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  1. NoRegerts

    Prboom_plus problem R_InitTextures: Missing patch

    Thx man. It worked :D. Back to shotgunning baddies.
  2. Hi there. Thanks to Civvie11 videos I've rediscovered my love for my first game ever, Doom 2. So I've played past weeks on GZDoom Doom2, TNT Evilution and Plutonia. Now I've discovered the Speed of Doom WAD and tried to get it to run yesterday, like the info.txt said, with Prboom and GlBoom and prboom_plus. I've changed the first symbol of the WAD to "I" with an hex editor, but I cant get this wad to run. I am getting messages like this from the stdout.txt: Also this messages appear, when I try to run Sunlust.WAD. I've tried to run Sunlust and SOD with GZdoom. Sunlust runs fine, but SOD GZDoom can't load. Searched quite a while for an answer, but couldn't find one, so I finally logged here and decided to ask :) Thx in advance.