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Status Updates posted by Good-Old

  1. Ight, I'm finally a member. Long way to go for the next title though.

  2. "Doomkid is now following you"
    hmm, your mouse must be hella buggy, Would you really click the follow button on a stupid 14 year old kid?
    And it somehow coincided with my urge of Doom coming back.

  3. I still await an answer...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Good-Old


      What does that have to do with following me?

    3. Uni Musuotankarep

      Uni Musuotankarep

      I just wanted to make some friends on here. Alright?

    4. Good-Old


      lol why couldn't you say it straightforward

      Anyway, nice to meet you.

  4. BONY MEMBER FUC YEAH!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!

  5. Wait why?

    1. Uni Musuotankarep

      Uni Musuotankarep

      Because while Grezzo 2 is about Mocking Religion and Random Violence, Sharpshooter3D is still Random Violence, but it's just a standalone Melee Based Action Doom 2 Clone.

      I don't mind them. But I will mind my own business if Requested by an Admin.

    2. Good-Old


      I was talking about why you followed me. I'm shitpost.

  6. Actually, the other song was supposed to be sad and not groovy like the first one. Thanks for the review anyway!

    1. nostalgia


      It depends on the mood I guess. Still, I love chiptune so it was hard to pick :).

  7. Just watched the video "Half Life 2 is a bad sequel" because I hate HL2 too, and while I have to admit that 1-2 of the points didn't make sense, I'll have to say most of the points were valid.

    You know, people who love HL2 will never hate it, and people who hate HL2 will never like it. I don't think HL2 fans watched it, even if they did, they probably watched only the first few minutes and then found a reason not to watch it. That guy just called HL2 a reboot, and that became a valid reason not to watch the video. Awesome.

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    2. A Nobody

      A Nobody

      Well HL2 is ok, but it's not the greatest first person shooter of all time as many call it, and it's not as great as its predecessor.

    3. Good-Old


      That's exactly what the video tries to say. Most people in that thread think that HL2 is awesome and better than any other story based FPS, and just because you posted a video about why HL2 sucks, they called you and the video shit. 

      HL had something called endless mystery and that's what made it one of the best FPS games, and HL2 just doesn't have it. That's a thing the video tried to say, and I fully agree with it.

      Lastly, I want to say, what you post is not shit. NOT AT ALL. There is no reason why it is shit.


    4. A Nobody
  8. "nuckfiggerspuckfigs@gmail.com"

    Heh, it's (no offense intended) "fuckniggersfuckpigs@gmail.com" with different first letters.

  9. Wow you got the Doomed Member title for your 1210th post. Hope you notice it!

  10. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2147423 

    Heh, this isn't Reddit or ModDB or whatever, toxic behaviour isn't really tolerated.

    1. Rackevin


      True. I look back at it again and I realize that it's pretty uhhh.. pretty bad. My mistake, my man.

  11. Come on, did you really have to post another post? You had the Bony Member tag for 206 posts and you lost it. 

    1. kalaeth


      worst part is that I didn't even notice I had it :(

      Now, I must reach 666 posts.

      and then to disappear into the horizon as the sun sets. 

    2. Good-Old


      lol, I have a similar feeling I'll disappear a few years later. But I'll try my best not to!

  12. Damn what the heck, people are following me for the littlest reasons.

    But thanks guys, it means a lot for me :)

  13. I just told you that Old is gold, and you started following me. Wow lol.


  14. Damn. What good post did I make that you started following me?

    1. Doom_Dude


      Somebody has to keep an eye on you. ;)

  15. Joined:June 9

    Last visited: June 9

    Content Count: 1

    Thanks for the awesome thread though. 

  16. JUNIOR MEMBER HOLY SHIT FINALLY!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1

  17. You should rename yourself to:


    "Your daily dose of Post Hell".


  18. What on earth did I do to deserve a follower?

    1. Chip


      good posts, I guess. 

    2. Good-Old


      Really? Most of them are one-line below-grade bad jokes.

  19. This guy made me laugh damn too hard.

  20. (Idiotic post, deleted)

  21. What happened to Tracer?

    Why's he banned?

    1. Rare Hatchiama

      Rare Hatchiama

      No one is quite sure.  No specific reason was ever given as far as I can recall.

    2. roadworx


      cuz he was an annoying asshole