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  1. gum_of_hate

    Run From It Style Maps

    Final map from the 1 Monster Megawad and bonus level from DBP09 comes to mind - these ones I quite enjoyed, unlike it's predecessor. Run From It would be better as a secret map - but it looks weird as a part of main proggression. And I have nothing against concept itself, it just that, well, the majority of Scythe consist of short, (mostly) easy maps - and the you have ultra-brutal gimmick map for no reason. About style in general... Sadly, it just the same problem as with puzzle maps - many people don't think that Doom is about puzzles/timed challenges and thus not making maps in these styles. What can you do, this is harsh reality of modern Doom mapping scene - less experiments, more imitations. 00's long gone and is never coming back.
  2. gum_of_hate

    What are your ten favorite maps of all time?

    PWADS only, in no particular order: No End In Sight – E4M4 "Wartorn Precinct" by NaturalTventy One of the best maps in terms of gameplay on this list, it simply has everything: lots of open spaces, yet constant danger of being surrounded; interesting progression; mandatory damaging floors (I love when mappers do that), great enemy placement - all of this make this one of the best UDoom maps ever. Community Chest 1 - Map 29 "Citadel at the Edge of Eternity" by Magical Not only one of the biggest Doom maps of all time, but also one of the most confusing one. You need to be real Doom magician if you want to finish this map without reading the guide on DoomWiki. After playing this I feel some sort of ... Transcendency? I don't know, how to describe it, but I star to feel things differently. Or maybe I just go crazy, trying figuring out progression on this map. Anyway, this is something that everybody needs to try out. But I can't guarantee that you enjoy this as much as I do. Deadly standards 2 - E2M8 "Shipwrecked" by Roofi Insane vanilla trickery, impressive scale, astonishing visuals, and, as a cherry on a cake, - the best Cyberdemon fight I've ever seen. Now this feels like a proper boss fight! Fantastic adventure map overall, nothing more to say. Doom 2 In Spain Only - Map 11 “Circulo de la Muerte” by Tarns... I mean, El Pedersen The peak of TWIDCore style mapping as of now, this map feels like a BTSX E2M19 and "Circle of Death" have a baby. And oh god, what a baby this is. Typical for a mapper non-linear weapon progression works very well here, and secrets are almost necessary for pistol-starters. Also, an actually dangerous Mastermind, holy shit. “Mines of Titan” by Jim Flynn My favorite 90’s map - great atmosphere, cool progression. Not too obscure, but not too easy to figure out either. “No Parking” is probably better as a map, but, for some strange reason, I like this one more. BTSX E2 Map 20 – "Speedtraps of the Bee Kingdom" by Tarnsman and Esselfortium (final version) The ultimate adventure map – it has tombs, canyons, villages, - and all of this within vanilla limits! Bonus points for being, quite possibly, the biggest vanilla map ever. Sunder Map 10 – "Hag’s Finger" by Insane_Gazebo One of the most iconic opening shots, hands down. And one of the best slaughter maps, by the way – with a great variety of combat challenges, that feels slightly more forgiving, than the rest of the wad, but no less interesting and thought-provoking. "Lilium" by Lainos You can call me a hypocrite as much as you want, but this is one of the most important maps out there – map, that talks about the real evil, which still lurks in this world. Play this map, that's all I gonna say. Mayhem 18, Purple Edition Map 17 - "Permanganic Shores" by BioRenegat This one takes a lot from Serious Sam series; especially in regards of traps (beware of lone pickups!). The aesthetic is amazing: probably, the best use of beautiful Violence-tex. It’s one of the first custom maps I ever seen, so this one has special place in my heart. Hell Revealed 2 Map 19 – "Mind Trap" by Jonas Feragen Probably the best Feragen map: huge, adventurous, with a lot of cool fights and vanilla bridges. Also, I love this midi. Honorable mention goes to "Frozen Time" by Eternal, for being one of the most inspiring maps - and I encounter it right when I needed inspiration the most.
  3. gum_of_hate


    I was not impressed at all by this wad. Most maps are sloggish and uninteresting, with very basic combat and sometimes unclear progression or/and obnoxious puzzles (hello, MAP25). The ending (and the whole narrative as a whole) is pretty cringeworthy. There is some cool stuff, like MAP11, but, in the end, it still feels like a major waste of time. Sacrament was way better than this.
  4. I've seen a lot of unfair and bullshit fights in PWADS, but the most traumatazing for me was the RSK fight in Dark Resolution 2008 MAP 11 on UV. This is just pure RNG-fest, and the fact that I'm playing at around 3 AM doesn't help a lot too. Honorable mentions goes to: - Ar Luminae: circular room, Stomper, and massive invasion of revenants before YSK. I'll be genuinly surprised, if there is a way to do this fight constistanly; - Slaughterfest 2011 MAP 24. The whole beginning is annoying RNG-fest, but these long corridors with Cybs... Why, Okuplok, why? - The entirety of Plasmaplant could be seen as one big fight, since monsters just keep coming and coming; - DWMP 2016 MAP 19, caco invasion, and MAP 26, four arachnotrons in one room, chaingun and zero cover. I almost fainted after beating the first one, and almost broke my mouse at the second.
  5. gum_of_hate

