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  1. phoo

    What do you use to make Doom MIDIs?

    Cool, I've got to give some of these a try. Maybe I'll try making a midi for my wad
  2. This was a wonderful gift from friends of mine, here's some photos to contribute. It's a DOOM II CD that was distributed by GT Interactive. I have the cd and case, no manual or other items (not sure of what other items would be normally included, I'm not too knowledgeable). Hopefully this is a useful contribution :)
  3. phoo

    [MBF21, WIP] Sepia (Episode 2 update)

    Looks really interesting! I'll have to give this a play.
  4. phoo

    Story behind your nickname?

    I used to use 'foo' as a nickname. 'foo' was just something that I'd often use for testing/placeholder variable names in coding, and I just sort of chose to use it as a nickname because I couldn't think of anything else at the time. I decided to start spelling it differently a few years back just to change things up; now a part of it also contains my initials, so that's a bonus. I've had a handful of other pseudonyms; I've since settled on this one.
  5. phoo

    Bellatrix : Tales of Orionis (Idgames link)

    I've got to give this a try! Screenshots look excellent.
  6. phoo

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Glad to see this is mostly a nothing burger. Either way, I took this as an excuse to set a new password; now it's absurdly long. I have to wonder what the character limit is for something like that.
  7. phoo

    Worst Doom Level

  8. phoo

    most enthralling gameplay moment(s) in doom?

    I love dynamic map geometry that morphs and changes to fit different encounters. It's always awesome to see a map unravel as you progress.
  9. phoo

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    idk, but it looks tasty
  10. phoo

    your favourite demon?