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  1. Hi all. The progress over Pinky demon is too slow so i decided to make some item/decoration voxels for 0.41 - It is too long in development, and i belive that someone is waiting for a next version. So - how is such an improved version of hazmat suit for You, guys? I am thinking about a gas mask for it or may be about a Doomguy's helmet instead of gas mask, but i want to know yur oppinion - wouldn't it spoil the image of this item?
  2. please dont. Z-buffer will slowdown a lot, i belive. But if you have time ofc you may try them both. may be i dont understand enough to calculate cpu load in different ways of implementation. But the wery important that one object could light up another one or some others nearby, to get nice lighted with a fireball imps in the dark or just to make a "flashlight" item for player.
  3. Well, looks like i could code none of them fithout someone's help. Mey be i just didn't tried? Well i'll have to dive in coding once, looks so, but not yet. Now the best thing i coded - some scripts in my project. So, yes, i am impressed of people who code a sourceport from the start. Ok. Better then Nothing) That is the way i thoughtthis feature have to work. It uses less memory and cpu then z-buffer and integrating sprites into scene. May be You may try to implement this method? BTW zdoom does so and looks well.
  4. Hi JVAL, i like the way you develop Delphidoom, but i didn't actually understood the target of Plutonia demos - didn't plutonia work on Delphidoom before? I thought it did... And the arkanoid game on pascalscript looks really cool - you are genius at coding, for my oppinion. But i am waiting for another wery needed feature - the effect from dynamic lighting on sprites and voxels in software renderer. Are you planning to implement that? I dont talk about precise light applying on voxels, but at least common colour and light changes for whole voxel, and the same for sprites, so i could light them up with a dynlight based flashlight. Another question is about UDMF? Is it still in plans, or are you planning to develop your own map format?
  5. But i found a thing i need. May you give an advanced option when exporting to voxel -an ability to choose the .pal file (game palette) so i could create trees allready in my special palette, and not in doom one. And a question - can i load textures with 32bit colordepth for twigs and trunc? Another export option that can be really usefull - export to .md2 nodel and it's special composite skin file.
  6. i allready have done some tests. It is not ideal - trees are alway very aymetric on nearly anny settings and seed. but it is still easier to enerate something i would nmore or less like and then - to postprocess it manually like i have done with one tree today))) Yes - when i did put over 30 trees in front of player i got heavy fps drop but it still a reliable thing, i just will use half-resolution and put less trees somewhere in the streets will look very nice!
  7. No. thanks. I see no reason in palete emulation. i love only true siftwqare renderers, and i loved old vacoom... But now the best ones are Q/LZDooms and Delphidoom i think. As for voxel rendering on GPU - The man who created voxelstein knew HOW to work with voxels in opengl. Astually SLAB6 siurce contains logics for rendering tonns of voxels on gpu - it uses one of opengl's i think, but i am not a coder, so a just say that THERE ARE gpu-friendly voxel renderers. EDUKE have one too!
  8. OH, man, you are genious! Thius tool could save tinns of time in some of my projects. Can i use generated with this software voxels in my tc for (Q/L)ZDoom? Actually i thought to use sprite trees or may be some sector+texture combinations for large, high trees in the woods. But this thing looks far more interesting. The only question is HOW MUCH PERFORMANCe I WILL LOSE with such big voxels. But abyway i could use it for some small bushes for example.
  9. Man, could you implement back the softwarerenderer from Vavoom 1.30-1.31? I loved it a lot. Another thing i would like to see is .kvx Voxel models. What doi you think about that?
  10. Does this software GENERATES new tree graphics? If yes - you are genious. How about creating a procedural generator for VOXEL trees or at least bushes, with configurable ammount of empty spaces in each layer to make the bushes and trees look a but pransparent here and there?
  11. Oh, i am stiull continuing work over this project, but it runs wery slow.. working over pinky demon looks like the dificultiest from all i have done before and i still have a very little time for it. I am thinking on opening a "support the project" to give me some resources for worki on a free project. Butt i have never worked with donations, and i dont know how to do this right. I even don't know if I have the right to offer anyone to support an unfinished freeware project. So it's interesting for me, what does everyone of You all think about it.
  12. Well, man, you are great, really! Looks like i understand - i can make my own tools via macros?
  13. Happy 2021 Year, i hope this project will get a few updates, and may be even voxels will one day be affected by dynlights))
  14. Glad to see you are still working over this tool! Is there a way to make 3-dimensional selection,and then copy/paste it? for example Ineed a parallelepiped X1 = 12, X2 = 52, Y1= 3,Y2= 8, Z1 = 0, Z2 =16 to copy it into another place on the model. Is there a way to do it now? If not - here is an idea for your future developments) Happy Ney Year to You, Jval, and your great projects!
  15. Does this terrain generator creates terrains compatible with delphidoom?