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  1. According to Ichor, Gez's title is not custom,so I guess you should correct the last one to 7000-20000 and make the "Seriously?! What do I have to do to get a custom title around here?" as 20000-infinity. Although he's the only guy to reach that so we can't exactly verify. Sorry for the bump.

  2. 3 minutes ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    That's your problem. if you can't have a thick skin for memes. then the internet isnt for you.

     and again not a logical reason to for the game to not be popular as it is.

    I'm not the only person in the entire world to be annoyed by that. Also, memes don't go THAT far. I'm not always offended by simple memes.
    I think I already listed the reasons earlier. Also, I guess I can change that to "repetitive" and it would apply better because the tasks are the same.

  3. Just now, jazzmaster9 said:

    You tell me. you seem to think Among us isn't allowed to be popular as it is now just because you have minor gripes with it.


  4. 18 hours ago, seed said:

    Also, speaking of loving something, I'm pretty sure we all have one thing we like to the point of "worship" levels tbh.


    Got some Source mods myself, for one. Human Error is one of the coolest inventions since sliced bread and none can convince me otherwise :^) *readies stunstick*. Ranting about how much you hate something isn't going to make it any worse, and will just make others not want to engage in discussions with you after a certain point... it's tiresome...


    There's enough negavitity in this world, just let people enjoy what they do.

    I do agree with that, I worship boomer shooters in general. But the thing about people who worship AU is that they used to worship Fall Guys a few days ago, but since it's not the most popular anymore, people went "Fall Guys sucks lol". They would do the same with AU, just wait for its death.

  5. 15 minutes ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    I did, they are pretty much minor personal nitpicks that don't really make the game not worthy of its level of popularity.

    none of them are "logical reasons" just "things i dont like/understand"


    Again, need to do better than that.

    In a multiplayer game, the community is important. The fact that private lobbies are better than public ones applies to all games, not just among us. Although I'll bar the numerous community issues this time.
    Being a crewmate in Among Us is incredibly boring. Being a ghost is even more.
    And the main reason Among Us is popular, because it was played by some popular streamers. That's all it takes to turn an underdog game into a mainstream one.
    Among Us is not the first ever game with the concept, it's not original.
    And by "I don't understand" it's pretty damn obvious that its not only me, copy pasting what the other guy said to get away with a kill is obviously nothing skilful.

    ffs at least try to get what I say

  6. 2 hours ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    By who's authority? By what standards? I need Substantial Proof.



    You have amnesia now, how convenient.


    So if people like something you don't like gets super popular its dick sucking... large amount of people can't possibly like something you don't


    Look unless you can give me a logical reason as to why Among us doesnt deserve to be as popular as it is other than "LOL I DONT LIKE IT LOL" . then there is no point continuing this discussion.


    btw, being a contrarian doesn't make you better than anyone else.

    Popular compared to other "trendy" games. Most others have a lot more content, minecraft for example. 
    I don't hate a game JUST because of popularity, people just fucking worship it.
    "Sucking a Dick" is worshipping a game to the extent you see everything in life as the game's characters that doesn't even remotely look like its characters or attaching an AU character to every existing thing in life, not the same as a game being really popular.
    "Logical reason" Read my earlier posts lmfao
    When did I say it does?

  7. 1 hour ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    Fair enough


    Reality says so, A trendy game that isnt well made dies out rather quickly. There is  reason only a few play PUBG nowadays while people still play Minecraft or DDLC


    Not really, If a game is good people will continue playing them. strange you would not know that since you are in a Doom forum

    Again more proof you miss the point of the game. its going to be a battle of who's alibi is more solid. the Caught Killer or the Catcher. if you actually understand the game, you would know this.


    no need to dumb down the game for Easy wins.


    Yes, There are toxic rooms and there are Good rooms. nothing in the game can be change how a human will act in game, the only thing the devs can control is Anti-Cheats and just plain insta ban offenses like being Bigoted and Cheating.


