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  1. Wwah! looks really interesting! But does it creates tonns of sublines or hybrid textures 64x64 and then covers target places with those?
  2. i woukld advice to use LZDoom 3.87b or higher. It has dynlights in soft too. I decided not to hurry at porting - now there are too much things that are diffenent to zdoom's, but i wont leave that idea, just i'll wait for some changes, and focus on voxelpacks that time. I like how dynlights look now in DD. Dat thing is really sexy, and now DD is the only port that affects voxels with Dynlights in soft mode.
  3. I made 2 screens with options from udmf. First one - the option which enables infinite height (V-tiling) for a midle texture, but gives no physic or collision changes. another one enables height-senstive collision. It was used for walkable pipes under the ceiling or walkable railings withut 3d floors (middle floors) - i did not use it yet but if there will be no way to use 203 middle flors one above another - that gets some sense: As for usage of unifed texture iomages direct from zip/pk3 - that saves some place in project, that is usefull - i give you a libnk and you can look at ma wad - some textures there a used for both walls and ceiling. F_metal4 for black metal elements, some bricks and others, woden door frames. ftp://rdw.xp3.biz@rdw.xp3.biz/Archive/1Day.zip But you will need zdoom 2.8 or lzdoom of any revision to look it. I have another one but f you wish i will show it in PM because that is a bit secret one. This one is a tech demo now where i will test new weapons and enemies.
  4. not a tiled vertically (but that is used sonmewhere too). I can give you my wad i create for zdoom. there i use tiled middle tex on the map d2m01 in the center of the steps section, for grilled (with transparency) wall. But i said about an abilitu to create for example a rail that in facct is ony the single (not tiled verticaly) middle texture, but the player can stand on it likie on 3d floor, so it is a middle texture thathas a physical/collision model depending to its height. That can be used instead of a real 3d floor sometimes. As for using a dir with pmgs - that is simply usefull - you do not need to define texture lumo, you do not need to store a paleted copy of texturer into wad doubling the mod size. You just have an image, and you can apply it wherever you wish. That is one of the main ideas of udmf, like texture or flat offsets and rotations of flats, etc
  5. no matter now how accurate that will be done, will that use double ammount of ram or not. The main thing now is to start converting maps from zdoom to dd with its own cpecifics, understanding the fact that limitation to a singkle 3d floor is not forever but trying to decrease multi 3d floor ammount. Actualy - does DD supports PHYSICAL (walcable) middle textures? i would replace tonns of 3d floors with that.
  6. then may you automatize somehow that creation of virtual flats and textures from a single png in zip?
  7. i really hate an idea of usege dffer5ent texturres for walls and flats. If it is real - try to makedirect load for png from :"textures" folder - as flats andd then - the support for applyiong flat images to wals. But have in mind that those"flats" can be not only of 64 x 64 res but larger or smaller too. I may send you a mod - that is really usefull and lots of udmf map authors just load textures from png (NOT replacing the existing paleted ones). That is one of udmf's main advantages in zdoom. I know you ve done a lot changes to delphidoom and i really love those dynlights on voxels. Thats marked as 11 of 10)))
  8. Can i use flats for walls in udmf?
  9. Great! ok, i will wait. Another thing - do i have to split all my textures into flats and patches, ort can i use em from a zip/pk3/textures folder directly? i use 32bit png, and any zdooms in UDMF mode just load them as textures - no difference - i can use them for both floors or for walls without adding the image names to texture or any other lumps. Can i do the same on delphidoom> As for ZDoom - it calculates colors and lights iin 32bit i feel, and trasforms final picture into palete. That is becauser of coloured light (sector colour) - does Delphidoom apply sector color in udmf?
  10. Actualy - what about Mod, XM or S3M module (tracker) support? do you have that in plans. Now i am ready to stat converting "Oneday" to DD. But i compose music in MOD because that is hi-tech of HI-TECHes from early 2000)))) Small files and cool music in the singla bottle.
  11. Oh yeah, man! You are unbelievable cool! Let me try now to port my mod to delphidoom... What about multiple 3d floors per sector?
  12. GRAU

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    There is an utility named DD_Voxel from author of delphi doom - Jval. It can convert any voxel into 16 or 32 rotation sprites, but that never does any light re calculations or shadings, that are the only advantage of the 2D sprites. Actually why do not you llike the idea of using voxels themselve?
  13. GRAU

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    Well, i really like his work, despite i am - the other one who works on voxeling doom sprite. As my RDVOX is released as frequently as i can, i have never found Chillo's packs for doom. I don't know why doesn't he release his work, or where to find it, but anyway that is titanic ammount of work, i know.
  14. Well, i have started the work on RenaissanceZheXen VOXelpack (RZXVOX) - I have allready finished a few pickups like Helmet, falcon Shield or Warding Amulet, now mages spell is in progress, and i also have in plans to recreate voxel Health Vial and Quartz Flack, before the release. I also practiced with some other things, like the mushroom Now You can also find me on Patreon, if you wish to help me to release my pack more frequently, and to develop my own horror game! https://www.patreon.com/GRAU_Conrad