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  1. Apprentice

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    As a developer (mapper), I would suggest getting Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. If you are into mapping or modding, then both games still have a very active modding community attached to it. As singleplayer games, I would suggest Aliens vs Predator and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (and go for the true patch, not Wesp5's "patch") . . .
  2. Apprentice

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Some new PC parts so that I can replace my 10+ years old system (I7-930 with GTX970) . . .
  3. Apprentice

    It's new name is..

    I'm not against lockdowns and others implemented actions as long as they are being targeted against massive spreading the virus, which is in the Netherlands not the case. Everything which has been introduced and implemented by the Dutch government, are and have been politically motivated with the curfew debacle sitting firmly on the #1 spot. Nothing more and nothing less !! The Dutch government simple refuses to acknowledge that COVID is here to stay and refuses to take actions based for the long-term, such as upscaling intensive care capacity, which has been reduced by a factor of three in the past ten years. At the moment there is talk about introducing a "2G" society (either fully vaccinated or cured) as they have done in Austria and other countries and even re-introducing the curfew "as a last resort", which are bad decisions and will not help against spreading the virus. As for the mandatory´╗┐ vaccinations, if the vaccine does not protect me and I can get sick and/or I am able to roam around freely thus spread the virus despite being fully vaccinated, why would it protect you ??
  4. Apprentice

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    I have to check my wishlist for that to see if there are titles available that are being discounted in such a way that I am comfortable with. I'm done paying 60+ bucks for a game, especially when its just released and plagued with bugs and other issues . . .
  5. Apprentice

    It's new name is..

    Wilde gok: U is Nederlander ?? As for the rules from the Dutch political elite: they are and have been inconsistent and illogical and that has been the case for the almost two years that COVID emerged. The current administration IS in that respect completely and utterly incompetent and a lot of people are going to realize it. Say it yourself, we had an intelligent lockdown, then we had a full lockdown a fortnight before christmas followed by a curfew that lasted three months. Shop and restaurants were closed, then opened and now almost closed again and for what ?? Basicly we in the Netherlands are back to square one due to the incompetence and failure to implement real long-term solutions by the current administration. No wonder people are getting angry here. As for the blaming of the unvaccinated, that is the result of the propaganda against them instigated by the Dutch Minister of Health who keeps pointing the accusing finger towards the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated aren't the problem, the Minister of Health IS and REMAINS the problem since the vaccinated are spreading the virus just as fast and even faster then the unvaccinated !! Why ?? The unvaccinated have to test themselves each and everytime they want to see a movie, go to the theater or even take a pint in the local pub. Vaccinated do not have these "restrictions", they can go roam about freely because they are vaccinated and have a static QR-code, even if they carry the virus. The road to hell is paved with good intentions . . .
  6. Apprentice

    It's new name is..

    The only thing that will happen, is that we run out of letters in the Roman alphabet before we have to use the Cyrillic alphabet in order to attach a letter to each and every variation, nothing more . . .
  7. Apprentice

    dead gtx 1080

    I feel your pain, had it eight years ago when my GTX480 died on me. I still have the card though . . . :D
  8. Apprentice

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    It has happened before, a videogame crash. Maybe it's a good thing that it happens again ??
  9. Apprentice

    Can You Identify All The Albums Here?

    You sir have a good taste in music . . . _O_ _O_
  10. Apprentice

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    I would add a third option: non-existent and/or "economised". I don't think that QA troubles are the sole reason for botched releases, I do think that people should look into the direction of (big) publishers such as EA and ActiVision. They are ones who are funding the project and at a certain point, they want to have a return of their "investment". The rest is known history and if you are a small developer, you simply don't have the means to do anything about it . . .
  11. Apprentice

    What are your favorite memories with MS DOS?

    My first soundcard was an AdLib which was followed by a SoundBlaster 2.0 some years later. My last separate soundcard before I started to use the onboard things, was a SoundBlaster AWE 64 which I found the best card I ever had. For my new rig, I am still pondering to get myself a separate one once again . . .
  12. Apprentice

    What are your favorite memories with MS DOS?

    Ahhh MS-DOS, fond memories. First game I ever played (on a 286 machine IIRC): Alley Cat Most used command: arj a -v1457664 doom.arj -y Most played prank: format c: /autotest /u /v:U1D10T When I was still in school, I and several other knew more about DOS and Windows (3.11) then our computer science teacher did. Note: computer science was still in its infancy and IT was more an afterthought then a mainstream thing. This resulted in a popped up phrase on all networked computers there regarding a certain teacher and a certain dog's apparatus . . . :D :D
  13. Apprentice

