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  1. LSD_Polyphony

    WAD Recommendations

    Looking for some wads (Megawads/Episodes preferably) to get some inspiration and maybe learn a few things about effective level design. What are some wads that have gameplay that stands out to you, Or Has an interesting structure/eye candy and why?
  2. Sorry, Remedy isnt really what I meant. How can I avoid this in the future is what I should have asked
  3. What are these errors and how can I remedy them?
  4. LSD_Polyphony

    Missing Textures in Doom Builder

    This is probably a dumb question, But I dont understand why I cant view these textures. Ive already used some from this category in my map and its only the doors section that appears blank. Relaunching the editor, Or even starting a new map from scratch doesnt fix it. Once Ive used a single texture, it always appears blank afterwards. Ive made several test maps prior to this and havent had an issue. I dont have any extra textures added in, Only the vanilla Doom II Assets
  5. Hey all, Ive recently started working on my first Doom wad, Currently using Doom Builder 2. Im having some trouble creating slopes though. Ive watched a few tutorials on youtube and copied what theyre doing but slopes still dont appear in visual mode. The elevation just changes as it would normally. Is this just a visual oddity, Or is there some kind of condition Im missing? Ive just been using action 181 (Plane align) on a line segment and aligning it to the floor. Thanks in advance