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  1. Redneckerz

    What are your hobbies?

    +1 for living. (I don't consider autism an actual handicap. Actually, people that do have autism or autistic tendencies often have original idea's, so a handicap? Nah. Social awkwardness? Well that can be taken care of.) What i do: Write stuff. Help old folks IRL. Write stuff. Read books. Play piano. Party sometimes. Walking/cycling to the forest in a sea of silence.
  2. Redneckerz

    New Doom port cheevo lists

    I would not mind more short little wisdoms and clever quips from Linguica into Doom. If there is anyone qualified to make them, its him. :)
  3. I imagine that when Warman2012 comes back and sees the amount of notifications, that user is going to think Lost Souls invaded Doom World. Personally i believe Classix Doom and Hipper Looking Doom are two different sides of the same coin. You know who is head's, and who is tail's.
  4. Redneckerz

    Self-Improvement and Making the World a Better Place

    I disagree and i reject your argument! In order to escape this infantile situation, i challenge you to a jousting duel! ;) A lot of this has to do with attention span. In an age where social media users run into troubles whenever a message contains 200 characters or more (Your average tweet), a book that actually requires you to take time has become a challenge in and out of itself. Besides that, even if you do happen to like books, you need to have some interest in history or curiosity to know more. Curiosity, by its bare essence, is what helped humans become actual humans over the course of evolution. But that's a tad dramatic, eh :P Would you say that in regards to the value of knowledge, we are, essentially, a Tabula Rasa? I can't deny that having a quarrel with someone else on the internet highway has a seductive nature. Heck, seeking out drama and reading it has a certain sado-masoschistic nature to it: We all claim to dislike drama and arguments, and yet without them, we would likely actively generate our own silly complaints. Whether that's a thing that has been taught to us through generations or not is a topic in and out of itself. I do however agree with your notion that presenting knowledge and challenging others atleast think from time to time about the things in life instead of running off a script most of the day is worthwhile. To be different even when the rest of society would find your actions strange. Why is that? Because they haven't thought about it themselves? Envy? Unease? Jack Kerouac's On The Road is a great (and rather famous) book of someone who did exactly that: Living outside the societal system. Into The Wild is both a great book and movie exploring similar themes. In both works, you find key markers on how to approach freedom. Sadly most of my friends do not read books or atleast do not discuss these. I will however keep this in mind, although im already peaking with 4-5 books a month :P
  5. Redneckerz

    What are you reading now?

    A Wild Sheep Chase, by Haruki Murakami Ive started reading his works beginning of last year and i have been hooked ever since. Norwegian Wood and Kafka On The Shore are more known works, but A Wild Sheep Chase is instantly recognizable as his work. They often feature run of the mill Joe's as protagonists that have a clunky obsession with something or something out of the ordinary. About a magical sheep and a guy from an advertisment company in the 70's forced to look for said magical sheep. To put in perspective: It has over 300 pages and i am already at 215 or so in about 2 hours of reading. Even then, some of the concepts postulated are philosophy lite, as seen in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and especially in 1Q84, his magnum opus. The translation carries a far less imaginative cover, but just look at the Japanese edition:
  6. Redneckerz

    Why don't scientists make spaceships?

    A fine day to post this. Why doesn't your story driven RPG drive your car, to the space centre where spaceships are built? Why do engineers not make driven RPG's that drive something else other than stories? OP, you gotta ask the right questions.
  7. Redneckerz


    It got approved in March 2019 as a nasal spray called Esketamine. Also, no.
  8. Redneckerz

