll have to give this a go when I've got some time.