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  1. DaAndroid614

    HOM in doorway-SOLVED

    The sector tagged to be opened as a door isn't the correct sector; you tagged the lit up bit in front of the door rather than the door itself. Edit: Damn, someone beat me to it before I finished posting this
  2. DaAndroid614

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    probably either arachnotron death or the menu navigation sounds
  3. because one of the scientists remembered this cool game he played back in the 90's and thought it would be neat if he could make it happen in real life
  4. DaAndroid614

    First (released) Doom map

    I've been mapping as a hobby for around two and a half years now, but I've never actually finished and released anything. (unless you count the shrunken E1M9 I put into the "Doom from memory" community project) So, here, I threw this together in my spare time over the past few days just to be able to say I've actually released something. Screenshots: Doom 2 format, tested with Crispy Doom and Chocolate Doom, so it should be vanilla compatible. Map difficulties are implemented but not given too much thought, deathmatch is implemented but untested. Includes a demo with 100% completion because why not Download (google drive) Feedback would be appreciated!
  5. For most things, no, but I did remove the custom intermission/title music, title screen, and demos from sigil so I could put it in my autoload without interfering with vanilla doom 1
  6. DaAndroid614

    Quake-like key sounds without editing a ton of files

    I had already tried this before posting in the thread, and unfortunately it either doesn't work or I had done something wrong The ACS solution did end up working, though. #library "KEYSOUND" #include "zcommon.acs" bool REDCARD = false; bool BLUECARD = false; bool YELLOWCARD = false; bool REDSKULL = false; bool BLUESKULL = false; bool YELLOWSKULL = false; script "SOUNDMIX_KEYSOUND" ENTER { while (true) { if (REDCARD != CheckInventory("RedCard")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_CARD",3); REDCARD = true; } if (BLUECARD != CheckInventory("BlueCard")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_CARD",3); BLUECARD = true; } if (YELLOWCARD != CheckInventory("YellowCard")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_CARD",3); YELLOWCARD = true; } if (REDSKULL != CheckInventory("RedSkull")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_SKULL",3); REDSKULL = true; } if (BLUESKULL != CheckInventory("BlueSkull")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_SKULL",3); BLUESKULL = true; } if (YELLOWSKULL != CheckInventory("YellowSkull")) { PlaySound(0,"Q_SKULL",3); YELLOWSKULL = true; } delay(1); } }
  7. DaAndroid614

    Quake-like key sounds without editing a ton of files

    I think you might have misunderstood what I was asking, A_PlaySound can only be used inside a state, which means once the key is picked up I won't be able to use it to do anything. Besides, even if I could use it to play a sound when they key is picked up, it wouldn't let me overwrite the original keys and I'd be back at the same issue of needing to change SBARINFO and LOCKDEFS in order to keep the keys working. Although muting the pickup sound and playing a sound from a different source isn't a bad idea, I'll look into using ACS to detect the keys in the player's inventory and playing them through there
  8. Pertaining to GZDOOM editing specifically If I wanted to change the sounds the keys make based on what type of key was picked up, as it is in Quake, I wouldn't be able to do it entirely through SNDINFO since only one specific key pickup sound is defined, so the other way I would think to do it would be to use DECORATE (I'm not that experienced with ZScript so there might be a simpler solution through that) to make new versions of each key which have their sound changed to a unique one, but if I did that, I would also need to edit SBARINFO to show the new keys instead of the old ones so they actually show up on the HUD and LOCKDEFS so you would be able to open doors with the new keys. Changing this many files seems like overkill just to accomplish a sound change, is there a way of going about this that wouldn't require fiddling with as many (mostly) unrelated files?
  9. DaAndroid614

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    my collector's edition came in the mail today image: from left to right and top to bottom, and anything i think is notable about each thing: outer box, holds everything else in the package, it has a window which lets you see into the light-up display and holes in the side to let you use its controls light up display, has a power switch that lights up and lets you use the button below the switch to play At Doom's Gate, below the button is a micro USB plug (cable not included), which is presumably to power it since it uses 3 AA batteries (included) outer sleeve and two-part box, holds everything else pictured doom 1/2/3 posters doom comic reprint game case, features reversible cover art with doom 1's cover instead, strangely says it's a strictly 1-player game on the back even though doom 1 and 2 support up to 4 player multiplayer steelbook case, features that face graphic all the way around besides the title on the spine and 3 logos on the back game cartridge red keycard (mine did not have the paint chipping issue the above post mentioned) doomguy keychain, seems to be modeled after DE's iteration of the classic doomguy design manual floppy disc USB drive card
  10. DaAndroid614

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    i got doom eternal on switch, and in my opinion, it's a bit like SNES doom; it's very impressive that it runs on the hardware at all, but it's a pretty lackluster way to play the game i didn't get the switch version of 2016, but its gameplay is much less relentless then eternal, so i'd imagine it's hurt less from the 30fps cap
  11. DaAndroid614

    Things about Doom you just found out

    i decided to buy masters of doom a while ago, and it describes imps as "a red-eyed Bigfoot-like beast with brown fur covering his muscles and metal spikes protruding from his shoulders and arms", so i guess even if we didn't get fuzzy shamblers, we do at least get fuzzy imps
  12. DaAndroid614

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    crispy doom - 4 prboom+ - 2 gzdoom - 3
  13. DaAndroid614

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    kind of obligatory
  14. DaAndroid614

    Error Enemies

    not sure if you're asking for help, but if you are, this seems to have been caused by selecting the wrong palette in SLADE specifically, this uses "adrenix" instead of "doom"
  15. DaAndroid614

    Valve announces handheld system: Steam Deck

    i hope it's decently competitive with the switch, it feels like there have been a few of these portable gaming PCs that have popped up but not really gone anywhere