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  1. cadiped

    Cheat codes for FreeDoom android.

    IDCLIP IDCHOPPER (S?) All of these work, I just tested them. ☺
  2. cadiped

    Map thief/slandering bastard at it again

    Ok. This upsets me GREATLY! Believe it or not, I am the real Harq's son! I will be notifying him in the next couple days. Glad I went looking for his wads as a surprise for his recent birthday! Also, I notice the collection is not complete, and most likely either he or I will be uploading the entire collection soon... Hopefully...) **If anyone would like to dispute my identity, I obviously have no way to prove it, but I believe I can upload some possibly unreleased and/or boom engine wads of his also. I believe that the quality should speak for itself (hopefully) ~cadiped