    Self-Improvement and Making the World a Better Place

    My (boring) solution? Books. Knowledge is only to be gained when you implore further than the latest headline in your newspaper. I am likely an outlier considering im good at remembering and knowing completely useless things that have no function in day to day life (But make one a force to be reckoned with in quizzes). It takes a healthy interest to know more, but, especially today, the interest of knowing more is replaced by the interest of feeling popular. I find that philosophy and theology explain a great deal about how the world spins its rhythm, but i can understand its of little use to emplore empiricial concepts. As an alternative, i would suggest Haruki Murakami, a celebrated Japanese author which likely a few here may know of. In today's society, the interest for knowledge is replaced by the interest to win an argument. It is not about discourse, it is about having an argument. Discourse, as i see it, actively respects every participant of his or her knowledge level, being able to present new points of view and extract other points of view from the other participants at the table. From hearing multiple angles of a different story, a discourse is thus established. But today, the ability to discourse is no more. Its about what makes the headlines the fastest and how you can convince others of your point of view. More often than not, that view is not supported by any proper basis - whether historical or scientific. This is the age of the influencer - But they do not influence in an actual changing way. They influence people that are easily convinced and have no experience in discourse, nor an interest in knowledge. For them, what an influencer says constitutes as knowledge, even when said influencer's point of view is completely devoid of it. A bit of a ramble, but i hope i carried my point across. Essentially, we do not need influencers, but we need discoursers, to carry a conversation. Where people compliment and respect eachothers points and can build or reject from them. Read books, like the Jefferson Bible, or Jean Jacques-Rousseau, or Plato for that matter, is what i am saying. Note: This is essentially your talk about YouTubers, i realize.
  9. As a news editor of games myself (including Eternal) i find the whole ''wars'' and ''criticizing'' aspect to be utterly boring. The whole concept of telling a random person you will never meet that his game or console sucks as compared to the superior alternative (Whatever that is) is so trite. I understand this kind of wasting time replaced knitting of the old times (when that was hip and funky). However, knitting, if done for some time, has a result, namely a product like a shawl, a scarf, a sweater. Telling others that your opinion matters more than others and you will have to let them know (Especially when it comes to gaming) has no purpose but to waste your time, my time and time's time. I guess me approaching Boomer age has something to do with it and i don't make YouTube video's posting that very same opinion in video form, but l prefer my sanity check to be somewhere else and have meaningful conversation. TLDR:
  10. Redneckerz

    New to the Doom community.

    You forgot to welcome them to DoomWorld and enjoying their stay. Amateur. :P
  11. Redneckerz

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    I remember the PC port had an absolutely moronic control scheme and, much to my 11 year old mind, we ran amok with it in a secret room in my friends garage which he made his own little man cave from, with an old Pentium MMX as game console. It was a fun way to trick friends into playing the game and then getting frustrated because it didn't follow the common control schemes of the day. Jumping into spike pits never pushed out more laughter than that. :P
  12. Redneckerz

    How do people get Jobs these days?

    For internationals, i would suggest Amazon to get it. On a more serious note, this is indeed frustrating and nonsensical, and i still have to deal with it. Starter position, but lets ask for 2 years of experience. Its in similar vein as asking x years of specific experience into a specialized program, yet the company still claims its an entry level position.
  13. Redneckerz

    What's the Quake equivalent to Doomworld?

    In that case every site may apply, incl DRDTeam, ZDoom and DW.
  14. Redneckerz

    What's the Quake equivalent to Doomworld?

    Which is where i step in and try to archive it before its gone, and i am mostly looking towards things that can actually be useful to some - Old testbuilds or utilities. The legacy userbase is not one where your work resides, but just yesterday i found folks that were aching for a Legacy version of GZDoom on Mac, and made do with @drfrag's excellent Vintage versions. (This was from september.) So that to me tells me that outside the Doom community, there is an interest in these, so its worth the effort of archiving it or bringing it up to speed with something else. But i digress. Unironically outside of Discord, Mediafire has been a great host to this - 7-8 year old download links that still work. So i've accumulated a lot of archival stuff in a short time. I have to figure a way to get these a permanent home for history sakes, but that's for later. Regarding your Discord question: Actually, infinite. Just by the ZDoom Discord alone from the start of when it was made (2017 or so), i can still download all the things that have been hosted since. So there is a considerable longevity at play here. The only downsides are what i listed: Discord's search function is not the greatest, especially for attachments - have fun putting in a search string for .zips, and there is no attachment browser so you can look per channel what is attached and to which post. So there Discord definitively can improve, but permanent hosts like FTP locations or DRDTeam's are by far more preferrable. You know the people who host this when you are in semi-regular contact in such a community and as such you know where to look for.
  15. @intacowetrust please call it PsyDoom. :P