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  1. Doom 3 classic is the pinnacle of doom 3 mods, i was doing my annual playthough of it recently. love the classification of the chaingun and shotgun in that mod. This got me to thinking, is there any other good doom 3 gameplay/mapset mods anyone can recommend? doom 3 mod thread here.
  2. SkeletronMK666

    Terminator VS Hell VS Jason VS Sephen Segual VS ect.

    understandable. idk why i thought that.
  3. https://www.moddb.com/mods/dbp48-aliens-vs-predator-vs-terminator-vs-jason-vs-hell-vs-steven-seagal what's the deal with this mod? i feel like it's a low effort shitpost to kidna make fun of my robocop vs terminator stuff. It was innitally funny, sure, but i heard the mod is dogshit form some reviews. i was expecting a high quality deathmatch mod with multiple playerclasses with each a unique playstyle but it ended up being a gzdoom mod that was SO panned that it was removed from the moddb page. from what i know it's a troll attempt or something???? idk it's from DOOMER Boards. anyone know what's going on with this mod? id don't keep up with things or lurk enough.
  4. SkeletronMK666

    Terminator VS Hell VS Jason VS Sephen Segual VS ect.

    sheesh, what a shitshow. yeah, if this was a shitpost on my expnese, then it failed super hard. the sprites in this mod are good though. i might rip assests form it one day to make a version of the mod that's a actually good deathmatch mod because the concept is actually kinda funny.
  5. SkeletronMK666

    dude, doom 3 classic! (Doom 3 mod thread initiated)

    i should totally play one of those mods and get back to you on how i enjoyed them :)
  6. SkeletronMK666

    dude, doom 3 classic! (Doom 3 mod thread initiated)

    thanks for the reccomendations!
  7. america sucks rn. that's my opinoin on my country. lol
  8. bickering over gay people, so fucking stupid man. just leave us alone.
  9. SkeletronMK666

    Mapping Theory & Combat Design

    i like making a HUGE fight with demons on one area, and having to revisit the area only to have archviles come in and revive all the monsters you've killed prior. very good encounter trick. archviles are fun.
  10. SkeletronMK666

    Are there maps that take place in real world locations?

    i take that wad and swap out the default midi with a midi rendition of the dam level on golden eye 64 to make a killer experience
  11. SkeletronMK666

    Are there maps that take place in real world locations?

  12. i could be wrong on some of my assertions on modern day politics, i can stand to be corrected if need be but im just calls it as i sees it.
  13. the united states is in late stage capitalism and is scheming between the far left and the far right. the turbulent polarizing politics seem to be over culture wars about trans people, and also seem to be controlled opposition as the propagandized news stations, fox, and cnn, seem to stoke the fires of culture wars in America that distract us while the wealthy and powerful suck the finances dry of our country. - how does this affect me? well im scared one day that my rights as a bisexual will be striped away by far right politicians in some sort of infuriating culture war one day. I HATE modern day politics, it's just reactionary causing violence, bigotry, and vitriol, and nobody listens to each other! sorry if my post seems to be very polarizing but in genuinely scared for my nation.
  14. SkeletronMK666

    Tetanus | Now on Idgames!

