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Status Replies posted by SkeletronMK666

  1. @Endless and I are DONE.


    Well, technically we need to write a readme, and do some slight cleaning, but all the mapping is finished.


    A month and a half ago we started this 32 map CTF megaWAD - crazy to think we're so close to finishing this...


    Here's our INTERPIC:




    If the stars align, we're hoping for a release this Sunday for our weekly Wadazine Flag Fest event!


    Very excited!!



  2. Goodbye bro, I've saw your goodbye thread but it's locked so I'm posting here. I hope you will come back to the community if you feel better.

    1. SkeletronMK666


      i don't know if key members will let me back in their servers later tho. we'll see.

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  3. I was trying to post this in your goodbye thread, but it got locked so I'll post it here instead.


    I hope that you do come back to the Doom community in good time, since from what I played of your mods (Ultimate Mortal Kombat and the Terminator mod I playtested several times) they were decent enough and showed good potential, and I'd have like to have seen more of your modding potential emerge in the future.


    That being said, your mental health is the most important thing to take care of, so I sincerely hope you come back stronger in the future, regardless of whether you return to the Doom community or not.

    1. SkeletronMK666


      thank you suitepee, i appreceate it :). i pissed off some ppl, i may return given a year or so. but i did jackell pryme really dirty. if you read this jackell, im sorry man, you didn't deserve that. i need to take a break for now.