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  1. Aku

    Check out a few of my video game music remixes!

    Love this, good job
  2. Blackened ambient deathdream avant garde, i dont know what to call it, scary music to vibe too, made this album in a week. https://kittiesofdeath.bandcamp.com/album/cycle-of-emptiness
  3. Aku

    I just released this album

    I Put out the follow up https://kittiesofdeath.bandcamp.com/album/underwater-cigarettes
  4. ok this project has changed a lot since i last showcased my last update to it, now i have added lots of new enemies (around 80),textures,weapons (including necrocomicon, freeze wand, nail gun, saw thrower ext) and lots of special items for your inventory that add new elements to gameplay such as summonin creatures, putting down traps ext, i wanted to make this a game give the player options within stragedy that goes deeper then vanillia doom. this update is long overdue after i lost my computer, and many weeks of work,luckily i retreieved what i backedup and rebuilt from their since i got a new computer, and its been a blessing in disguise considering how this wad is developing this features levels 1 to 19 and 31,32 there is 4 new levels (16-19) and all the old levels have been reworked to some degree, will continue yo tweek untill perfect. their are also friendliest within the game to make the universe seem like not everyone is against you, friends will be found in your journey. This was tested with gzdoom, is designed for continous play, all the assest have been taken from realm 667 Jump, crouch and look is allowed. here is the link. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tmrodkzoqn3xngh/labyrinthofakudecemberupdate.wad/file
  5. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    Oh looks like i forgot to put the lava floor demage on, sorry about that.
  6. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    I was feeling guilty seing you run around with 1% health, i will definetlly add some more health packs in the building rooms in the next update
  7. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    Thanks for playing, the loading errors will be gone in the next update(figured out the problem since), as well as a lot of edits to make gameplay a bit smoother.
  8. Aku

    I just released this album

    Cheers, im already started making the follow up album.
  9. Aku

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    I would like to be a bit more connected to the community then i have been, but i feel sometimes a bit overwealmed with all thats on here, like i have put a lot of my time into building doom maps, but it conflicts with all the other artistic endevears in my life, i have the push to creat, but often become disshearted when i spend weeks on end working on something that instantly fades into obscurity.
  10. Aku

    After Doom (Four maps)

    Im really impressed by your work, this is one of the best looking wads i have ever seen.
  11. Basically i want to know what coding to change that would allow the player to teleport to a deathmatch start like it does with the ememies rsther then a player start, that way i could use them to unlock secret areas
  12. Aku

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    My goal is to complete the 32 megawad im working on called labyrinth of the aku. -Add an interesting story and menuscreen for it -then after i finish that i actually want to make a community project collaborating with others to make lots of extra secret levels(which il be making secret exits only accessable via activating special items within the game). My end game is to have a final wad, that feels epic in scale, hours of gameplay and replayability with the methods of stragedy making it feel more like an rpg version of doom.
  13. Start pistal start from level 16, then push on from there, levels 16-19 are on this.
  14. Question, are we allowed to make edits of comercial episodes within our wads, say if someon wanted to use a level from doom 64 in doom 2 , but add onto it and include it as a secret level within a wad, is that allowed.
  15. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    If anyone can give me some feedback on this wad, constructive criticism would be highly appreciated, im working on levels 20,21 and 22 at the moment, the themes being forest ,fallout and bizarr space city. Heres some images i just took from my phone for them, the next update im aiming to get out by january
  16. This is just weird, im thinking a cooking device inside a console is kinda recipe for disaster
  17. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    Have not of yet done that, but i have added a lot of elements which if not already used will be used in the upcomming levels im planning, thou i have thought of a few things i could do without, so things will be removed in later versions, but i also plan to put a lot more into it aswell, more new items and more new monsters, which to me helps paint a more extensive universe to explore. Plus it has over 80 new ememies within it, the ambition was always goin to result in a large file
  18. Aku

    labyrinth of the aku december update

    Thank you, i lost the the entire level 20 unfortently, it was a big forest level, but when i remake it i plan to do a few things diffrent , i will update this post in the future whenever i add levels as to not lose such progress again.
  19. Aku

    Cant change the sky on level 19

    Ok i solved it, i realised the texture was matching the unmade level set afterwards in the zmap info.
  20. So i been reworking on my wad project since getting a new computer, all seems to be goin well apart from a tiny little glitch im having, so i have been adding difffrent skies to each level, however cant seem to change level 19, it just loads sky1
  21. Thanks for the feedback🙂 I appreciate it.
  22. Thanks for the mention, i was working much more on it before unfortently losing my computer, however i did save an emergency backup a few weeks prior that had 5 extra wip levels, with added textures /enemies connected to the wad, i was contemplating puting the last wip wap up as a sort of community project to see if anyone could help finish levels 16-20, as i am goin to be without a computer for awhile, but heres the link if anyone is interested in helping finish these levels, i lost a couple of weeks work so it was not the ideal backup save but its better then nothing. http://www.mediafire.com/file/v87kgwkuv05zju5/file
  23. Its not a technique i plan to use in the future, these maps where originally made in doom 2 format, but since this release i have updated all my maps too zdoom in doom format, so i can do more with the levels , however i plan to use udmf from level 21 onwards, as that has better options available to achieve desired effects that would render using teleports in such a way obselete . I think i will incorporate an easy death exit in level 32 for those whom find massive levels a bit too much.
  24. The faces on stone in level 32 each represent a certain path that have 3 parts (3 hubs where each has a section) that help progression in lowering the flesh pillars to lead to the blue key, you basically almost finished the pentagram face line, had you explored the downstairs hub more where you entered the spider fight, you would of probrably worked it out, the teleporters where also not just randomly taking you places, it was going up and downwards in the tower, was using telrports in attempt to try and creat the illusion of floors over floors. The platform you where trying to figure out the purpose for is too kill an icon of sin,