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    In general: botched up releases are only happening because of: 1) We the consumers decide to buy those games in pre-order anyway, so basicly those developers and publishers already have our money so why releasing a complete product ?? As long as people are stupid enough to pay upfront especially to companies such as EA and ActiVision, then botched up releases remain the standard instead of an incidental occurrence. 2) There are no rules & regulations regarding software products on the consumer/business market(s), at least not if compared to other consumer products such as cars, fridges, washing machines, washing dryers, drills, mobile phones, tablets, laptop, etc, etc. For all the latter, there are tons of rules & regulations in which the product have to comply to in order to have it allowed on the consumer market but for software, those rules & regulations simply don't exist with botched releases as a result. It really is an interaction between (1) en (2) and as long as both are allowed to roam free, then it will only become more and more . . .
  14. Apprentice


    It's fairly easy: start at the beginning !! For starters, I have everything situated within my F:\GAMES\ZDOOM folder, which the root only contains the latest ZDoom release and all the IWADs I have. Every other source port has its own folder within the GAMES\ZDOOM folder with either the *.INI modified to look one folder up or I had to create a *.BAT in order to point the source port to the right IWAD (major failure from many developers here, see (1)). The same goes for third party wads, my own wads, editors and other utils such as nodebuilders and such. Each and everyone has its own folder so that I can easily find what I am looking for and keep my stuff organised. (1) This is what I believe is a major design flaw in many source ports, is that the port is by default not looking for the IWADs one folder up. If you have a DOOMDIR\GZDOOM folder structure and all the IWADs are stored in the DOOMDIR folder, GZDoom and any other port will only look within its own folder in which they won't find a single IWAD. For ZDoom and deratives, it can be 'fixed' by adding "Path=.." into your *.INI file ([IWADSearch.Directories]) but more stricter ports that don't use an *.INI file, will have to resort to "-iwad ..\<wadfile>.wad". Apperantly, I am the only one who has organised it in this fashion, since a suggestion made ZDoom forums was immediately shot down . . .
  15. Apprentice

    Opinions On No Rest For The Living?

    A good set of singleplayer/cooperative maps. As multiplayer maps not that quite but that is something all old Doom games suffer from, even up towards Plutonia and TNT . . .
  16. Apprentice

    Do you watch DIY Perks on YouTube?

    I've seen some videos of the guy, he is skilled and made some interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the things he does aren't that practical for everyday use and therefor fall for the most part under the 'gimmick' range . . .
  17. Apprentice

    Happy Standard Time Day!

    Happened here a week ago (Netherlands) and I only have ONE clock that I had to adjust, everything else did it on its own . . .
  18. Apprentice

    AI Generated Title Screens

    I nominate Aliens TC, Fava Beans and Knee-deep in ZDoom . . . :D
  19. Apprentice

    What Are The Most Standard Source Ports?

    An interesting notion since I am stumbling towards the topic myself. I am currently developing a map for Doom (developed with ZDoom and now GZDoom) and I have noticed that not all source ports support certain design features I have implemented wall textures applied on ceiling/floors, ceiling/floor textures applied on walls. I think MAPINFO and/or DECORATE things). Some ports have some graphic issues while other don't run at all. A frequent error message I get with certain ports, is that Hexen maps are not supported (map has been created with WinZeth 4.17), so I am going to follow this topic to see which ports are widely used and therfor considered "standard" . . .
  20. Apprentice

    Was Wallace Breen Really The Villian Of HL2?

    Valve Index anyone ??
  21. Apprentice

    Was Wallace Breen Really The Villian Of HL2?

    Breen's character was poorly written, very shallow and superficial. He had more potential of being an interesting character then just "the bad guy" as Valve depicted him . . . Quoted for truth !! The only reason that there is a Half-Life 2 and subsequent episodes, is Steam. Nothing more and nothing less. They had an idea and needed a hit title to sell that idea with the result that the Half-Life universe is completely abandoned by Valve . . .
  22. Apprentice

    GOG Or Steam

    The GOG versions of older games are more tailored to the end user to so that it can work without hassle, the Steam versions sometimes aren't and of course: no DRM !!
  23. Apprentice

    Mapper's block and lack of confidence

    Happens to me as well and what do I do ?? I just do other things !! Play a game, map something else, doing 1001 terrible things(1) to and with and done by junior, catch up on films and series that I still haven't seen, engage in a certain physical exercise with Ms. Apprentice, browse Doomworld.com . . . A hell of a lot of things you can do to take your mind of your project 8) (1) Not limited to farting the belly, nimble the toes, bite the butt and pressing the nose and 987 other terrible things, not in that particular order
  24. Apprentice

    What is your Specs?

    That's not something to be ashamed of, I started out collecting new components two years ago but then covid happened and I'm not going to spend over 4500 dollars for a 3090 with EKWB block . . .
  25. Apprentice

    Windows Vista

    At its core, Windows 8 is a pretty stable OS but its major flaw was the desktop interface. It was too much aimed and targeted for tablets, for which it would've worked flawlessly. For a traditional desktop/laptop environment, it just didn't work. That's also one of Microsoft's mistake: they didn't venture into the tablet market with Windows 8 . . . As a totally unrelated side note, not entirely on the subject: For years, I though this was Weird Al Yankovic . . .