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  1. Around 2010's, and I didn't play Doom, I played Freedoom. When I think about it I realize that's such a weird way to start playing this game, hahahaha So in my country they were giving students these free, cheap computers with some kind of weird Linux variant on them. I used to check if there were any free games for it and suddenly, one day, I find FreeDoom. I remember loving it: the strange zombies, the 3D rendered snakes, the weird port that had pages upon pages of configurations and let me add helper dogs. Years later I decided to go back to it and then found out about Doom. It was such a weird experience, everything was similar but not the same. I still miss playing with the weird worm monster Freedoom has. Went through all the phases, normal playing, brutal doom, other mods, then one day while I was playing a Wolfenstein wad I thought it'd be funny to change the sprites of the face. I Downloaded Slade3, and the rest is history for me. Also while playing in Zandronum I found a group of what would become my closest friends. We still mod Doom together from time to time. Modding. Hell of a drug.
  2. Stopsignal

    Share Your Sprites!

    Gonna post it here too, so i can show more people! Coming along slowly.
  3. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Took your glowing hand idea! I had some kind of "growing a red ball and then squishing it" thing but realized it was weird, looked weird, and didn't really go with the whole character. Yours is better! I'll try to avoid the first frames color streak for now (i'll try to see if i can get some visual&sound effect when the archvile like attack starts, but if it is not effective i'll resort to that! Also it's very possible you saw the reviving corpse, indeed! I remember sharing it on Discord some time ago. And thanks, y'all! I absolutely didn't expect that much good vibes from all of you, it's great! I hope you all really like this dude when it gets finished. Also, because i don't like to post without having anything to show for: wall of text about it: As you see, i'm going really really slowly. Lot's of stuff happening and work and beer to drink don't leave me much drawing time, however i absolutely am finishing this before i get back to class. That's a promise to myself, there. EDIT: Completed! Now to do the Idle, the Walk, the two melee attacks and the Raise. Raise would be kinda based of this one and the attacks would look kind of the same except for the timing and effects, so it won't be THAT much work.
  4. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    More stuff! There are a few errors there in that image i already touched up (some lighting errors and lone pixels), just saying! Also started animating it. Started animating it. Still not sure if this will be the final animation. (It's some kind of archvile like attack) Obviously not finished, it has to have some kind of chargeup and hand explosion, but at the same time i want the first frames of the animation to have some kind of effect to make it really obvious it has started to charge up, so i just started with the middle to see how i'd go from there! Also figured i'd share this! It's a few months old, but i loved doing it. Maybe i finish it some day! It would only have one rotation though. Kind of a one-shot scare, but pretty interesting one.
  5. Stopsignal

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    I use Shift to run, my friends think i'm weird
  6. I usually don't do this, but i have to. This map pack is one of the best i have ever played! It's fun! Actually really fun! I feel like i am in a map-wide fighting arena the whole time, while flowing really well and having some really awesome secrets that actually make me feel clever. It's just great. And the whole theme is great. The second map and the small villa next to a mountain are just awesome sights. That ridiculously big fourth map is the best. Only complaint is that i'm using a mod that has a lot of verticality and there are a lot of linedefs that don't let you walk over midtextures (small walls and stuff), but i know the idea is to not jump anyways, so it's fine. I wish there was a way to do it automatically with a mod (knowing it would destroy all maps, hahah) but i digress. Probably my favorite of the Cacowards so far. It's fantastic. Need to finish it still, but it's already the best.
  7. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Chubbs released! https://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/forum-board/beastiary/1383-submission-an-update-chubbs-horned-imp-update Also updated the Imp quite a bit. I'm really tired right now but i'll edit the links here accordingly later! And possibly some other details. EDIT: Added some old work too, the Barona and the Fimp. Old requests, based them on the HDoom sprites. Not the proudest legacy IMO but apart from the faces those are really, really good sprites. Really like how the Barona turned out, not so much with the Imp. Also i wanted her nipples brown to complement the skin but the requester said to just leave it like that! Barona Based on Hdoom's sprites. Just changed the face. Warning: No rotations on the attack. Fimp Based on Hdoom's sprites again. Used the Hellion's face. I put her here to archive, as i'm pretty sure there are way better female imp sprites out there. One day i'll make the images animated so it's cooler to see.
  8. Stopsignal

