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  1. fendor

    Just Beaten Ancient Gods on Nightmare difficulty

    Grats! I agree that the DLC is a good step up in difficulty from Doom Eternal... and I loved it :D
  2. Visually Blood Swamps is AWESOME but I don't like the boss fight in the end. I think the first map is the one I liked the most
  3. fendor

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just found out thanks to a video that the pistol is 100% accurate if you stop firing every time and let it end the animation. So overpowered now :D
  4. fendor

    Cribs' Revenge - Short But Brutal Slaughtermap

    Cool, will give it a try asap :-)
  5. Played the first maps up to the first secret level. Very solid design, expecially the secret level! Can't wait to play it completely. I like the old-style design :-)
  6. fendor

    Cribs' Revenge - Short But Brutal Slaughtermap

    Waaaay too hard for me, fastest death in my life probably :D The music is nice, did you think about making it available for deathmatch? Seems cool for it
  7. fendor

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    If it will be even only half as good as DOOM 2016 it will still be a great game
  8. Something like imp encounter, but reversed