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  1. We all know that the soundtracks of Doom and Doom 2 have a a lot of songs based off of classic metal riffs and drum patterns. I LOVE it! Being a huge death metal fan, I was wondering, how many people out there in the Doom community are metal heads? Who else enjoys moshing and headbanging to those heavily distorted guitars and slamming drums and demonic vocals? I know this is a random thread but I got inspired to do it when I finally received my vinyl copy of Morbid Angel's "Altars of Madness" in the mail today. Did you know that the guitarist of this band,Trey Azagthoth's favorite video game is Doom? And that when they come out on stage, they play the music used for "Hangar" in PSX Doom? Post your favorite tracks and bands on this page and let's see what different metal bands we can discover! Doesn't matter what genre. I wanna know what you guys like :)! Things to Keep in Mind -No elitists! -No genre bashing. -Obviously giving a polite opinion is fine just don't be rude and say something like "This band sucks!" Everyone's different and that's what this is about! -You can post links to music videos on Youtube or w/e but NO DOWNLOAD LINKS!
  2. Dubbagdarrel

    What is your favorite demon (and version of it) ?

    My parents keeping me from the game is probably what gave me such an affinity for Doom in general. I would go to my friends house to play it and if I told them, I'd be in trouble. My dad was like, "NO DOOM IN THIS HOUSE!" LOL Years later, it got to the point where my parents were just like "idk play it if you want to" like they completely forgot what they were upset about with it. haha Guess it was the panic of the time.
  3. thanks i hope you like it.
  4. "The Redux" is a remake of my first ever map that was posted online back in the year 2005 on the website "Doom Wad Station". It was archaic, ugly, and contained a lot of visual errors and horrible sounds that I had placed into it. I didn't even know how to align textures right back then but being only 13 at the time I guess it could have been way worse. I am now 27 and have decided to breathe new life into this map and make it something that's actually worth playing. This WAD contains the remake of the WAD as well as the original featured as MAP02. That way you can switch between the new version and the classic one and compare if you'd like! I really hope that you like this because it's generally a showcase of the advancement of my knowledge of WAD editing as a whole thus far but most of all because I want you to have fun! It's about time this map got it's proper justice! Please tell me if you like the new looks and gameplay! I know my recent map was a "Snow map" as well, but this one always was to begin with. INFO ------------------------------ IWAD: Doom 2 Work's best with GZdoom Maps: 01,02 Difficulty: Mildy Hard Play length: About 30 minutes ----------------- The Story IT was 15 years ago today. 15 years since the breakthrough of the beasts that slayed all of my friends. However, their deaths seemed selective, as if I were spared purposely in order to remember the power of those things and what ever was leading them. There was a name written in blood on the floor. I can't remember what it was. But I don't think I'd want to. After many years of blocking out memories of death and pain and sights no mortal man should ever see, I had forgotten many details. This is the account of my experience after enduring the most vivid nightmare ever conceived. The night I saw it all again, in perfect clarity..... redux.zip --------------------------------------------------------------------- Original: Remake: Original: Remake: Original: Remake: Original: Remake:
  5. Which is exactly why I remade it.
  6. Scar Symmetry need to release "The Singularity Part 2" already. I need that shit in my life. The last album was their absolute best in my opinion. It's at least my favorite by them.
  7. Dubbagdarrel

    Why do people hate aeons of death so much

    I agree with what the mod reviewer ICARUSLIV3S said, they should have just named that mod, "Sensory Overload". That mod is an over-packed mess.
  8. Dubbagdarrel

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    I will definitely play it when it comes out man! I bet you make some good ones. Thanks for all of your support!
  9. Dubbagdarrel

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    oh dude your good just wondering.
  10. Dubbagdarrel

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Thank you so much for playing my maps man. Glad you like it so much! And btw, pretty cool that you know the song, Vanessa Mea "Contradanza". My sister used to play her music alot that's how I knew about it, I always thought it had a "battle" feeling to it. Again many thanks and more will come in the future! Thing is I like making individual maps because I have a hard time staying focused on things for long periods so I have tried many many times to make a megawad and they always come out like shit.
  11. Dubbagdarrel

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    Hey man, just wondering, did you ever upload the playthoughs of my other 2 WADs you said you did?
  12. Dubbagdarrel

    What is your favorite demon (and version of it) ?

