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  1. i thought about new sprite. But i am not sure that i can create something better then this now. So i will come back to this later, when i will understand - what actualy i need
  2. Well looks like i will make it like in Rage 2 - there the bfg looks similar to dooms one. or remake it into a hi-tech butt
  3. Today i was improving those 2 idle/chase frames. I added a little light above chicks, and a layer of dots from right and left. The most changes were in the place where model contacts with fire effect: and so we get this prety color transition: Another thing i plan to add to 0.39 is BFG9K. It looks like a sprite from the side: But if we come and look closer we may see some more: I still can't understand what are those metal trims on the back(in the left of screenshot)
  4. I have some progress with lost soul. I hgave 2 frames finished, they have minimum difference and replace A and B idle/chase states. So i made some tests of combining this voxel and a flame from red torch. Looks like that vorks:
  5. Looks like i havefinished that kebab... That was not easy %)
  6. I have allready tried FPCDoom.Actually i thought it will runRDVOX like Delphidoom does. But it couldn't that time. This was in december 2019. I didn't like a lot R4G4B4 there - looks worse then the predefined 256 indexes. Anyway, i belive - you know what to do) I always wish to see as low sys requirements as it is possible, ZDoom based ports had that. But they have some strange problems when applying voxels to some classic/prboom wads, problems with scene z-sorting. I belive in delphidoom. The last release had nice performance. the only serious issue was that green color everywhere :D So i hope you will found a way to optimize delphidoom even for singlecore CPU's. BTW i collect some old cpu's, run doom sourceports sometimes on them, and not only. However, the 2-core processors that I usually use are now considered obsolete too. I think i gonna try Delphidoom on Pentium 2 for Slot1 with 320-512mb SDRAM as soon as i will find a compatible hdd for that =)
  7. I am asking myself another thing. if you plan udmf, and it has custom sector color (lightcolor) parameter - will that need enlarging of colormap twice for each next sectorcolor? or we make easier by just calculating anything in sector color BEFORE translation to 8bit palete? Imagine that we need just to render whole scene in rgb, applying sector colors, applying damage or pickup fades. As usual in 32bit. And only then we translate to final 8bit palete. Isn/t it a way to solve? Or this is cpu-heavy way?
  8. Isn't there a way just to precalculate all those damage red-faded tables and pickup yellow-faded tables? why do we need to do it realtime while the engine may do all those calculations using the LAST LOADED CUSTOM palete once at runtime?? Another idea, if previous is not working is not to make "fixed but slow" and "unfixed but fast" releases but to do it as an option. Can not you?
  9. GRAU

    What device do you use for aiming & turning?

    Usual wired mouse on a desktop computer, wireless mouse for floortop pc)) Sometimes Dual-Shock style gamepad for playing games like silent hill 1-4 or something from NES
  10. I got strange experience during redefining dynlights in new version. 8bit renderer drags nearly any yellow/softyellow dynlight color to green colors fromn palete. I even looked how qzdoom does this. But there is no such effect. color 1 0.7 0.3 color 1 0.6 0.1 color 1 0.5 0.2 (even 1 0.5 0 and 1.0 0.6. 0) - all those colors have not to look as green. We have lots of brown, orange, even some yellow-red in palete, i even tried to add some more yellow... but why do i see this: 1 0.7 0.3 - Column (light column) Delphidoom QZDOOM Candelier, color 1 0.6 0.1 Delphidoom QZDOOM Candle, color 1.0 0.5 0.2 and even torch that is nearly red - 1.0 0.4 0.1 - we have pinc colors, we have orange - why border is green? Delphidoom QZDOOM Please try to do something with this, may be add some menu for changing color-preference logic.. we need more experiments i think. I want to see delphidoom as a best sourceport, at least for playing classics with some lights and voxels)
  11. That is not a problem. But i got another one. You said i jneed a flag +passmobj and a lower then 30 height to jump over a barrel. I did it. Just look what i got: When i try to jump over a barrel - anything is nice. But when i try to jump ON a barrel - can. But i cant move there. I cant walk over a barrel. I set the height to 20 and radius up to 32 to show this. Both player and barrel has +passmobj flag. If i jump on a barrel - i can stay but trying to walk or to run, allready staying on an object looks imposible. The inimation is looking like the player is running all the time i stay on the barrel. But when i try to jump out - it pushes me out with a great speed. Like all the movement i had to do is stored somewhere untill i stay on a barrel and thei is given momentaly to a player! I added the files lower RDDVOX.zip RDVXTEST.zip
  12. The song is good, but i think this wad needs more scary ambient, more suspense. But songs themselves are realy good. I didn't know about tall textures. Didn't think about that. How heavy is this problem? may it cause crashes?
  13. Tested. Thank you a lot! Works fine.. Looks like now i can start the letsplay) edited later: I tried to record using this version. Anything was looking nice until music restarted. It restarts with a full volume. This kicks ass a lot when recording a letsplay. May you fix that? Another thing i could like is selection of midi (or may be wave audio too!) output device. And an ability to disable music at all. And another problem. I trapped into an imp and game freezed and then bailed out when i tried to shoot. Looks like i have to wait some more time till recording khorus. I'll wait until you finish true 3d gameplay options, enable shooting with a hitscan into a floor, and fiz music, no matter how long this will take) About attacking being too close to an enemy. Sometimes i see how arachnotron attacks mancubus. When they are too close (on a demo map), and projectiles are physicaly spawned inside another minster - the particles of a shot cannot fly apart in horizontal, but only can be pushed out vertically. Do i need a specific flag for those part-actors?
  14. Houston we have problems! I tried last WIP - in software renderer we have heavy fps drop on every item or powerup pickup, takin damage or any other palete-based effects( Mat be would be better if you returned the precalculated colormaps for those things. Just use that one included in last loaded wad - i have one in RDVOX, doom 2 and every game has a colormap with subtables for damage, invulnerability and pickups. I dreamed to start a letsplay from this release but looks like i couldn't. Even using twice more powerfull cpu will not solve this problem - it looks like a microfreeze on video, but it interrupts gameplay. Tried on Core2Duo e8400 and Pentium D945. BTW this problem does not appear in truecolor mode. Only 8bit. I think you could solve it easy. Another issue appears in GL renderer. The additive translucency looks strange, all black areas from sprites are rendered as non translucent at all. The translucency is ON in options. I removed as muck black borders from sprites as it is possible, that thin black-looking area in screenshot is not black actualy - i checked. Do something with all this, please.