    Interpolating sprite animation using Interprite

    This is ridiculously good. As an artist, I can tell you these are really good bases to just continue drawing over. Shouldn't be hard having most of the animation work done! Probs not gonna use it out of pride, but still fantastic. Props to the devs!
  9. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Thanks!!! I'm still not sure yet: I want them to give off this air that they are too important a demon to take you seriously, coming at you slowly but surely, but at the same time that they are kinda strange, a little bit broken, with their necks twitching sometimes and making weird noises. I do want them to have a forward charge with the blade arm in case you get close, damaging and closing in. You'll definitely won't be able to melee them, as they'll also slash in fron't of them, like a revenant that also moves towards you a lot more with each punch. At the same time i want some kind of range powerful attack that shows the "too important for you" kind of power, and i think some LOS attack that damages you and moves you towards them would be ideal. Not as much damage as the Archvile, but still enough. This attack would be shown with them rising their arm and closing their fist, and would trigger the charge if it grabs you (though it should give you enough time to run away) So, basically, a melee enemy that pulls you towards him with an archvile attack, then charges forward to meet you and damage you, and then revenant punches you to death. It is not the fastest enemy, but that's the point, it makes you go towards him, he doesn't hurry after you. This is all just conceptual and really subject to change, though!
  10. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Some work in progress of this https://www.deviantart.com/deimos-remus/art/DOOM-Barons-of-Hell-680069901 guy i found in a thread around here! I really like it, and i'll probably finish the base sprite at some point, though i'm not sure i'll make any full spritesets of this guy at all. Also a cleaned up sprite of the Succubus as it had some big lighting issues i didn't even see when my tired ass was drawing it. So, there it is! More hips, rejoice. Should probably stop fooling around and continue with the Abutor. Here is a concept drawing of him because i was bored: Warning, big
  11. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    I mean, if people really do want it, i can ask my friend to see if he is ok with sharing! I drew it for them specifically, so i wouldn't just share it outright. But i can ask, of course. Thanks a lot! I work as a pixel artist, but i am studying animation, always loved it. Thanks!! I do think the same, hahahah. Too many Baron variations, hahahah I hope i get to continue a bit with the Abutor today, but this stuff takes weeks, just saying I got this i made the other day, showing more or less the process of drawing a rotation of one of this creatures (i had already posted the video in the other forum, but i really don't want to spam that much). The process is draw rotations > walking - aiming - attack - hurt and then the deaths, which are really fun to do. The animation frames are all based on the first rotations however, as drawing everything from scratch would be a ton of work, though it would be the final stroke to give it that doom "made from photos" feel their sprites have. Also i'm thinking of making an Xdeath to the Chubbs. So that's probably coming as well. This is important if anyone using the sprites already! EDIT: Update! More frames for the Chubbs! Had to make the XDeath of this dude! It is not big, after all. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h7msmgo70fsf2yu/ChubbsXDeath.rar/file Also, did a mockup for a redrawn Pyro Succubus. original: edit: Gotta be honest, i never ever liked the original sprite. Weird body, weird proportions, anime style eyes, pillowshading. Personal opinion, i guess! But instead of just throwing bad words i'm gonna redraw it completely to my liking! When i can. Gotta make time for the Abutor first, hahahaha
  12. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Here you go! https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15080&start=26520 It's from Shadowcaster, here are the original color sprites if you need'em https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/shadowcaster/sheet/35605/ Thanks!! They were really fun projects.
  13. Stopsignal

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Already Finished monsters: Grin / Horned Imp Pyropork Chubbs
  14. Someone told me it'd maybe be a good idea to also post my work stuffs for Doom here, so why not? This is basically a copy of the same thread in the Zdoom Forums. I hope it can help someone with their projects and stuffs! Doomstuffs Different Stuff Personal Stuff, Old Stuff And Skins For Friends Gonna keep posting stuff here later!
  15. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/103544-cacowards-2019-mentionation-thread/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-2041072

    gracias por mencionarme, deberías mostrar tus creaciones en esta pagina, estoy seguro que serian muy bien apreciados

    1. Stopsignal


      Tanto tiempo, che! Debería, estoy pensando en copiar el hilo que tengo en el foro de Zoom y ponerlo acá, para mostrar más viste. Ya veremos!


      Tranqui, hiciste un trabajo increíble, me viene obligado a mencionarte jajajaja