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  1. D'Craven.0ne

    Heretic: The Mysteries of Underville

    First off, Def. would recommend. Architecture is solid, visually pleasing and I would imagine the gameplay flows smooth too. (Thing is, I wouldn't know... cuz I had the brilliant idea of playing on hard & missed the dragon claw.) -PLAY ON NORMAL FIRST- Here's why: -I dunno about normal but on hard, ammo is extremely limited from the get go. Like "melee 60% of enemies and/or try make them infight" kind of limited. (Now don't get me wrong I like to save ammo probably more than most others.) But "kill a dozen enemies get 10 ammo for the elvenwand" does not equal hard, more like tedious. -Huge open areas, projectiles from all angles, some surround traps thrown in for good measure, paired with a limited amount of health pickups. -Two maulotaurs ya need to drag out of the way constantly because they keep geting in the way of entering buildings. Also they tend to separate, so you constantly need to bunch them up. (No you can't kill them... No ammo remember?) -Most buildings have non-essentials (ammo for weapons you get later or armor) wich you can get at, for the cost of life and ammo. -For the love of GOD, get the dragonclaw! -it's in the central building. (I missed it... TT_TT) -Go out of your way to find secrets, you'll probably need the stuff inside. -If ya find a ledge you won't be able to backtrack from, get ready for 2 dozen enemies. -High and narrow walkways? Walls and such open up forcing you to choose between some life you can't spare or dropping off and go round again. Conclusion: While I personaly had a Taxing experience, this wad is obviously well made, I just had the wrong approach. Play on normal first, get to know the map and then maybe go for hard afterwards.
  2. D'Craven.0ne

    Heretic Again Wad

    Short, confusing, lackluster. Pretty much sums it up. Doesn't appear to be broken so it gets a 2nd start, but there are plenty of maps more deserving of attention.
  3. D'Craven.0ne

    Castle of Death

    Fairly easy map with an overabundance of ammo... Unless you want to 100% it, you can just run past the 2 boss monsters and exit through the gate at the back of the last room.
  4. D'Craven.0ne

    Escape from the Catacombs

    Pretty basic, but fun. Ammo might be on the low side at the start - more specifically after the switch behind the yellow door. Once you manage to get a foothold in the underground section it gets better. The surface section is decent, although you can cheese most of the action by standing infront doors and continuously opening and closing them (causing monsters to infight).
  5. D'Craven.0ne


    Probably a decent DM map, works fine as SP. Beatable even on BP as long as ya utilize infights and use the staff on melee monsters at the start. Yes health pickups are low, but apart from the urn you get 3 Qflasks in the bottom right room (This is where the blue key AND the exit is located also), not to mention there's a gauntlet in the room with the Maulotaur (Wich you can use in combination with the books to leech life from enemies). So if ya ran out of decent wads to play you can give this one a go. It's not bad, it's just not great.
  6. D'Craven.0ne

    Castle of Ice

    Def. not a run and gun style map, so anyone looking for that kinda stuff can skip this. Otherwise, the map is a small ice themed level, that starts of slow and if ya wake the maulotaur too early with infighting, ya might as well restart. The location of the blue key and the wind on the bridge both tripped me up the first time around, but apart from that it's a decent level.