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  1. IIRC there are *.DoubleBindings entries in the GZDoom .ini file for this exact purpose. Did you try the to rebind the action through the menu and press the two keys at the same time?
  2. Can't speak of headphones as I haven't used surround ones, do they have several little speakers placed in different parts of the earpiece? More generally though, surround sound (not 'virtual', actual physical multi-speaker setup) is super useful in doom. Last night I broke the normal analog output configuration in windows while setting up 5.1 via HDMI, and there's an added sound latency with 5.1, but it is still worth it. I'm running GZDoom BTW. I find it helps immensely during fights and one example would be that you can pinpoint much more accurately how close is that back-teleporting monster to you during the heat of the combat. This (virtual) 360-degree sound field tells you so much, like who's near you and what are they doing - when they make their sounds anyway - in realtime during action and influences my movement among other things, and approximating that with as many positional speakers as possible can only be a good thing.
  3. run around a bit to get them to start infighting. if you can do that in applicable situations then half (or more) of the battle is won.
  4. bLUEbYTE

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    It's not even crazy but... multi-threaded simulation for the thinkers etc. It seems like the engine is decidedly single-threaded with nothing can be done about it without writing a new engine, essentially.
  5. bLUEbYTE

    Classic Doom’s best levels in one wad?

    DOOM.WAD is the one you want.
  6. Agreed on both counts. This is a game about shooting bad guys and it sucks if you run out of ammo. edit: when a map wants you to chainsaw or tyson for a bit on purpose it's fine, when done in moderation. And regarding your second point, I saw this mentioned in @Doomkid's "things to avoid when mapping" video and was like YEAH 100%.
  7. bLUEbYTE

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Impressive work, thanks again. Now I really like this launcher. Will post if I run into new issues or have new feature or enhancement ideas.
  8. bLUEbYTE

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Soo good. I grabbed the dark-mode build and gave it a spin. Firstly, I didn't see this on the release changelog but it now seems to consistently remember the panel sizes. Nice one! Regarding the new page size options; now that I'm pretty much always on the Grid mode, it made little difference for me but nevertheless I think it's a great change (I've settled on 500 for the rare time when I use Tiles mode). Disabling 'Show Play dialog' worked just as intended. Regarding the dark mode implementation, even though I know nothing about the Windows programming ecosystem, I can imagine the pain and likely hacky ways it forced you to do it in. I mean, the whole global dark mode implementation in the OS seems to me like one giant hack, as per my previous post. I hope that it won't give you too much of a burden going forward. The dark mode itself seems all fine in Tile modes, however in the Grid mode I get black on black for text. Windows is configured as light mode. Strangely, if I use the search box and then clear the search, the full list comes back in white text, until I click somewhere else - then it reverts to black on black. A similar thing occurs if I scroll down using PgDown key, the next 'page' has white text for a split second before becoming black. The second issue I'd like to report is more of a UX thing - for example I searched for the 1monster WAD and there is one match, which seems to be selected. However the right panel doesn't update, it still shows the item from the last selection. Only after I click on that item on the left panel then the right panel switches to show its details. Also, the window can't be resized. Thank you & hope you keep up the good work.
  9. Tooth brush & chicken launcher as a weapons. I didn't even know it was a bootleg named Mr. Smiley Head's Head Hunt Safari at the time.
  10. bLUEbYTE

    Couch-gaming needs some Doom love!

    Have you tried GZDoom? Its controller support is stellar, 100% coverage too. I game with an xbox controller exclusively.
  11. bLUEbYTE

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Looks awesome, hobomaster22! I hope you don't mind if I keep feeding in my findings & suggestions as I use this frontend more: - Pressing enter on the left-hand pane moves to the next item instead of launching the content (I saw this in List mode on the Local tab) - The relative sizes of panels are not remembered across program sessions. Thanks for your awesome work.
  12. Umm, maybe you are a bit disconnected from the thread? As it was never about being challenged or other things you are going on about
  13. This. You are running through an open area and suddenly you get blocked and a split-second later a mancubus appears INSTANTLY right in front of you at point-blank range. Let us not conflate this with monsters emerging from swamps etc, which I do agree is an awesome effect especially if done a bit slower. Perhaps I should've said 'monsters popping up on solid floor' in my post to clarify... The issue isn't that it spooks or stuns the player, it doesn't. It's surprising but not in a good way. When it happens almost feels like a glitch to me, or at best a cheap gimmick. Hence in my humble opinion, it significantly detracts from the experience.
  14. I've seen this happen a lot in Base Ganymede, and some final or secret maps in 3 hours d'agonie 3... You walk into an area that is empty and suddenly a squad of monsters appear right in front of you, at times at an arm's length. They just pop up, not even with a teleport effect. It makes no sense, and is a huge turn off for me. Is there any design or gameplay reason for this crap?