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  1. Pechudin

    Doomworld and Launchbox a beautiful marriage!!!

    There was a thread here with the front covers for all sorts of WADs.
  2. Pechudin

    The Doom pistol is great, actually

    Least fun in what way? Chainsawing Cacos/PEs/Pinkies/Spectres/Archviles is fun with the chainsaw, while the Pistol is ... uh.
  3. Pechudin

    What motivates you to play Doom to this day?

    Mapping really, I don't really play that much.
  4. Pechudin

    So, how old are you ?

    26 very soon. I feel like I wasted my early 20s, but things are looking up. I feel like I am finally discovering myself... Never too late!
  5. Pechudin

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @CittyKat112, I am sorry but I will have to vacate my spot. I know it's late in the project, but lately I have been feeling no motivation to map at all, for this project or otherwise. Good luck to everyone else.
  6. Pechudin

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I recall playing a game with bright red bricks when I was little, at my mother's friend's house (she was an accountant). Only later would I find out it was Dangerous Dave by Id! I did like that one, but I was a kid so ... Other than that, Doom is the oldest one. I guess it makes sense, I am fairly young and was not there in the heyday of NES/SNES (or even PS1).
  7. Pechudin

    What game would mix well with Doom?

    Big fish ... doom ... we already have one, and it lives!
  8. Pechudin

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Agree. MAP15 was spicy, especially without secrets, Go2It just has too much ammo and Megaspheres. And MAP29 IMO doesn't hold a candle to DooMII's MAP16 (which itself is like a 3/5).
  9. Pechudin

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    Subjective, and depends on both your skill and your mindset. For example, when I pistol-started (saveless) Plutonia, I made sure I had free time and the process of figuring out the best strategy was tons of fun. When I play a harder set, I save a lot. Otherwise, how could I ever experience harder, grander sets?
  10. Pechudin

    What are you currently reading?

    I'll probably get around to it. SF is my favorite genre, even if Herbert's style is more Fi than Sci (I prefer Clarke's hard SciFi).
  11. Pechudin

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Working on my entry, hope I got a working prototype in a week. Lighting's a bit flat, but that comes later. Progress is slow enough without adding minute lights.
  12. Pechudin

    What are you currently reading?

    The Children of Dune (part 3 of Dune series). Pretty good.
  13. Pechudin

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    WH40K should be a damn amazing theme for a DooM mod, especially a space hulk exploration mod (I guess kinda like aliens, but more dakka).
  14. Pechudin

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    Hell no, they are superhumanly fast and agile.
  15. Pechudin

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    I always though that Guncaster's jump and ground-pound attack would be a great fit for a jumppack-equipped assault marines.
  16. Pechudin

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    i wonder if anyone here can help me with my car ...
  17. Technically NM monsters don't behave exactly like -fast monsters. There's something about a reaction time (Decino made a vid about that).
  18. Pechudin

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    BROWN. Jokes aside, it looks very '94 UDooM-style.
  19. I watched the video, it's a very good one (although, I have not played the mod). Pyro has good long-form videos, if a bit dispersed with zoomer humour (which I kinda am I guess?)
  20. Pechudin

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    What's the final deadline? Got a bit softlocked by real-life issues.
  21. Pechudin

    Something in a wad that scared you.

    The E2M6 maze unsettled me when I first started playing DooM in 2016.
  22. Can't you like, reduce the radius of the SMM? Then, it would be both more mobile and less prone to getting munched on by Pinkies. What's the big problem (hehe)?
  23. Howdy, I was wondering how you make the pistol have no spread, like the one in Eviternity. I used WhackEd4 to speed up the firing by reducing the state duration, but cannot figure out how to remove the spread that happens when you hold down the fire button. Is it something to do with ReFire or the PistolFire function?
  24. Pechudin

    Dehacked - pistol without spread

    Thanks, I'll look if that works.
  25. To elaborate on the previous post, I think the rate at which the door is opened depends linearly on monster speed, and perhaps linearly on ratio of monster area ("radius", but monsters are squares) to room area. Also, the room shape. That being said, this is assuming the monster is simply bouncing around the room like a ideal gas particle in a container. However, there is an attractive force (the player) that will make it so that the monster is more likely to be in one part of the room. This will in effect reduce the size of the room, and if the room is big enough then the rate of door opening will probably not depend on the room size. But only an exhaustive study would confirm this.