    I mean hating something JUST BECAUSE its popular is very illogical and just plain petty. "lol i hate this almost perfect game because it has more than 20 players"  Zero logic.


    I didn't say there weren't lol.

    being a contrarian not something to be proud of. Throw Shit, expect shit back.


    EDIT: And I'm still yet to get a Good reason why Among us doesn't deserve to be popular and how you are the authority on what should be.

    Also nice work shooting yourself in the foot by instigating a Doomworld Among us session. Popular for a Reason buddy.

    Nah, Fortnite is one of the numerous crappy games still in popularity.
    I don't see what you mean by dumbing down, you can literally copy what the other guy said and still have a high chance of getting through.
    I don't hate it just because it is popular. I don't hate it in the first place. It's just the goddamn community. Too much popularity also almost always guarantees people who suck the game's dick. And it sucks to be one of those people.
    Among Us deserves to be popular but not THAT popular, it is a good game, but sucking its dick and seeing everything in life that is an oval within a bigger shape as an Among Us character is fucking dumb. And did I ever say I am the authority?

  8. 18 hours ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    No one said it was the best game ever? its popular because its fun. Saying it doesn't deserve popularity because of YOUR problems with the games is just downright condescending and just petty.


    if it was a bad as you say it would have died LONG ago.

    those " thousands of other indie games with a new concept" may have been new and cool ideas, but they failed to do what a game needs to do, get people to play them.


    what extent? If you get caught, the person who caught you must prove what he saw. it gives depth to the game. but i guess everything needs to be dumbed down these days. its just more evidence you Miss the point of the game. 


    that has nothing to do with the game tho, people choose how they play the game.

    I NEVER said it was bad, and those problems actually exist, I'm not talking about problems which only apply to me. Bugs are bugs and so are missing features.
    First, I never called it a bad game, and second, who said bad games don't live long?
    It's all luck when it comes to people playing them, if among us got the marketing right they would've blown up in the same year they were released.
    The person cannot prove what he saw. You can't record stuff in among us. And just accusing each other when caught is not "out-smarting" in any way. 
    So you're saying the community doesn't matter in a multiplayer game which has no bots?
    Also, apparently being a contrarian automatically makes you an elitist and the only possible reason you'd want to do that is to look cool. Whatever you say.
    As if there are no people who do the exact same thing on people who don't play popular games. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    Hating things because its popular doesn't make you cool :) thank you for coming to my ted talk.


    "people are having too much fun, it must stop now" absolutely petty.

    Did I ever say it does?


    2 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

    Okay, all the things you've mentioned are due to the way the game is actually played, and not how the game was made. You can extend the discussion time. And the whole point of the game is to see if you can out-smart the crewmates, which is all the things you mentioned above. The whole point of doing tasks as a ghost is to help your crewmates to win the game- have you actually spent 30 hours playing this game and learned literally nothing about how it works? The reason you dislike this game, I reckon, is due to the fact that you've completely missed the point of the game, which is something that really can't be fixed from the game's side. 

    I do know the tasks completion helps the crewmates win, but it is near impossible to win by actually doing that unless you either have one task in total, or you won the lottery with your crewmates. also, reverse-blaming doesn't look like out-smarting to me. I don't think I miss the point of the game, I know it's all about lying, but lying when caught red-handed? bruh. and again I wouldn't have disliked it so much if not because of the community. It is not a bad game, but not the best.


    2 minutes ago, jazzmaster9 said:



    Thats the fault of bad players, not the game.

    And? The game was made with Text in mind. its suppose to be light weight.

    You completely miss the point of the games, as expected.

    Minecraft had decades to be where its at right now, it was also very buggy and quite boring  as well when it came out


    with minecraft doesn't deserve its popularity because Doom has been around longer.

