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  1. Arkdoodle

    "On They Slay" My Final Map for the Year

    Good work. I did another 100% run, and everything was fine until I found another deaf monster on a noclip trip. I also forgot to mention a few sectors that are hurt floors which I kinda doubt you intended. I'll provide some more screenshots to show you, or I can make the edits if you like. BTW, the last pinky in line is the deaf one in the screenshot. Also, don't worry about not finding all the errors yourself. One time, someone streamed one of my levels and found a way to completely break it. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes. screens.zip
  2. Arkdoodle

    "On They Slay" My Final Map for the Year

    Tried to 100% the map again, and couldn't so I went on a bit of noclip trip to see what was up. Also did some more doombuilder snooping. Here are some findings: Missed a few of those lower textures causing flat bleeding. Two lines: 6246, and 6247. Deaf pinky spotted. See screenshot in zip file below. Deaf hellknight spotted. See screenshot for location. Misaligned texture. See screenshot. Another thing, the switch room where the cockroach face is on the floor has few issues. It isn't clear that the player can lower the platforms with the shotgunners on top, and the left one is tagged incorrectly. If I can suggest something, it would be to do away pressing use to lower them and instead make them trigger by a walk action instead. That way the spectres can ambush the player. There'll be a screenshot in the folder if I'm a bit unclear. Screens (2).zip
  3. Arkdoodle

    "On They Slay" My Final Map for the Year

    Awesome map dude! A challenging but fair map with a nice amount of demons to slaughter. There is a ton of detail that makes the place seem like a real world location. Unfortunately, I found a few minor bugs you may want to check out. The outdoor area where you get trapped in the small building as enemies swarm in and around has that lift where arachnotrons and a baron spawn. You created a subsector for the spawn location which doesn't react to the lift action, leaving an untextured, invisible pillar. You can easily fix this by removing the subsector and tagging the main sector as tag 14 (tried it myself in DB2 to be sure). There's at least two deaf hellknights in the spawner rooms in the hellish sections of the map (the RROCK05 area) that are impossible to kill, making 100% kills impossible. There may be more monsters like this, so I'll keep my eye out for them. Same room, the wall that lowers has untextured lower back sidedefs creating the "flat bleeding" effect. Not very noticeable, but it is there so you may want to texture that. Same room, there's an inescapable pit adjacent to that same wall on the south side. I still haven't found that third secret, but I reckon I'll play the map a few more times for the fun of it, and I'll add to this post if I find more bugs. I look forward to your maps for 2020!
  4. Arkdoodle

    Siderurgica - A Doom 1 vanilla map.

    Great map! The attention to detail with lighting, texture variation, and floor/ceiling heights is very well done. It paces quite well too, with some pretty scary, but doable ambushes (especially that last one). It is a bit easy to run around in circles what with all the optional areas, but at least you reward the player for exploration. Speaking of which, I found all of your secrets, but it took a half hour to do so. They were a little tougher than usual, but nothing too obscure. I've only got one nitpick, and it's that I was able to get stuck between the altar and the wall at the spiral staircase. Nothing a little idclip can't fix, but you might wanna make some linedefs impassable there. Really captured the atmosphere of episode 2. Bravo!
  5. Arkdoodle

    My take on the Underhalls (a single Doom II map)

    I've attached a new build in the original post with significant updates: Severely polished up the first map in the set, hopefully the direction the player must take is a little clearer. Retextured map02 with the slime textures instead of nukage, and fixed serious breaks that can occur with the floor manipulation. Added new music! The maps now use ROTT music instead of stock DOOM II. There is a third map, but it isn't finished and cannot be completed so ignore it for now.
  6. Arkdoodle

    My take on the Underhalls (a single Doom II map)

    @DavidN thanks for your blind playthrough! That really helps me figure out what might trip up a new player. Yeah, the MAP01 you played is not polished up and I hadn't intended on anyone playing it yet, but I appreciate the critique. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the lighting better in the crate room? I need the place to light up, but Doombuilder (not GZDOOM Builder) only has the light set to 255 option. MAP02 is the one I intended on being played as it is a sewer level like the Underhalls. I knew that the sewage level manipulation could break, but you found a way to break it harder than I realized possible. Will definitely fix.
  7. Hi everyone! Long-time lurker here that could use a little critique on my first map (worth sharing, that is). I haven't given this map a real name, but it is made in the spirit of the Underhalls from Doom II minus most of the hitscanner hell. The map takes place in the sewers on earth with the main goal being to retrieve the blue key and make it out, but there is a twist. Navigating this level requires manipulation of the water levels to get under/over to wherever you need to go. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of this little gimmick. Quick rundown: IWAD: DOOM II Tested with: GLBOOM+ (should be vanilla compatible but I haven't tested it yet) Map number: MAP02 Difficulty: Harder than Doom II, but not as hard as the Plutonia Experiment Time to complete: Around 10 minutes The map uses stock Doom II music and textures with nothing else added. I'll include a little .txt file with hints on the four secrets in case anyone wants it. All constructive comments welcome! I want to make this as best as I can before moving on. Insertion.zip