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  1. It's Back! Penance 3! This the new chapter in the penance series, the sequel that nobody asked for, but deserved. One fire Skeleton must fight his way to defeat the Evil foe: The antichrist! (and ancient alien form another world that comes to enslave humanity.) Battle you way through this mapset with wacky new weapons that function uniquely to the doom arsenal! The ultimate Fire skeleton wad in existence! This wad comes new new weapons, a host of new enemies, and the additional deathmatch (Penance 3: Arena) wad with A LARGER arsenal of weapons that you can use to wreak havoc on your friends in PVP!


    Penance 3: Arena is zandornum compatible and Penance 3: The redemption is GZDoom compatible .




    some credits:


    mappers for both projects:


    SkeletronMK666, The1andOnlyBloo (Bloo), Obake_The_New.  (More Info in the info txt document).



    Penance 3: The redemption
    Ludi, Bloo, SkeletronMK, Xulgonoth,NecrumWarrior, AllEvil669, ObakeTheNew, Majestic Mystic


    Penance 3: Arena


    TwilightGremling, Asriel, SkeletronMK666

    1.1 feedback and playtesting: EXWiz, RightHandMan










    Single Player Story GZDoom wad:

    Zandronum Deathmatch Wad:





  2. https://www.moddb.com/mods/dbp48-aliens-vs-predator-vs-terminator-vs-jason-vs-hell-vs-steven-seagal

    what's the deal with this mod? i feel like it's a low effort shitpost to kidna make fun of my robocop vs terminator stuff. It was innitally funny, sure, but i heard the mod is dogshit form some reviews. i was expecting a high quality deathmatch mod with multiple playerclasses with each a unique playstyle but it ended up being a gzdoom mod that was SO panned that it was removed from the moddb page. from what i know it's a troll attempt or something???? idk it's from DOOMER Boards. anyone know what's going on with this mod? id don't keep up with things or lurk enough.

  3. 14 hours ago, Tetzlaff said:

    Pinnacle of Doom 3 mods? That's Doom 3: Phobos by Team Future in my opinion. 


    Classic Doom 3 is a mixed bag, some levels are good, some very amateurish and ugly. The new playermodel looks clumsy. Overall I don't really like that it throws the more slow and methodical combat of Doom 3 overboard just to mimic the original game. Feels weird IMO.


    Some more good mods/mapsets: 


    In Hell by Doomi

    Fragging Free


    For more map recommendations look here:


    thanks for the reccomendations!

  4. the united states is in late stage capitalism and is scheming between the far left and the far right. the turbulent polarizing politics seem to be over culture wars about trans people, and also seem to be controlled opposition as the propagandized news stations, fox, and cnn, seem to stoke the fires of culture wars in America that distract us while the wealthy and powerful suck the finances dry of our country. - how does this affect me? well im scared one day that my rights as a bisexual will be striped away by far right politicians in some sort of infuriating culture war one day. I HATE modern day politics, it's just reactionary causing violence, bigotry, and vitriol, and nobody listens to each other! sorry if my post seems to be very polarizing but in genuinely scared for my nation.

  5. On 5/11/2023 at 5:57 PM, thelamp said:

    I, thelamp, will play your WAD. I will record myself doing so and upload it to youtube.com!


    This thread is primarily for any mappers to request me to play their own work and comment on it. I would prefer to play single maps or short sets of maps that are recent, but any submissions will be considered. You may also choose your own maps from CPs and such. My preference is to play vanilla, limit removing, boom, MBF or MBF21; however I am also willing to play GZ Doom or other source ports as well but I may not get to these as quickly as the mentioned formats. Please specify what format your map is and/or how you tested it.


    I would prefer not to play excessively long maps either but sometimes if the mood strikes me I will. Slaughter maps are fine too, as well as combat puzzle type stuff but not excessively difficult and if it is then please mention it or suggest HMP if the map is balanced for it.


    Please only submit maps that are completed (or nearly complete) as I am very unlikely to play anything twice. I also reserve the right to refuse any maps based on new criteria that I hadn't thought of as of the writing of this op


    Thanks for your submissions in advance!

    if you are still willing to play a wad file with some cool stuff, run MKMYTH1.0.wad with zandronum or gzdoom