    These are all very opinion based and does nothing support anything you spout.

    not being able to type during emergency meetings
    players somehow getting the beta color for the game(although minor and rare)
    Players being able to get on top of walls
    pets getting stuck
    players being able to skip emergency meetings if ping is 
    and more.
    The game's community is a part of the game, and this is the main reason popular multiplayer games are often toxic and dumb.
    I don't understand how voice chat increases game size.
    I do understand that lying is a part of the game, but to an extent. Doing it when caught on the spot is just dumb.
    Minecraft didn't blow up in it's first 2 years.
    never said Minecraft doesn't. It did a lot to prove it.
    I actually do like the game, but it's just one of thousands of other indie games with a new concept. It just blew up, doesn't automatically make it the best game ever. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

    Ooooor people like it because the game is fun. 


    Again, that's 100% your opinion on it, and you've really not given any real reasoning for your opinion other than it's just that- your opinion. Is the game broken? Or have you just not found a good group to play with? Is there something actually glaringly wrong with the base idea of the game, or have you missed the point of it? Deservedness of popularity is HUGELY subjective. I'd probably have no issue with what you've said had you given one real reason behind your logic here. And it's 100% okay to just say you don't like it. It's not a game for everyone. Just say you don't like it and move on. Tons of people like it and that's why it's popular. Moving on~

    Among Us has a lot of bugs
    People often guess-voting out the impostor
    No voice chat feature in-game in meetings
    You find yourself cutting out words often because of low discussion time, nothing done to fix the issue.
    another huge imbalance is that you can often claim to not have killed even when spotted.  if you're not voted out, you can do some emergencies and door-closing to get another before you die. this could have been balanced with an option to auto-eject people if they're spotted, but nope.
    No encouragement to do tasks when you're a ghost.
    unlike Minecraft which has done a lot to prove its popularity with numerous updates every year, among us doesn't exactly do much. It's been 4 months since the airship map was announced, but it hasn't launched yet. It's not that big of a map.
    there probably are more, but since I haven't played in a long time I don't really remember all of its flaws. I do understand that it's just my opinion, and well, I have played in private lobbies before. Moved on.

  11. 1 minute ago, roadworx said:

    says who?

    there are often better, less p2w variants of the games which go unnoticed because bad graphics. A notable example is most battle royale trendy games, but since I don't play BR that much idk.

    2 minutes ago, roadworx said:

    ...so? why do you care lol

    isn't that a bit weird? It sucks to be in a community of game worshippers who worship the game just because popular.


    1 minute ago, Major Arlene said:


    That's just like, your opinion man. Have you actually played Among Us at all? If not, I'd maybe refrain from making a judgement call on whether or not it deserves popularity. Take it from someone who literally hated Skyrim for years before I actually played it. A game being popular does not automatically make it bad. 

    well yes, I have spent about 30-50 hours on it, I do understand most of its bad gameplay comes from public lobbies, but even with private lobbies, it doesn't deserve THAT much popularity. Not to mention the nauseatingly unfunny memes circulating around the internet about people recognizing any oval with another oval perpendicular to it as an among us character. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, roadworx said:

    the ultimate contrarian


    srsly tho, why? 

    it's dumb. More often than not, the game doesn't deserve the attention it gets. There's also the people who like something just because it is popular. And thanks for the word "contrarian", I finally know the word to describe me.

  13. Invasion mode is something that was first seen in Skulltag. Where you have to defend against waves of monsters with respawning ammo and health. Sometimes you have to keep doing it for a certain number of waves while some require you to endure the waves as long as you can before dying. What do you think about it and what is your favorite invasion mod?

  14. On 1/24/2021 at 6:26 PM, <<Rewind said:

    I got tired of all those sound packs. Vanilla for the win.

    It's not that I have a problem with the low quality sounds, but a few things in vanilla could use fixes. Especially the bloodfix. Monsters sharing the same sound and wrongly mirrored sprites are a bit insignificant, but if fixable, there's nothing wrong in it. Pierrot's link has a fix that only fixes them and leaves the others as they are.