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  1. Just played about 15 minutes before work, and all I can say is WOW. Playing on UV without saves, made the mistake of letting my guard down a bit when the first few fights were pretty tame -- then ran through the red key gate and died in about thirty seconds. I'm gonna revisit it tonight when it's not so bright outside -- I think it'll help the atmosphere, plus the level is a tad dark so it'll help me see more details. But just wanted to drop in and congratulate/thank you on this awesome map!
  2. Sigh Man Vanz

    When to Pistol Start?

    This was something I puzzled over as well when I started playing Doom wads again. I was baffled why map authors didn’t indicate in the accompanying text file whether their multi-map wad was intended for pistol-start or continuous play. But I’ve come to understand that the real answer is that you should do whatever is most fun for you on a given wad (which is probably why most authors don’t specify which approach you should take). As others pointed out above: -pistol-starting can allow you to savor the “true” intention of the map’s author, and offers another layer of strategy as you need to figure out how to re-acquire weapons; BUT -continuous play can make a multi-map wad feel more cohesive, saves you time if you can’t be bothered to puzzle over every detail of each map; and raises the stakes of dying if you choose to restart the level with only the pistol at that point. My own preference is to get the best of both worlds by pistol-starting without saving. That way I get the challenge of rebuilding my arsenal, but also the (fun) stress and strategic thinking demanded of avoiding death at all costs.
  3. Sigh Man Vanz

    What's The Worst Doom Map To You

    I might be the only person who thinks the city levels in doom 2 are the most fun part of the game, due to their non-linearity. (Except Tenements — I generally dislike maps with a lot of lava pits and enemies in high/low places. But the advent of free-look makes the latter less of a problem now) I’d have to go with “Grosse” for just being boring. Or E4M1 for its tedium.
  4. Sigh Man Vanz

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Invisibility sphere is a garbo power-up. If anything it actually makes the game harder for me because it messes up the flow of anticipating/dodging incoming attacks when the enemy is just throwing stuff around randomly. I suspect its main purpose was for use in deathmatches, but I never do multiplayer.
  5. Sigh Man Vanz

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    SSG is old faithful, my default weapon — and it’s so satisfying to slam those two cartridges into it after taking down the last monster in a crowd. Would love a mod where you could blow smoke off the barrel. As for monsters, I’m not sure it’s my “favorite” per se, but I do have a soft spot for the Spider Mastermind. Yes, it’s far too clunky and large for its own good. But damn if it isn’t fun to start all kinds of in-fights with that gigantic bullet sponge. Also it’s fairly rare to come across one, so it still retains a novelty factor that (say) the Cyberdemon lost a long time ago.
  6. Sigh Man Vanz

    What demon annoys you the most?

    lol, agreed
  7. Sigh Man Vanz

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    I had exclusively been a UV player since 1994, to the point where I forgot Doom even had other difficulty levels. Then just this week I got around to playing Hell Revealed (I know, I know), and oh man... Map13 (the one with the cage) finally made an HMP guy out of me.
  8. Sigh Man Vanz

    [Release] Halls of The Goat Child (GZDoom port now available)

    I know you posted this ages ago, but I had the same problem initially and fixed it this way: after opening Doomsday, open the task bar, click on settings (the gear icon), click "audio", click "music plugin", and change it to whatever works (for me it was "FMOD"). The normal music in Doom didn't work after that, but the added music for this wad did. (It's definitely worth it). Once you're done, just remember to change the music plugin back to the default setting.
  9. Sigh Man Vanz

    [Release] Halls of The Goat Child (GZDoom port now available)

    Wow, can't believe this is a map that you just made on a semi-whim! It's probably one of the most immersive maps I've ever played -- I really felt like I was *in* that temple! Fantastic stuff, thank you for making it.
  10. Just finished playing through "Carbon", really enjoyed it! I love non-linear maps, and this was a very well-done example of one. I agree with the commenter above who compared it to "Industrial Zone" of D2. There were a couple of occasions where I was stuck and unsure what to do next, but eventually I figured it out. Never did get my hands on the BFG. Really enjoyed the "twist" ending, if you want to call it that. Well done!
  11. Sigh Man Vanz

    Interception II (31 New Levels for Doom II - Live on idgames)

    Very much enjoying INTERCEPTION II so far, thanks to everyone involved! Still only on MAP07 but I'm having a total blast. Appreciate the time and skill involved