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  1. gum_of_hate

    What wads/mods are you most anticipated for.

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only Devilution BTSX E3 There is also a few semi-secret projects being worked on. One - is Jimmy's "Sightless", limit-removing set in the style of SIGIL. Other - "Spain", by Tarnsman, AD_79, and maybe Breezeep (?). Plutonia 3 is intriguing, but we still don't know who the mappers for this project is, besides Joshy, Scotty, and darkreaver. Abandon looks really cool, but the target source port is Gl-Boom, and i hate playing in Boom.
  2. gum_of_hate

    Drama that happened

    The Slaughter Spectrum thread from this post onwards: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1990453 Really good stuff.
  3. Revilution has custom enemies in the last level. I would laugh hysterically, if Community Chest 1 or Hell Revealed 2 somehow find its way to consoles. Both are vanilla, don't have any copyrighted stuff, and HR2 even has custom soundtrack! New generation of gamers definitely should appreciate such masterpieces as "Citadel at the Edge of Eternity" and "Playground".
  4. gum_of_hate

    Oops! All Techbase - Final Release!

    Difficulty is very uneven on UV, mostly due to an ammo scarcity on some maps. I have no idea how to max Map 17 in its current state - i wish there were more rockets in that outdoor area. I have the same problems on Map 08 with the dark clusterfuck area and the finale of Map 06. On the contrary, Map 14 gives you too much cells - probably, for Masterminds room, but they ends up killing each other, because, duh, its Masterminds we talking about. I don't know how to find the super secret exit and i suspect that it simply doesn't exist. Why the hell are mappers isn't credited in intermission screen like in any other CP? List of used MIDIs in the text file would be good too. There is a LARGE amount of HOMs and slimetrails in this WAD. Here is some of them - Map 09, this interesting phenomena in Map 24, and another one in Map 24 (source port - ZDoom 2.7.0). There is also one i remember in Map 31, with arachnotrons in the pool on plasma route, but no screen from me, sorry.
  5. gum_of_hate

    Your favorite maps

    10 sectors - Map 21: Crunch!; DTWID - E3M2: City of Corpses (excelent imitation of Sandy Peterson mapping style); ZPack - E2M6: Terror Cube (great adventure); Hell Revealed II - Map 19: Mind Trap; MAYhem 2018 Purple - Map 17: Permanganic Shores; DBP 11 (Lilywhite Lilith) - Map 05: Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats (best MIDI choice ever); Ogre Labs and Null Space; Absolutely all maps made by Xaser; Sunder - Map 10: Hag's Finger (my all-time favorite level).
  6. gum_of_hate

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    UV, pistol start on every map, Zdoom 2.7.0 Played up until MAP 13, and have some things to say about bugs and balance: MAP 1 and MAP 6 are not threatening enough. The later may use more viles in a last few battles, or give less cell packs overall. MAP 5 has some strange bug regarding an eye switch - apparently, right next to it exist another switch, that looks like a single pink pixel. I managed to hit it not once, but twice, and both times - on a accident; On MAP 10, i don't have enough ammo to deal with the final wave of enemies in the main hall. But it's may be totaly my fault (amazing map, btw - my favorite so far, along with MAP 8); MAP 11 may use more monsters in ruins area, and, again, more viles at the end on UV; Cyberdemon at the end of MAP 12 can easily escape his metal borders - he probably uses exit teleporter platform to do it. Screen with weird dot-switch on MAP 5: