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  1. So,
    To those who care (all two of you), foreverhoods official release date is still on. I feel like i owe the community an apology for disappearing without a trace these past few weeks, but being the lone project header, there have been many things that needed my attention. So, this means things like the server crash that happened a few weeks ago that took away foreverhoods march update have just been at the very bottom of the to-do list.

    So what has gotten done? To start:
    -An intro
    -Level scripting
    -Weapons (all taken from hexen, the behavior... not the graphics. hmm, thats not entirely true either...)
    -enemies (3 of them... one more to go!)
    -levels for the most part, are done
    -the font. (betasword rocks socks with this one)

    And what's left to do, well
    -game-play code
    -dialog (sorry about this one job, i've been neglectful of other "involved" parties
    -menu graphics
    -cleanup and other things
    -fixing a few choice hom's

    So what can you expect from this mod? well, you can expect to kill a few hours and perhaps even a few brain cells. However, if there's one thing i've learned from this community, its that the work will speak for its-self. What that entails will be dependent on your system specs, openness to experimental game-play tactics and tolerance of slime-trails.

    Hopefully screenshots will follow.
    well, back to work.. Sleep is for the sane.

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    2. Bucket


      I may be going out on a limb, but I'd say the amount of people who've heard about this mod and aren't interested in seeing more are in the slim minority.

      Maybe your site hits reflect that, I don't know.

    3. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      Nono, no worries at all, man.

      I also mean that your mod will raise the bar for other modders out there to go out and actively explore how genre-altering it's possible to take the Doom engine - or how far you can take the game from its traditional roots. Your mod already looks unbelievably sophisticated and one-of-a-kind, as opposed to relatively traditional (but equally worthy) gameplay mods like RTC, KDIZD, etc..

    4. skadoomer


      Numbermind said:

      Maybe your site hits reflect that, I don't know.

      Neither do I. I'm a subsite off of my friends wholesale jewlery server, so there the ones who have access to that kind of stuff. Although i got 600 something hits when i put the project on modDB.com the first day. My friend called me up really pisssed because my hits that day had exceeded their entire sites hits in a month.