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  1. It appears i have overlooked the very bizarre terms of licensing that makes zdoom exsist and the rights the independent gaming festival requires all of its particapants to have. Heres the e-mail i recieved earlier this evening:

    Foreverhood, one of the games in the "emergency round," is based on the
    http://zdoom.org engine. This engine is ultimately derived from ID
    Software and other sources; a historical outline is given at
    http://www.doomworld.com/10years/ports/ports02_1.php . I downloaded
    the current zdoom 2.0.98 release from zdoom.org, and it contains a license
    that specifically prohibits commercial use. This would be in clear
    violation of IGF entry rules, which require the author hold all
    necessary commercial rights. From Doomlic.txt:

    3. Prohibited Uses: Under no circumstances shall you, the
    end-user, be permitted, allowed or authorized to commercially exploit
    the Software. Neither you nor anyone at your direction shall do any
    of the following acts with regard to the Software, or any portion




    Offer on a pay-per-play basis;

    Distribute for money or any other consideration; or

    In any other manner and through any medium whatsoever
    commercially exploit or use for any commercial purpose.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing prohibitions, you may commercially
    exploit the software you develop by exercising the Educational Use
    right, referenced in paragraph 2. hereinabove.

    Because of the turbulent history of zdoom, it is possible that the
    author may be able to demonstrate an alternate source code base with an
    alternate license, such as GPL. A GPL doesn't prohibit commercial use;
    it's just not usually profitable for games. I would note, however,
    that if indeed the Foreverhood author produces a zdoom under GPL, the
    contest entry would be in violation of the GPL. No source code is provided,
    nor any offer for how to obtain the source code. I am not aware of zdoom
    having any other licenses; I think the Foreverhood author has a burden
    of proof here.

    So, all i have to do is re-write everything that is derived from ken silverman's build engine and i can keep my place in the competition. Frankly, i have a better chance of becoming Telepathic than having this happen.

    I spend a lot of time trying to make my mod less like your traditional doom mod and more like a brand new game (in the 1994 sense of the word). I knew that i would most likely never get anywhere in this competition using the software mode of a 10 year old piece of technology when there are new, flashier things running about. What gets me the most pissed about this isn't that i failed because i was an ant in a feild of games and gamers. But to know that in the end i was blindsided by a lisense and technical bullshit leaves me speechless. I take a lot of pride in this project, but this feels so cheep that i can't beleave i could have overlooked this kind of detail. Oh well, post your thoughts, i have a mod to finish.

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    2. skadoomer


      not if you change the .wad header from pwad to iwad.

    3. SYS


      I love what you believe in, but you will have to bend over. Raven will dictate what you can and can't do. If you kept your mod to something that you weren't claiming as your own game then I say "FIGHT THEM!" till the bitter end.

      But, you entering it into as an independent game, and as much as you would like to believe you have done all of it yourself, you haven't.

      Zdoom is from Hexen which is a part of Raven, and unless Raven will let your game as yours, your fucked. That's the honest truth. I don't want to piss on your hopes and dreams, but that is the seemingly reality from it all.

      I wish I could tell you otherwise man. Your project is inspirational to alot of those in this doom community. And with the way the legal situation is, that has to be satisfactory enough.

      I'm a real drunk bastard right now, and if you can prove me wrong, I'd love to see it! Honestly, I would!

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Try tossing an e-mail at "john c AT id software dot com" (wrote like this to prevent it from becoming an e-mail link, which spam-bots farming the net catch) with [JC] in the subject field.

      I have sent e-mails to Carmack at this addy, some have been responded to, some haven't.