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  1. skadoomer

    Doom 64 Map: Teleport Station

    Well its definitely fixed now. I guess i had some combat situation i was going to do on the harder difficulties, so a lot of flags that made the easier modes work where unchecked for the hardest. I've said before that DoomBuilder 64 makes the whole process much easier, and the 3d mode editing in general is definitely an awesome wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) experience. That being said, i really only spent about 3 weeks on the map, and half that time went to lighting. If your going to make a doom 64 map, its worth bookmarking the Adobe Kuler Website as a starting point for figuring out a good color palette for your areas. That's definitely one tool that the original mappers could have benefited from.
  2. skadoomer

    Doom 64 Map: Teleport Station

    edit: Fixed both.
  3. I made a map for Doom 64 and i'm looking for a little feedback on how it plays. The map is called the Teleport Station and was a fun little experiment in playing with doom 64's lighting & macro system. Here are some screenshots: The map can be downloaded here. Feedback is welcome, namely on the easier and harder difficulty settings. I've been playing doom too long to know if there balanced in any sort of way.
  4. skadoomer

    Doom Builder 64 Released (Updated 9/25/11)

    Oh wait, i get it now. I was thinking that they triggered a macro with different conditions instead of being a storage label for the macro sequence its-self. Follow up question about batches: what are the conditions that would cause you to say "enough stuff has been put with this one batch, I need a new one". I'm assuming that unless otherwise stated, all batches execute sequentially from first to last when triggered. That being said, is there any significance to why some increment by 5 and others by 10?
  5. skadoomer

    Doom Builder 64 Released (Updated 9/25/11)

    I'm missing action defines after 254, so most of the macro actions have to be manually entered in manually. This has caused the editor to crash a few times.
  6. skadoomer

    Carmack Interviewed

    In terms of the PC market, there will always be something to play on the PC. As it stands now, (if your not an MMO), pc's tend to get the later releases because companies just assume that when they release for PC, they are opening it up to piracy and loss of profits they would get on console systems. Besides, so long as there are companies like Epic, Valve and id who release their tech, within a modifiable form, there will always be something great mods to play. Regarding the interview, I'm hopeful that this is a step toward id finally getting themselves figured out. For as surprisingly disorganized as they've been in recent years, they seem to slowly be getting their goals, size and tech all flowing in the right direction.
  7. skadoomer

    Doom++ in iPhone's future?

    One more reason to get an ipod touch. Screw the phone and At&t. New art assets would be really cool. I enjoyed the updates that midway gave the doom monsters in doom 64, and would be equally excited if they took the same approach here.
  8. skadoomer

    id and Zenimax, Sitting in a Tree

    I think a lot of people are missing the point of what this deal means: Id software now has a worldwide publisher for its 360 titles as a child company and they have financial backing for all future products. Furthermore, they can just re-allocate in house talent from project to project, meaning they bring on people who know what their doing and don't have to be brought up to speed on the ways of id. Its said that this will change nothing else in the way id does it's activities. That being said, the id we knew of died after quake III (or maybe it was dead before then). They have shifted their primary focus in-house off of the pc and on to consoles, put out maybe 2.5 new (debatable) games since 2001 and boasted their pride on how exclusive their tech has been across the industry (as opposed to unreal). I guess this is just another inevitable step that the magic that surrounded them has passed and that they are just another game company to many of us now.
  9. skadoomer

    No Macs Allowed...

    O rly?
  10. skadoomer

    A storm is gathering...

    My Final thoughts on this subject
  11. skadoomer

    A storm is gathering...

    I find this matter interesting. Not in any practical terms, its just interesting. Interesting because its over a technicality in a religion full of technicality's. Interesting because somehow this changes everything. Because if people see something, they'll try it without thinking about whether they'll like it or not right? Maybe, and maybe god will come back and take all the women away.
  12. skadoomer

    John Romero is coming to my college...

    Finding it in the amout of stuff he has is half the battle. I suspect that asking Carmack will yield similar results.
  13. skadoomer

    John Romero is coming to my college...

    So, here is how it went. Romero has been starting smaller companies like monkey stone and slipgate ironworks since ion storm closed its doors. He'se shipped a number of smaller titles through monkey stone, and now with slipgate ironworks (which was a temp company name), he has found himself making MMO's under the new company name, Gazillion Entertainment. Recently, he has purchased companies like Net Devil and announcing the revival of a Marvel MMO Good luck john. He talked about the games industry being recession proof, because as companies fail, they become new companies or merge into existing companies. To some extent, he is right, but I think he tried to over sell the point. Johns a pretty upbeat guy. He is always smiling and sounds very enthusiastic about his stuff. He touched on the failure at ion storm (though everyone in the room had a moment where we all knew nothing more had to be said after he mentioned the company name). He also expressed his fondness for the open source community. I asked him abut skulltag, which he loves and he gave me a great history about DoomED. John loves to write tools, so he was more then willing to talk about it and when I asked him if he would release the source, he made a face and said he would have to find it first. Its "somewhere", and suggested I ask if Carmack had a copy lying around. So I tried guys. He wondered why the doomed source, to which I kinda replied "So guys in the doom community can port it to linux." He smiled and said "ill try". All in all, it was one of the better experiences I've had recently. It was uplifting to hear him talk. You can tell that he has learned a lot about company management since ion storm and has been keeping a low profile for a reason. plus, he still has a job and people still want his insight and knowledge in the gaming industry. Hell, about 120 kids showed up to hear him talk. He says hello back to the doom community. *edited for spelling
  14. skadoomer

    John Romero is coming to my college...

    He works for Slipgate Ironworks.
  15. skadoomer

    John Romero is coming to my college...

    Would he even know the latter one? I'm not sure how hip to source ports and modern doom editing tools he is. I'll bring up the doomEd source release. That was id's in-house level editor right? Actually, that was something I was meaning to ask him. He seems to still enjoy playing the popular doom stuff (whatever that is). I was actually going to ask him about stuff like action doom, where the tech is still breading for ambitions indie game makers. I'm curious to ask what he has learned from Daikatana and how its changed his views of games, the industry and his name being attached to the failure at ion storm.