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  1. Caru

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    Aww, thanks :D I can try to make it work (though I should note that I honestly can't tell how long it would take, I've never actually finished a map before xD), but if someone else with more Boom experience wants to take a crack at it I have no objections.
  2. Caru

    Randomized map titles?

    This is a bit of an odd one. I'm working on a map which may or may not be a bit of an homage to Doom II's MAP11, and I had the idea of a little gag where every time you open the automap (or at least every time you play the level) it gives you a slightly different name (a la "Circle of Death", "'O' of Destruction", etc.). I'm going to assume this sort of thing is off the table for Boom compatibility (unless DeHackEd has some special options I don't know about), but is it possible to at least do this in zdoom/gzdoom? Some trickery involving the LANGUAGES lump, perhaps? I vaguely remember reading about a project (I think it was Freedoom-related but I might be completely wrong about that) doing something similar to this, but I've had no luck finding that information again.
  3. I like to have a lot of tabs open in SLADE, often for the purposes of comparing the ways different texture packs go about representing similar things (see the bzillion variations on SUPPORT3 out there, for example). Problem is, SLADE has some . . . shall we say, bizarre behavior when it comes to displaying textures when multiple files are open. Namely, it likes to inherit patches from other files that happen to be open at the time, regardless of whether or not the file I'm working on is supposed to rely on that other file for any of its resources. Now, I understand how this could be useful in certain situations (having OTEX open in one tab and another project that relies on OTEX in another tab, for example), but more often than not this is really annoying and, worse, frequently I won't notice what it's doing and I'll assume a texture looks one way when it really looks another way because SLADE is showing me a bizarro-world version of what my texture would theoretically look like if it drew from a completely different set of patches. Is there a way to configure this behavior? To tell SLADE: hey, this project is supposed to inherit resources from X, Y, and Z.wad and ONLY those files? Can I get it to stop doing this altogether, and only inherit patches from the specified base resource file (and why is this not the default behavior . . . grumble grumble)?
  4. Caru

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    That's effectively what it is -- just with a much longer wait time at the beginning (probably too long, but I guess I always knew I'd have to abandon syncing everything up with the music eventually; it just isn't a viable option with the way Doom handles its music). Perhaps I might do something like this before the day's over: rather than the whole launch thing, a simple timer-based elevator like what you're describing would be enough to make it work, and then the wave-based play to keep it interesting in terms of gameplay.
  5. Caru

    Boaty McBoatwad - /idgames

    So, uh... this got slightly out of hand. I'm gonna say it right up front: this map is nowhere near finished. It's not really even playable in its current state. I bit off way more than I could chew with this one; what started as a Desert (/Revenant) Bus-inspired borderline-joke map escalated into an IoS monstrosity with a Boom launch pad gimmick that I could never quite get to work the way I wanted it to (I've left in the launchpad from Eviternity's MAP29 that I had shamelessly copied over for reference just to demonstrate what I was going for; fitting it into the map proper meant introducing a lot more moving parts, and this is probably what killed the map in the end). I'm posting what I have done here anyway for a few reasons: 1) because I believe in documenting my failures as well as my successes; 2) because I still believe some of the ideas I was exploring were good ideas and someone else may benefit from seeing them even in their undeveloped state; 3) because it might still be worth retooling as a sort of post-credits epilogue where the IoS never appears and you just drift through the ocean indefinitely; 4) I think the MIDI is still a good laugh; and 5) all else failing, I think this screenshot would make for a good bit of humorous in-WAD art (title screen, intermission, bosspic, what have you): It frankly hurts just to type this because it means I'm admitting defeat, but I've definitely learned some valuable lessons about project planning along the way (not to mention all the mapping techniques I learned in the process; I'd never even worked outside of UDMF before but now I might even prefer Boom). Perhaps I'll come back and finish this one someday, but for now I'm putting it down. BOATEX.zip
  6. YES. YES, literally exactly this moment with the Quake 2 fish. I have no idea why, they absolutely freaked me out for the longest time. I don't really have that much issue with them now, but I think it had something to do with the fact that they were (relatively) small, fast, and could come at you from any direction (including up and down). I think they traumatized me for other video game fish too, because I remember being scared to death of the slaughterfish in Oblivion and they're hilariously inept and nonthreatening (the Skyrim version, on the other hand, can go get fucked).
  7. My god... that's brilliant. I know how I'm spending my evening. xD
  8. Caru

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    No Sectors Community Project
  9. Caru

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    I really hope @Mikolah sees this thread because there is a prime opportunity for a Mikoportals joke here.
  10. Caru

