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  1. So far only two people have noticed the suspended account message that sits where foreverhood.com used to be. (damn that one populair mod!) Worse, I don't know when (if it even is) comming back online. Here is the situation.

    I share some space on a server with two friends of mine who run an online jewlery buisness (thatspretty.com). My account is a sub division of theirs, which has worked out nicely so far because I basically get the server space for free.(as do they, as a personal favor) However, the master account got shut down because appearently one of the sub accounts was extensively using their database and eating up system resources. We are only allowed to use so much CPU power and appearently the drain was so big it affected access to all websites held within this server. Furthermore, the guy we have been in contact with seems to either:

    A) not know which account and furthermore which database is eating up the resources

    B)Knows but won't tell us until we investigate all our accounts ourselves. (a pain when you have a customer shopping database)

    C)is just being a jerk and passively agressively kicking us off of his server for freeloading for too long. (my moneys on this one)

    So until things get sorted, I'll be making my updates on my ModDB profile page at: http://mods.moddb.com/4321/

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    2. Bucket


      Eh, just get a Freewebs account. How big does the site have to be, anyway?

    3. skadoomer


      preferably enough to host the finished foreverhood product, which is 30mb (.rar compressed) and growing.

    4. Bucket


      Ah. I see. Well, Freewebs might be enough to host a webpage with enough text to link to the file, and about 10 people will be able to download it per month.