    @Bobby "J congrats on the release, and also to the team of squanker who made the wad. i gotta boot this wad up one day and play it. really very talented team you guys are.
  15. if you are still willing to play a wad file with some cool stuff, run MKMYTH1.0.wad with zandronum or gzdoom https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mkmyth
  16. Welcome to Terminator: Arnea (previously called Terminator Mayhem: Arnea) the Ultra-Fast TTK-retro-style doom mod! This mod is Meant mainly for Deathmatch in Zandronum, but is also compatible with CO-OP. Blast your way with OVERPOWERED and iconic weapons such as the UZI9mm along with the 40w Phased Plasma Rifle. List of changes from v 2.3 and 2.4 -ADDED AR18 Burst Fire rifle -NERFED the Uzi9mm from 13 to 9 damage per shot, wider spread -improved the hud -added DualUzis as a BFG -2 new maps Trenches, and DOOMED! -Renamed the mod to just "Terminator: Arena" -New Very difficult bot added, with custom sounds tied to the custom skin -updated title pic and Endoom screen -improved the Terminator player model -other New and returning maps Now! available on MODDB! Download NOW for ZANDRONUM!: https://www.moddb.com/mods/terminator-arena/downloads/na249368 Trailer updated the file to 2.5.1 2.5.1 changelog: -Railgun sniper weapon now has bullet chip -Railgun sniper weapon now has no delay when firing in scoped. -easy and medium bots are now a more vibrant color -fix Obituary for the combat shotgun -opened up the bridge area in TMAC04 and snipers on both sides of the map -new map, TMAC11, "Prison" -RAILGUN sniper weapon- "the M82 Pulse Rifle", no longer bobs with the player, this way the weapon is easier to snipe with when zoomed in. -Rudimentary creatures of flesh and blood, welcome to your imminent destruction at the hands of your new Robot overlord: Skynet. 2.6 Changelog for update v 2.6: -Added resistance fighter playerclass -Team Deathmatch restricted to "Skynet" and "Resistance Fighters" teams -added a new map named "Wrecked!" -new Terminator Powerups, the T600Powerup and the T1000Powerup, enabling you to play as a T600 and T1000 for a bit. -Updated the Winchester sprites -The terminator power ups can also randomly spawn in the bfg slot for both playerclasses -updated the M79 grenade launcher pickup sprites by sprite bashing a weapon from Terminator: Rampage. -updated the M79 gun sprites using pre rendered 3d graphics. -Light Machine Gun Bullets now do 1 less damage -RPG rockets have double speed -base armor sprites graphics are replaced with new graphics.
  17. i've updated the mod, instead of reposting into a new topic, i've just edited the topic. im a forum N00b. ok that is all.
  18. Welcome Mortal to MK Mythologies: Scorpion’s Revenge Public Beta! This Beta needs a bit of polishing, but showcases 8 new maps wherein you battle the Lin Kuie and the forces of the Netherrealm. This mapset includes a new playerclass with simi advanced controls such as dashing, uppercutting, and the scorpion’s famous Blood Spear to pull enemies in. This mod is GZdoom and Zandornum compatible. Focused on Melee; your shotgun and super shotgun weapons are replaced by ninja swords used to slice and dice your enemies. You can deflect projectiles with your swords and become a melee master when you acquire a berserk. Maps are made by yours truly, and custom midis by Jimmy and Bobby(lol) along with music and midis from MK. playtesters: "Bobby(lol)", "SkeletronMK666", "Cetera", "Bloo","TTP","David Louis(FizzMAN)" Any additional playtesters are welcome, credits are in the wad file. Have fun and enjoy the beta. Features needed to be added- -Game difficulties -Additional polish and visplain errors fixed -Some some possible errors with some of the encounters Screenshots: Beta Download Beta2 - added difficulty game modes - fixed the arhfiends resurrect sprites - improved a few encounters
  19. SkeletronMK666

    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Scorpion's revenge!

    the mod should be a bit difficult, but fair. it IS beatable. i hope everyone enjoys it, especially MK Fans.
  20. @OpenRift yo, how's the progress coming along there?
  21. SkeletronMK666

    It's hard to find playtesters

    i can give you my socials, im currently working on a new DM map that will need playtesting. Thank you
  22. SkeletronMK666

    It's hard to find playtesters

    If I don't have playtesters I cannot release mods, and I'm having difficulty for people finding interest in my mods for playtesting. It's getting to the point where I might as well quit making doom mods. How am I supposed to release anything if no one wants to playtest my stuff because it's not sunlust 2? I can playtest on my own and I DO but I don't feel that's adequate enough for releasing stuff. Maybe I should just look elsewhere to playtest but most places in this community is populated by the same people. Can anyone refer me to someone?
  23. SkeletronMK666

    It's hard to find playtesters

    sweet, im going, if you need help playtesting let me know in dm's, i can give you my socials