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  1. KingAdamX

    atari, nintendo and sega

    I grew up with both genesis and gameboy i had some good times playing zelda on the gameboy
  2. KingAdamX

    Gamecube or XBox? (Multiplayer Focus)

    Yeah im also awaiting Super Mario Kart for gc, hopefully its as fun as the first one.
  3. KingAdamX

    Blaster worm variant author found

    heh, he is pretty damn ugly
  4. KingAdamX

    DooM: Games and Novels (IMHO)

    I hope their not as bad as the comic
  5. KingAdamX

    Which pre-FPS game reminds you the most of Doom?

    I would have to agree and say contra for nes reminds me most of doom
  6. okay I will try that thank you
  7. KingAdamX

    anyone here like animé?

    I agree in full, there is nothing more straight forward than roadrunner and tom and jerry, i have seen some anime that i enjoy look for the star wars manga graphic novels those were pretty good
  8. KingAdamX

    Metal vs Hip Hop

    i said that there are exceptions to where those types of music have talented music but not many of them. Classic Rock, Funk, Progressive Rock, Acid Rock, folk, some punk, blues, grunge, etc.
  9. I need to set up a lan between a computer with windows 95 and a computer with windows XP, I have no idea of how to do this. I really need some help on this one.
  10. KingAdamX

    Home Taping Is Killing Music!!!

    mp3s are in no way killing music plenty of people still buy the albums and also there is another way for the music company to make money............concert tickets which are ridiculously overpriced.
  11. KingAdamX


    Ques 1. Duke Nukem 2. GL Quake 3. Unreal
  12. KingAdamX

    DOOM 3 best graphics card?

    radeon 9800 pro?
  13. KingAdamX

    What do you like to do with Doom?

    doom connector or play on lan
  14. I just got the by the way album after many months of procrastinating but now that i got it I find it is not as good as a lot of their other albums. what do you think?
  15. KingAdamX

    Freddy vs Jason

    This movie looks like one of the worst movies ever to come out.....worse than Jason X