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  1. tsunstealer

    Excited For Eternal?

    It’s a joke because you lack a counter-argument, not because it’s funny. It’s easier to just say “ok doomer” than it is to either agree to disagree, or to actually take the time to have a discussion on the pluses and minuses of the games. It’s easier to write off anything you disagree with as Fuddy or “Boomer”-like than it is to learn why someone may feel the way they do. It’s easier to quote their comments but not actually add anything to the conversation. I’ll take the joke, as I’d rather just be an old doomer than someone who can’t engage in conversation.
  2. tsunstealer

    Excited For Eternal?

    I’m in with the minority of fans who are not excited for this game. It’s just more brutal doom HD. Have never once enjoyed Brutal Doom, and so it makes sense I didn’t enjoy Doom 2016 once the hype of “NEW DOOM” went away, and seeing that the new game takes the rip and tear gimmick to a whole “new” level, I have decided to keep away from being hyped about this new game when I know I’m just going to find it dissatisfying. I get why there are so many fans that like the game, and many of those fans are also ones who like Brutal Doom, but there’s some out there who like it but didn’t like BD. I have also seen people that were introduced to Doom with these games, and that has grown the community (which is never a bad thing). It’s just a matter of different strokes for different folks type of thing. It’s just not the Doom experience for me. What irritates me the most about these games though are the die hard fanboys who can’t take a different opinion from their own without resorting to insult or fighting over how their opinion is the right opinion because they see zero flaws in the new games. They defend this game like they have nothing else to do with their lives. You can’t criticize the game (for example stating that not having manual saves is inexcusable but someone will have to argue that there are games designed with checkpoints in mind... no fucking shit dumbass, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a criticism somebody can have on the game just because there are games designed around checkpoints). Every. Single. Time. I see someone even slightly say something negative about this game, hoards of fanboys come to the games defense. Bottom line; It’s a game, not a cock, you don’t have to ride it so hard to have an opinion on it. You either feel it or you don’t. If you feel it, you want more, if you don’t, you find another one to insert.
  3. I still play in software mode. I dislike the way a lot of people play the game with the bright colors and lights under power ups and things like that. I just have never found that to look as nice as the original game’s atmosphere. I mainly use modern source ports to get the kick ass screen resolutions, and those I do like more than Doom’s native resolution.
  4. tsunstealer

    Dark Imp vs Spectre Imp

    I’m planning on replacing the SS Guard in my project with another Imp character. Which would you recommend? Dark Imp: I’ve seen several variations of these guys, but generally they are stronger Imps that use stronger projectiles, and are dark in appearance. Spectre Imp: I’ve seen mods that add the ghost mode to enemies, but I was thinking not only could this Imp be in Spectre mode, his projectiles will be as well, and he could defy gravity much like the Caco, only much faster moving.
  5. tsunstealer

    What would you replace the Pistol with?

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to replace the pistol. I would just want it to work better, maybe more like the pistol in Wolf 3D. While Romero definitely had a point about making each weapon not seem useless when picking up the next, Doom is not the best example of this in action, as the pistol is fairly useless even against weaker enemies. I think making it deal damage more like the pistol in Wolfenstein 3D would give it a whole lot more use than how it behaves currently. also, I don’t mean that it would’ve had to require the player to press shoot each time, I mean the way the wolf pistol deals damage, but keep the pistol the same in everything else. however, if I had to replace the pistol, it would definitely be an assault rifle. Why? Because the Doomguy should have a battle rifle if he’s a Marine. I also think that the pistol and chaingun should’ve had separate ammo types, and they should have used separate sound effects, but I am so use to it that I don’t see any reason to change it myself despite how easy it is to do. Having it use different ammo would’ve given it a little more effectiveness, and different sound effects would’ve given the gun character on its own, and it could’ve became iconic like Duke’s pistol if it was given just a little more depth, maybe even with a reload in between a certain number of shots. I have seen mods that do this but the animation never looks quite right because they try to make it way too smooth when they should be trying to make it look good with less frames of animation so it keeps the vanilla vibe, but this is just personal taste.
  6. tsunstealer

    PSX Doom Glitching

    Does this exist on the Final Doom PSX game as well?
  7. I don’t think they ever intended on adding in those characters once the game was being developed past the drawing board. I think there are leftover sound effects from the PSX version that were used for the revenant which was in that version. I think they also had arch-vile sound effects recorded, but they were released later by Aubrey Hodges, the musician. None of that was for the N64 version, though. It was all leftovers for the PSX version.
  8. tsunstealer

    Designing maps for Doom vs Quake

    Would Doombuilder X be sufficient enough if I want to make maps that will work for all ports of Doom? Like if I want it to run via Crispy Doom but also work on GZDoom? Or is it more suited around GZDoom type features? I hope to take things a step further at some point, but I think I want to design maps/wads that are easily compatible with various ports for now anyways.
  9. tsunstealer

    The classic Multiplayer is missing from Doom Eternal.

