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  1. bLUEbYTE

    Post your very first map here!

    Certainly, but if I'm going to add scripting, I may as well go with ZScript, as I gained some experience with it while making Universal Entropy. I also forgot to mention that I had only tested the map in GZDoom, in which the monster spawners are already working half-decently. Even though I have the idea for a challenge map clear in my head, I will need to figure out and learn how to actually implement it fully. Pretty sure I'll have to resort to scripting to do what I'm planning. The problem is that I'm just so trash at mapping at the moment - I don't even know how to stack multiple cacodemons vertically, or if this is possible. I want to fill that tunnel up fully to make lots of tomato sauce.
  2. bLUEbYTE

    Post your very first map here!

    countera.zip The idea is to get to the source of the demon invasion (monster spawners) and kill them before the place fills up with too many enemies and player runs out of resources. I am not sure how to implement it given my nonexistent mapping knowledge... so ideas and modifications are welcome.
  3. bLUEbYTE

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Performance hit that I observe is about 5-10 fps in wine. Ultimately depends on your hardware and gpu drivers. But if you happen to have an intel iris iGPU, you might want to read https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10436&p=1160451#p1160451. But this will have the opposite effect in modern maps like this one.
  4. bLUEbYTE

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Nice catch! That was it. I unzipped the pk3, and rezipped it so that there is no bastion/ subdirectory inside the zip, and it worked right away. Is there a reason to have this subdirectory inside the archive BridgeBurner? I've also made sure that spaces in the filename was not the culprit and verified that I can load it with or without spaces in the filename, so that's not a problem. But I'd still recommend against having spaces in your pk3 filename, as a general good practice, regardless of platform. I'm thinking maybe I should report this as a bug to GZDoom dev team, but my setup is very unusual and I may actually be confusing them by doing so :) I'm actually running Windows version of GZDoom in Wine, due to the native Linux version not having first class controller support as the windows version does https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=69413. I get the feeling it's particular to this kind of setup (and possibly a bug or difference in wine compared to native windows). Either way, it's good that we have gotten to the bottom of this. At the start area my FPS was 17, so, that's a problem, but that's another thing entirely...
  5. bLUEbYTE

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Thanks, let me know if you need further info.
  6. bLUEbYTE

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Hi BridgeBurner, I'm trying to load it the same way as I have for countless wads or pk3's, and first time I'm seeing that issue. Drag-and-drop is not really applicable here as I'm on Linux. Running GZDoom 4.4.2. I'm using ZDL launcher, and already double checked that it is passing the -iwad and -file options correctly into the executable (iwad being doom2.wad and file being your .pk3). Both windows and linux versions of ZDL have an option where you can click "show command line", and that's how I verified that. Really odd indeed.
  7. bLUEbYTE

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I download it from your google drive link, but it doesn't seem to load? Tried with both doom 2 and wadsmooh iwads, and map01 just gets me to the vanilla doom2 map01? I was so ready to test this! I hope it was just an oversight on my part.
  8. A WADAZINE?? Nice I have one suggestion. Why not invert that color scheme and go for dark background and light text? I'd be only fitting IMO.
  9. bLUEbYTE

    Long term effects of playing Doom on one's mind

    I have a feeling that it might also be enhancing navigational skills, due to using spatial awareness + short term memory. On the flip side though, because the rules of physics are 'fake', maybe it's messing up our real-life sports skills, for example, because the rules are 'off' from the real thing. Hope that makes sense? I don't feel this much anymore but I remember performing worse in physical sport if I played a few hours of games earlier in the day. For example, was missing the ball more when playing tennis. That's what I remember, anecdotally from decades ago, so take it with a grain of salt.
  10. bLUEbYTE

    Long term effects of playing Doom on one's mind

    Interesting. I'd probably put that on in the 'inspiration from real life' bin. I should probably go first. In my 'younger' days, there were a few times I caught myself doing the same head-dodging reflex in real life :) Granted, that was immediately following long sessions (which might have been infused with a little bit of legal weed smoking). It was temporary though.
  11. bLUEbYTE

    Long term effects of playing Doom on one's mind

    Nope, it's not. I'm curious about the 'cognitive' effects. Pretty sure there are benefits on coordination, reflexes etc. But I'm interested to see a discussion on this, especially whether players have notice effects personally.
  12. I can't help but think that playing Doom regularly must be reshaping our minds, for better or for worse. Like every decent FPS game, Doom can be VERY immersive and of course that's a good thing. But I am wondering whether folks here are noticing 'side effects' creeping back into real life. Sometimes I find myself physically and reflexively dodging the revenant's missiles while playing. I do feel that there is cognitive benefits in playing Doom in moderation; after a 30 minute or hour long session, I often feel refreshed. But I had the gut feeling that inhabiting these virtual worlds slaying daemons for hours a time, regularly, must have an effect on the mind. Because it's a virtual world which is perceived as 'real' during immersive play. Do you think our perception in general gets 'skewed' permanently by it? I.e. the rules of the virtual world creeping over into our perception of the real world? I'd like to clarify that I am NOT talking about possible behavioural, attitude or philosophical effects, but the cognitive effects only. I.e. depth perception, reflexes, that sort of thing. P.S. I'm pretty sure there's been research on this. Feel free to link to them.
  13. bLUEbYTE

    What do you think of mods like brutal Doom?

    IMO Brutal Doom and similar mods are too excessive, I don't like everything so 'in your face'. I find its sounds effects especially annoying, everything is turned up to 11, just way too much!
  14. I play exclusively with an Xbox One controller.
  15. bLUEbYTE

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    if you're running gzdoom, there's a mod called precise crosshair that fixes this.