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    You know what . . . this could work. Like a tower defense game only instead of fending off waves of enemies it's one guy (sort of like in IMPatience) and instead of placing towers you're throwing monsters onto the map to try to stop him before he rockets your face. Would take some heavy rebalancing to make sure you don't just spam archviles, but in the right hands . . . yeah, I could actually see myself playing this. EDIT: A cursory glance at some of the earlier pages has revealed to me that apparently this exact idea has been proposed in this thread on at least two separate occasions. And here I thought I was being clever. :P
  11. That's interesting, I'm already using a white fog. Fade is set to #FFFFFF, I've even turned up the fog density to 50. EDIT: Oh wait, I think I see what you're getting at. Just as an experiment, I changed the in-game settings to force vanilla-style transparency, and it made all the difference. You might have the right idea with replacing the projectiles, maybe I can use a specific imp variant on this one map that's identical save for throwing opaque projectiles -- or maybe there's a compatibility setting I can adjust that forces vanilla transparency, idk. EDIT EDIT: Okay, no compatibility setting, but maybe I can do it with scripting. Incidentally, all my failed attempts to make this work have given me wonderful ideas for unique lighting setups. xD
  12. Thanks Gez, I was worried the sheer size of the linedefs would make it unfeasible performance-wise, but it seems to run fine so far. There isn't something I can set in MAPINFO that could disable fullbright by any chance, is there? That's the main problem I just can't seem to get past: projectiles being virtually invisible because they're at fullbright against a white background.
  13. I'm already using line horizons actually (just on the edges of the map), but yeah, I might experiment with them a little more. One thing I'd really like to do is have the edges "wrap" around (so if you go past the right edge you get silently teleported to the left edge, etc.), but the problem is that you get weird inconsistencies if things end up near those edges -- things appearing to pop in and out of existence, as well as anything you can see in the distance suddenly vanishing if you cross over the line, that kind of thing (there's a section of "Impossible: A New Reality" that intentionally demonstrates this to extremely disorienting effect, but it's not what I'm going for here).
  14. This is one of those ideas that's probably terrible, and I've been telling myself for weeks now that it's a terrible idea and it could never work, but I can't stop thinking about it so here I am. Just a rundown on the concept of the map: First of all, it's enormous, but not in the way most enormous maps are. The physical size of the map is very near UDB's limits (from about -32k to 32k in every direction; about a square mile), but the content within is extremely sparse and minimalistic; there's also a fairly thick fog that has the effect of making the map feel even bigger. The idea is that, where projects like Sunder overwhelm the player with the sheer scale and detail of their architecture, this map is meant to drown the player in emptiness, and the sheer scale of that emptiness; it is meant to be to Doom gameplay what an early Samuel Beckett play (in particular Godot or Endgame) is to the theater. The art style -- this is a map that, by its nature, will have to consist almost entirely of custom textures -- is heavily inspired by a location from the game Yume Nikki known as the "White Desert" (from which this map gets its name -- though this is not meant to be a recreation of that place, only an evocation), full of surreal yet simplistic body horror, and limited strictly to a palette of three colors: almost exclusively black and white, with the rare appearance of striking red. Gameplay will naturally be extremely difficult to work out, but I think it's safe to say enemy placement will be similarly sparse, with the possibility of housing intense encounters in very small spaces within the map (inside of buildings, for example); if there is to be any large-scale fighting appropriate for the map's size, it would occur all at once at the very end. The attached WAD is more of a proof-of-concept than an actual first crack at making this thing, but it should do a decent job of communicating the intended "feel". I don't really have a specific question this time, I'm more seeking general advice here. Has anyone tried anything approaching this kind of gameplay and/or visual style before, and if so, did you learn any techniques that you found helpful? In particular, I would love to hear from anyone who worked on the Monochrome Mapping Project (esp. any of its "black/white" style levels, e.g. MAP21 -- a couple of whose flats I lovingly stole for the aforementioned proof-of-concept), as I have quickly found that working with such a small palette creates unique problems -- for example, as the attached WAD demonstrates, most enemy projectiles are virtually impossible to see against a white backdrop. Is it possible to disable the fullbright effect on projectiles on a sector-by-sector (or hell, I'll take map-by-map) basis? Is there another, better workaround for this problem? Are there any other problems I should be looking out for, especially in terms of communicating information to the player? White Desert.zip
  15. Well the good news is, you've solved my DECORATE warnings -- I never noticed that little tick box before, thanks for pointing it out! Problem is, it isn't just MAP01 -- it's any map in the WAD. I'd upload the whole thing, but it contains a lot of placeholder assets that I don't have explicit permission to use. If that's alright, I can upload it anyway, but I'm gonna wait until I have an all clear to do that. Something interesting I found this morning: I have an old install of GZDoom Builder that I've kept around for situations like these, and it doesn't appear to be having this problem. (The DECORATE problems won't go away even with gzdoom.pk3 but it's an old version and it seems like it's been fixed in UDB.) I might try reinstalling UDB, see if I can narrow it down to either a UDB bug or a problem with my install, hopefully I won't lose all my settings. :/