    @jazzmaster9, I never said anything about not liking it. I simply said it is not meant to be optional or else they would’ve made it an option. That is why it is a feature and not meant to be optional. You can’t just “not use it”, you still have to at least shoot the staggered enemies or else they will regain health. People that say “just don’t use it” seem to just not truly understand that the game was NOT intended for you to not use it, because why would enemies just stagger around if they didn’t want you to perform executions? Again... if it was meant to be optional, there would be a setting to disable it... this isn’t an RPG where you choose your quest and actions, this is a shooting game, so this is a feature meant to be used and abused and not ignored.
  10. tsunstealer

    Designing maps for Doom vs Quake

    Thanks everyone! Very detailed info and this certainly helped a lot. I think ultimately I will end up working with making maps for both games, and get a feel for both and see which clicks with me the most. I have doombuilder 2 downloaded already for Doom mapping. Is there any reason that I shouldn’t use that editor? I know everyone seems to say it’s the best (I have no true experience to prove otherwise), but there are SO many level editors for Doom so I’m curious if it really is the best to use for a beginner or if I should try something else? I’m already fairly familiar with Slade3 for editing everything else in Doom, in fact it even allows me to edit Duke Nukem 3D stuff and even Wolfenstein now thanks to ECWolf. For Quake I have Trenchboom and Quark downloaded. I know Trenchboom was mentioned earlier so that’s why I chose it. Is there any reason not to use these?
  11. You’re right for the most part, that is very true especially in sport shooting, as being able to get off the second shot quickly is important. You can technically shoot both barrels at the same time with double barrel shotguns that have 2 triggers, but it isn’t truly both shots at once, there will always be one that fires slightly before the other one. Also, that is true that if they were modded it would sort of be like the current one is the best of both worlds and the other two would be for certain applications or to preserve ammo of the buckshot category. @RonnieJamesDiner, yeah that is true. I think if a mod were to be made, I’d imagine a true slug projectile would be like having all the shotgun projectiles merged into one projectile with all the power of each projectile combined into one. That would definitely help with shooting from afar like that, but yeah, the regular shotgun was pretty accurate!
  12. In Doom and Doom II, the shotguns both use buckshot styled shotgun shell ammo. For the unaware, there are usually 3 types of shells that are most common in real life: birdshot: these shells have A LOT of tiny pellets, and get their name for the fact they are best used for hunting small game (birds). These are made generally to shoot upward, so by the time the pellets fall to the ground, they’ve lost all their power. buckshot: Much less pellets than birdshot, but the pellets it does have are much larger and generally retain velocity and power at longer ranges than birdshot. This type of shell is commonly used to hunt large game (hence the word buck as in a male deer), but it is also the go-to for many military and law enforcement professionals, as well as for civilian home defense use. This is basically exactly what was in Doom/Doom II. Slugs: these fire a single, solid projectile. Basically it makes a shotgun fire a rifle-like projectile. These are used for pretty much the same exact reasons as buckshot, but they are used when accuracy is more important than patterning the shot. Police and military generally use slugs to prevent any unwanted deaths as there’s no risk of there being any pellets spreading beyond the intended target. So with that said, do you feel there are any times in Doom/Doom II, be it in single player or deathmatch where you’d think the other shells would’ve been a useful feature?
  13. tsunstealer

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Oh my goodness, excuse me for using colorful language 🙄 this is not a tackle shop. I have no bait. but thanks everyone. I’ve seen opinions from both sides. I’ve decided to wait it out before buying the game. I didn’t know about the people behind Doom 64 EX were making the 64 port, so I’m glad that was addressed. Now I have no worries in that regard.
  14. tsunstealer

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Not quite. I just wanted people’s general opinion on if they think it will be improved over 2016 or be a disappointment. however, I will hop on the hate wagon when it comes to those abominations of “ports” of classic Doom that they released not too long ago. If that is what is expected, I expect Doom 64 to have a lot of the same problems those ports have.