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  1. Nembras

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    Man, graduations always end up being a somewhat emotional affair. Seeing all the wads that were covered in the season re-living the highs and the lows does a lot to give the season an identity, and some closure. I also really liked the crystal clear announcement that the series will, one day, come to an end, and rather sooner than later. I'm hoping to see a fourth season, but if season 3 turns out to be the last one, it will be great, too.
  2. I finally got around to playing this. I quite like the map, I think "modern Romero's" mapping style fits Doom 2 a lot better than Doom 1.
  3. My current list is very temporary due to the fact that there are many wads that I haven't played yet that I'm convinced will make my top 10. I will definitely change my votes as I get to play those wads over time. 10 - Valiant 10 - Doom 2 the Way ID Did 10 - Suspended in Dusk 8 - Strange Aeons 7 - Scythe 2 5 - A Fistful of Doom 5 - Shrine II
  4. Nembras

    Your favourite chaingun replacements?

    That is my exact use case for the pistol, as well. In fact, I quite like those beginning moments when pistol starting a map, in which each shotgun shell is worth its weight in gold. Switching between pistol and shotgun, and deciding when to run deeper into the level instead of fighting, has a surprising amount of depth to it. Doom64's chaingun indeed looks and feels amazing. I think it helps that the game feels a bit slower overall, it makes those spinning barrels stand out by contrast
  5. Nembras

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    I am also utterly baffled at the popularity of these list threads. I suppose they get a lot of responses because listing your favourite things of a category without even aknowledging previous answers is a pretty low threshold for posting. Luckily, it's easy to identify the replies that have a bit more meat on the bone (spoiler: it's the ones containing full sentences), so I just skim for those and ignore the rest.
  6. Nembras

    I just finished Scythe.

    Incidentally, I just decided not to finish my playthrough of Scythe (UV, pistol starts). Maps 25 & 27 were rather irritating (don't ask me what makes map27 irritating, it just was for me. I want to like it, but it's no fun to play), so when "Run from it" came around, I gave up after a couple attempts at beating the gimmick, and skipped to map29. After trying that one a couple of times, I decided this wasn't the type of map that initially drew me in, and that I wasn't really playing Scythe anymore. So while I did enjoy most of it, I don't necessarily agree that all of it is amazing. A megawad that I do think is amazing is Valiant, and I second the opinion that you probably don't need any kind of preparation or warming up for it. Edit: grammar
  7. Thanks for the tip to explore. Each of the secrets I've found so far has been neat, and I regret each one that I missed. It might be worth my while to explore a bit more methodically. I've also been reading all messages and they have been instrumental in constructing the immersion this game provides to me. For those who wanted to be kept up to date, I have slowly been making my way through the first couple of levels, and have defeated the beast in the Dark Arena. I took some notes while doing so, and extended them into the account presented below. Making my way through the Rajigar Mines and Depths of Rajigar, I learnt to save often, as I died to the environment a couple of times. Combat seemed a bit lame at first, but as I got used to it, I started liking the 1v1 type encounters with the mobile and somewhat smart Skaarj. I cannot imagine this game having Doom style horde combat, although I guess enemies might appear in greater numbers further down the line. Although the Depths of Rajigar are boring on paper, the music, lighting and general ambiance turned my exploratory wandering into an experience. The enemies that you can surprise while they're just doing their thing (e.g. working at a terminal or just standing guard) only serve to enhance that experience. Add to that the gentle natives that will helpfully lead you to secrets or tragically die by the hand of a Skaarj, and it really feels like I'm just a passer by in this huge, inhabited world. But it was the Chizra-Nali Water God Temple that really pulled me into the game. It had already occured to me earlier that Unreal plays a bit like first person Zelda, what with the environmental hazards and smashing pots to find items, but this level straight up felt like an alien, more watery, de-nintendofied version of OoT's Forest Temple. I loved the inscriptions that sent me off to find the Stick of Six Fires. I found the Chamber of Death, which rewarded me with "more power for the Stick of Six Fires", and bathing in the Pool of Thunder proved me worthy of wielding the legendary weapon. At no time was I in real danger of dying, but the enemies can dish out some damage if they catch you off guard. Combined with the atmosphere, that was enough to make it seem like danger accompanied every step of my way. At one point, while exploring some underwater tunnels, I got atacked by a couple of fish, which distracted me enough to get lost. I almost drowned trying to find my way out of the submerged passages back to the surface, and had some tense encounters with those plant thingies that shoot at you from the ceiling before I finally could heal up. In a less atmospheric game I would have been really annoyed, but here I found it absolutely thrilling, an exhilarating anecdote suitable for this unreal adventure. With the Stick of Six Fires in hand (what the heck is an eightball, anyway?), I entered the next teleporter and promptly got ambushed by a Skaarj. One of the natives perished in the crossfire, and I felt genuinely bad about it. If that's not immersion, then I don't know what is. There isn't much to say about the Ceremonial Chambers and the Dark Arena. I can't possibly list all the small details and huge vistas I enjoyed along the way, so let me just say I loved the sky over the arena. Stepping outside while the music starts to rise and being greeted by that sky is everything I wanted from this game, and more. I mean, just look at it! As you see, I'm thoroughly enjoying my playthrough of Unreal so far, but the new semester at uni has started, and boy is it a tough one. Additionally, the recent release of SS4 got me into The First Encounter, and also my DnD group is clamoring to continue our campaign. It might be a while before I manage to visit Na Pali again, but when I do, I'll make sure to drop in and report.
  8. Nembras

    The Compare and ranking thread.