    The Pinky in Doom 64. It's design and sounds in that game are utterly the shit of nightmares. The quintessential monster. A giant jaw with horns and red eyes running at you, very quickly for it's size. And those claws... At the same time this beast is like 7 feet tall and 1000 pounds at least. They may go down easy, but their appearance has always left a deep impact on me. Looking at that thing just has this automatic "whoa! *turn and run* reaction the first time you see it, (at least for me). The first Doom game I played was Doom 64 in the year 1999. I was 7. I remember it just so happened to be about 2 weeks before the Columbine shootings when I rented it from Blockbuster. I remember that my dad was like "You want that game?" I was like "yeah!" he said "alright I guess". After my parents heard the stupid news channels say that Doom was part of the inspiration behind the shootings, I wasn't allowed to play it for about 6 years after that. They lied to me and told me "Doom was outlawed in the USA" LMFAO! Anyways, being that young and seeing that monster, coupled with the horrifying sound track at the time and dark lighting scarred me so much so that I have had multiple nightmares of being chased by them. I'm planning to one day get the Doom 64 pinky tattooed on my calf. I grew up not remembering much about that game, except that monster and the horrifying sound it made when it opened it maw to bite you. Yes to some this monster may look silly or cliche, but imagine the idea of not only being young and seeing that, but also the idea of actually laying eyes on that thing in real life if it were real would be traumatizing beyond words. Now the Pinky in classic Doom, that's another story, that dude always just looked goofy to me lol. Still love him though.
  13. Dubbagdarrel

    How to get motivated to make maps?

    Just open Doombuilder and dive on in. I start by speedily making a very rough and basic outline level floor plan with doors and keys laid out already. I then go in and begin texturing and adding basic height differences and details and before you know you have something started. I know it difficult sometimes as an artist to get the gears going but one they do they won't stop, you'll find your way. Maybe even take a break for awhile and wait till you are in the mood. Don't think too far ahead or else you can feel overwhelmed. Just take it bit by bit and you'll come up with something, have fun making the map in the moment.
  14. Ok thank you for letting me know. Did you like the map other wise?
  15. Dubbagdarrel

    Idgames admin don't reply

    Yeah I've waited as long as a week to get a confirmation email.
  16. Dubbagdarrel

    Idgames admin don't reply

    I don't think they check everyday but they will get back to you, it will just take some time. Once they've read your email, they will reject the WAD.
  17. Dubbagdarrel

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Hey bro. could you check out both maps in this WAD I just released named "The Redux". It's a remake of an old map I made in 2005 name "The Reason". I'd like to hear your take on both considering the fact that they are both the same map but 15 years apart. The first map I just finished today after a week of work, And the second map is the original made in 2005 when I was only 13 (I'm 27 now). I decided to remake this map and actually make it something worth playing (a reboot if you will) using my modern WAD editing knowledge to finally do it justice. I'd love to hear you compare the two. Looking forward to it if you can man. They are very different in appearance but follow generally the same path. I assure you its worth checking out both. redux.zip
  18. I have a double cyberdemon fight at the end of my upcoming WAD. What I need to know is how to make the level end when they're both dead. Like is it a script? Just so you know in case it matters, I use Doombuilder 2 , Slade 3 and am editing this map in ZDoom format.
  19. Dubbagdarrel

    How do I make a level end when a certain boss is killed?

    thank you very much for the reply. yes it does help.
  20. You're having a good time playing a WAD, everything's fine and this might be one of the best WADS you ever played. But then boom, there it is, the thing that makes you IDCLEV or just quit the game. My question is, what are somethings that mappers might do that kills a WAD automatically for you? Me, it's huge maze like levels with to many choices. I prefer my doom maps to be more linear, I know it's an unpopular opinion, but for me, I like to make constant progress and know where im going to go at all times. Nothing frustrates me more than walking around a level for 20 minutes with nothing going on because there's no idea where to go next, and so many paths that finding the right one is a struggle. I wanna shoot shit and have action! If I wanted a maze I'd play one in the newspaper lol.
  21. Dubbagdarrel

    I tried to make a spaceship in Doom Builder, How'd I do?

    I remember playing that Plutonia map for the first time and being pretty taken aback by that one.
  22. Loomis is WAY too good for Arch Enemy
  23. Dubbagdarrel

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    thank you man I'm glad you liked it! I thank that weird sector is two overlapping linedefs. I like your commentary style, it's really chill. I hope that you like my other ones as well! That's my voice doing a Dracula impresion in the beginning lol. I replaced the monster spawner sound with my own.