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  1. DaAndroid614

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    i got doom eternal on switch, and in my opinion, it's a bit like SNES doom; it's very impressive that it runs on the hardware at all, but it's a pretty lackluster way to play the game i didn't get the switch version of 2016, but its gameplay is much less relentless then eternal, so i'd imagine it's hurt less from the 30fps cap
  2. DaAndroid614

    Things about Doom you just found out

    i decided to buy masters of doom a while ago, and it describes imps as "a red-eyed Bigfoot-like beast with brown fur covering his muscles and metal spikes protruding from his shoulders and arms", so i guess even if we didn't get fuzzy shamblers, we do at least get fuzzy imps
  3. crispy doom - 4 prboom+ - 2 gzdoom - 3
  4. DaAndroid614

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    kind of obligatory
  5. DaAndroid614

    Error Enemies

    not sure if you're asking for help, but if you are, this seems to have been caused by selecting the wrong palette in SLADE specifically, this uses "adrenix" instead of "doom"
  6. DaAndroid614

    Valve announces handheld system: Steam Deck

    i hope it's decently competitive with the switch, it feels like there have been a few of these portable gaming PCs that have popped up but not really gone anywhere
  7. yeah, i also noticed i somehow forgot to make all of the nukage floors damaging, so here's a revision of e1m9 E1M9 (2).zip
  8. DaAndroid614

    What was your all time favorite ID software games of all time

    probably a hot take but i guess doom is pretty good
  9. DaAndroid614

    Crispy Doom Too Quiet

    there should be music and sfx volume settings inside the options menu, and if those are too quiet, on windows you can right-click the volume icon in the bottom right and select "open volume mixer" to increase the volume of Crispy Doom or decrease the volume of everything else
  10. DaAndroid614

    Weird Items in Doom.

    actually, now that i remember, a while ago i got bored and actually wrote a text file containing everything that popped up as "issues" in doom builder besides misaligned textures and hidden textures since they're everywhere, so here's all of the random items that don't show up in doom: e1m4 - a few shells that don't spawn e1m7 - 4 barrels, 3 of which are stacked on top of another barrel that does e2m2 - a barrel and 4 hanging legs e2m4 - 2 hanging legs e2m7 - 2 hanging legs e2m9 - 1 cell pickup e3m1 - 2 hanging legs e3m2 - 2 hanging legs and a pile of gibs e3m3 - 2 cell pickups, 1 of which is out of bounds e3m4 - 1 hanging leg e3m5 - 6 hanging legs (???) e3m6 - 5 floating skull rocks and a gray tree e3m7 - 1 cell pickup and 1 shell pickup e3m8 - 19 rockets (!!!) e3m9 - 2 hanging legs e4m3 - a plasma gun
  11. DaAndroid614

    Weird Items in Doom.

    doom 1's maps is filled with a ton of hanging leg decorations with no skill settings, i have no idea why it's always hanging legs specifically but it is
  12. DaAndroid614

    What Keyboard Do You Use? Post Your Keyboards!

    been using a hyperx alloy fps for over a year now, the cherry mx blues are annoying as hell to other people but the sound/feel is very satisfying i used to have one of those, but had to buy a different mouse after a few months the right mouse button starting acting up a lot it made mapping and playing DE a massive pain in the ass, hope you have better luck with it than i did
  13. DaAndroid614

    which are better? Doom 64 or Classic Doom sounds?

    probably should have clarified, this actually has both sets of sounds randomly mixed together using SNDINFO
  14. DaAndroid614

    which are better? Doom 64 or Classic Doom sounds?

    funny, i actually threw together a wad a while ago that does exactly this (with a few exceptions such as pain sounds/arachnotron walking sounds since i think they're weird if it's random while being played repeatedly) but i never bothered releasing it because it seemed like an inferior version of the "sound caulking" mod if you'd be interested in downloading my mod, i just slapped it on my google drive here edit: probably should've read the whole thread before posting this edit 2: probably should've watched the video before editing this, boy do i feel intelligent
  15. DaAndroid614

    Issue regarding frames

    i'm not that familar with decorate, but after throwing together a test wad, from what i can tell the only issue is that your sprites are labeled TCRD* instead of TCRD*0 making that change fixed it for me