    But, but... this is the thread of comparing and ranking! Arbitrary comparisons are the whole point! How else are we going to know whether apples or oranges are better? AW2 is the best in the series, indeed. There was basically nothing to improve, so feature creep was the only way forward. I remember there even was a ROMHack for an ultimately balanced AW2 which made most matchups very enjoyable. All that being said, nowadays I'm not really a fan of the franchise anymore. Ever since I properly got into board games, I get my strategy fix in analog form, while video games are more for that immersive escapist experience (i.e. mainly FPSs)
  9. I've started to play on Medium (a.k.a. Normal) as most here recommended, and made it deep into the Rajigar Mine (3rd level) before dying to lava because of a crumbling bridge that I had been warned about. I then started again on Hard, just to see the difference, and while the combat didn't pose much of a threat, the additional enemies and their higher health bar confirm that Medium is exactly right for me. I can see how higher difficulties might be fun once I know the maps, but right now, I'm happy with the threat level the enemies add to my exploration. I'm also impressed by the atmoshpere created by the visuals, sounds and music combined. So far, Unreal has filled me with the same awe Turok II did back in the day, but even more so because half the world isn't hidden by fog. Especially the outdoors are quite remarkable. I'll make sure to check out the bluff if I ever decide to abandon the game, thanks for that tip, as well.
  10. This was exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thank you very much for the input, everyone.
  11. I am about to go blind into my first playthrough of Unreal (to be precise, Unreal Gold with the oldunreal 227 patch). Having no experience whatsoever with the franchise, my biggest worry is finding the appropriate difficulty level for me to play on. I have no idea how the difficulty ramps up throughout the game, and I'd hate to start with what seems a decent challenge, only to hit a wall of insurmountable odds halfway through the game. Or the other way around, it would suck to start out easy with the promise of a challenge later on, only for that challenge never to materialize. For reference: I can usually play old games like Doom, Duke3D, Quake, etc on their respective highest (non-bullshit) difficulty without any problem. Valiant is the most difficult Doom wad I've completed so far. On UV, it posed a more than decent challenge and forced me to play at the maximum of my skills Since Unreal seems like a very atmospheric game, I don't want combat to be too big of an obstacle. I don't mind dying from time to time, but I don't want to have to attempt a level or encounter more than two to three times, either. I'm also not looking for difficulty that originates solely from enemies being more bullet spongey than on easier levels. No fun in shooting half my ammo at one single dude. Given all that, does anyone have any insights to help me select the appropriate difficulty?
  12. Nembras

    Old Trash Game Recommendations?

    I'm still not entirely convinced you're not just Civvie on his smurf account. Anyway, crappy DOS FPS you say? I remember a game called Depth Dwellers that fits that description. Slow and clunky controls, looked and sounded ugly AF... might be down your alley.
  13. Nembras

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    From previous playthroughs, I remember Heretic's E2 and especially E3 being an amorphous mass of indistinct levels. Not bad levels, mind you, just lacking individuality. Now that I'm playing these episodes again with this midi pack, each level stands out on its own. Part of it certainly is that as a more experienced player, it's easier to quickly wrap my head around a map (and thus, remember it), but a huge part is just because each level has its own music. Mission accomplished, I'd say. Thanks for everybody contributing their time and talent to this project, and thanks to Jimmy for kicking it off. You all have made my life a bit better.
  14. Nembras

    Which Classic Doom mods are your Favourite?

    Normally, pure gameplay mods don't appeal much to me. I prefer to play my wads "as is", i.e. either vanilla gameplay or with whatever gameplay tweaks the map author(s) deliberately put in. One exception is D4D (Doom 4 for Doom), which I have been wanting to try from the moment I first heard of it. But when I played it with just the Doom2 iwad, it got boring very quickly, so I put it aside and started looking (not very actively) for a map pack that might be suited for it. I have been aware of Maps of Chaos for quite a while, but never thought of it as something I would want to play. Only recently it occured to me that these two wads might make for a good combination, and boy have I been enjoying myself since! Who would have thought a map set designed for use with gameplay mods would work well this gameplay mod I've been wanting to play...
  15. Nembras

    I need suggestions

    A couple of months ago, maybe a year, I was in the exact situation you describe. I am far from being a pro, but my skills have definitely improved since then. What did the trick for me was the „Doom The Way Id Did“ line of wads, especially D2TWID and episodes 2&3 of DTWID. They faithfully replicate the feel of the respective originals, but with an ever so slight increase in difficulty. Eviternity is also worth a look. It starts at a difficulty comparable to Doom 2, and slowly ramps it up from there. As far as I understand, it is also a solid example of what is considered good combat design nowadays, and on top of that, it looks just gorgeous. Sigil, the unofficial episode 5 by John Romero, might also be worth checking out. I played it first on Hurt Me Plenty, and then on UV, and found that to be the perfect approach for it. Helped me noticeably improve my skills. Not everyone seems to like it, though, so your mileage may vary. Nostromos Run is another wad that helped me gain confidence in my skills. It‘s a single map that takes me between 30-45 minutes to complete. Not too hard, but definitely harder than Doom 2 at times. I’m not sure whether you’re looking specifically for newer wads, so keep in mind that this one is quite old, and thus, very old school.