    Gods&Guardians - Classic 6 map episode (Final release)

    Here is a working link that I found on Doom Power - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ou492gew21vckna/GnG.zip?dl=0 It must be the final version, although, textfile doesn't have a changelog or anything.
  6. Most importantly, there is still a lack of 2 more maps, at the very least - from Dobu and Pegleg, respectively. I don't know if they still plan to finish their maps, but, in any case, it's better to ask them first about this, before making any moves towards finishing the whole project and compiling the maps, I think.
  7. gum_of_hate

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Can someone share a working link to the "Blood on Marble" level for Zdoom, made by Harmata in 2012? It was on idgames apparently, but as today, the only link that I found is down. Kinda strange.
  8. gum_of_hate

    Underrated WADs

    ZPack - Pretty solid pack, that at the time fall victim of a resentment towards Tormentor and ZDoom community, it seems. Hell Revealed II - While the other levels are pretty much hit-and-miss, Jonas Feragen create some undeniably strong maps. Erkattäññe - Yes, I know, that this wad got a cacoward, and yet, in certain mapping circle Erkattäññe has a reputation of a worst mapset ever been made. I think that they are wrong. Mayhem 18 Purple Edition - One of the best community projects in terms of pacing and difficulty curve, that starts somewhat innocent, and ends with full-on modern slaughter. Oculus Malus - SIGIL The Way Romero Did, packed in one single map. Sometimes feels even better, than its source of inspiration.
  9. gum_of_hate

    What is your favorite official Doom-Midi? And your least favorite?

    Favorite - The End of Doom. As a child, I sometimes load map 30 of Plutonia just to listen to this midi. Least favorite - Opening to Hell. Thankfully, with all the cacophony that is going on in the IoS fight, you can barely hear this at all. But when you do, it sounds like a mosquito flying next to your ear. Disgusting.
  10. I think that Whitemare 2 MAP30 "Operation Antimaydan", made by Shadowman, is pretty distasteful, both in its name and theme. Completely needless political comment (or, more likely, a statement?) about Revolution 2013-2014 in Ukraine, where monsters is a representation of protesters, it seems. Given that more than a hundred people had been killed in the real events, and the mapset was released less than 2 weeks after the whole thing happened... Well, i don't know, what to say, honestly. Of course, for a foreign player this is just another shitty IoS map, but for me, even the name alone was not a pleasant discovery.
  11. gum_of_hate

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Sorry for the bump, but Romero just confirmed that he worked on "something" for Doom (presumably, Doom II) in an interview for some Russian youtube-channel:
  12. gum_of_hate

    What wads/mods are you most anticipated for.

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only Devilution BTSX E3 There is also a few semi-secret projects being worked on. One - is Jimmy's "Sightless", limit-removing set in the style of SIGIL. Other - "Spain", by Tarnsman, AD_79, and maybe Breezeep (?). Plutonia 3 is intriguing, but we still don't know who the mappers for this project is, besides Joshy, Scotty, and darkreaver. Abandon looks really cool, but the target source port is Gl-Boom, and i hate playing in Boom.
  13. gum_of_hate

    Drama that happened

    The Slaughter Spectrum thread from this post onwards: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1990453 Really good stuff.
  14. Revilution has custom enemies in the last level. I would laugh hysterically, if Community Chest 1 or Hell Revealed 2 somehow find its way to consoles. Both are vanilla, don't have any copyrighted stuff, and HR2 even has custom soundtrack! New generation of gamers definitely should appreciate such masterpieces as "Citadel at the Edge of Eternity" and "Playground".
  15. gum_of_hate

    Oops! All Techbase - Final Release! NOW ON IDGAMES!

    Difficulty is very uneven on UV, mostly due to an ammo scarcity on some maps. I have no idea how to max Map 17 in its current state - i wish there were more rockets in that outdoor area. I have the same problems on Map 08 with the dark clusterfuck area and the finale of Map 06. On the contrary, Map 14 gives you too much cells - probably, for Masterminds room, but they ends up killing each other, because, duh, its Masterminds we talking about. I don't know how to find the super secret exit and i suspect that it simply doesn't exist. Why the hell are mappers isn't credited in intermission screen like in any other CP? List of used MIDIs in the text file would be good too. There is a LARGE amount of HOMs and slimetrails in this WAD. Here is some of them - Map 09, this interesting phenomena in Map 24, and another one in Map 24 (source port - ZDoom 2.7.0). There is also one i remember in Map 31, with arachnotrons in the pool on plasma route, but no screen from me, sorry.