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  1. i use otex. it doesn't have any fixed up doom textures but it does have 2000+ new ones to use.
  2. starry4471

    Aligning tips?

    I never knew about dummy sectors until today
  3. do you guys think that the heaven levels in Doom Eternal will have inspiration from the Classic Doom megawad Eviternity?
  4. starry4471

    How to set skybox resolution?

    I am using OTEX skybox textures (larger than DOOM's) and they are cut off in gameplay. How do I change the in-game skybox resolution so the skyboxes don't cut off?
  5. starry4471

    Making switch operated doors with Doom Builder 2

    Thank you for your help
  6. The most advanced thing I know how to do is key doors, and my level designs are quite limited by my lack of knowledge. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  7. starry4471

    How do I "combine" a texture pack with custom WAD?

    Thank you for aiding me in my quest to entertain people in the name of demon-slaying.
  8. starry4471

    How do I "combine" a texture pack with custom WAD?

    This is helpful for testing in GZDoom, but I need to know how I can have the textures and levels as one .WAD file. I suppose I should have specified that. I also suppose I could tell potential players to use the process you described, but I think it would be easier to have them as one .WAD file.
  9. I am using a custom texture pack (OTEX) with Doom Builder to make my maps (Because OTEX is very nice). When I attempt to run my WAD in GZDoom, all the textures are blank, even when I have both the maps WAD and the textures WAD in the directory.
  10. starry4471

    Doom Builder

    What I usually do is zoom in, and start from a line/node by right-clicking right next to it so it starts from that point.