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  1. Boaby Kenobi

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    Australia was the only country where Doom received a retail release. Every where else had to call the number and order the game to be delivered by mail
  2. Boaby Kenobi

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

    It's part of the Id boxset It's not Doom 3 200 pounds including FedEx shipping from US to Scotland in 2006 It's not available yet. Due out early 2023 I think
  3. Boaby Kenobi

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

  4. I just finished episode 1 with the CRT render. It's really cool with the new lighting effects. Runs very smoothly for me using i7 11800, 3080 8gb, 32gb RAM.
  5. Boaby Kenobi

    How bad does this date me?

    I happen to have a spare copy of TUD on CD. It's just the disc with the case, no box.
  6. Boaby Kenobi

    What If Humans Had 4 Arms?

  7. Boaby Kenobi

    The Doomworld Computer Garage

    I've been meaning to build a new system for a while now. I bought a PSU and a case a couple of years ago and was planning on buying the rest every couple of months until I had everything I needed but then the lockdowns began and prices for PC parts reached ridiculous levels so that put a halt on my plans. I ended up getting a laptop to do me for now. It wasn't cheap but it's a pretty decent system and I'm very happy with it so far. MSI GP66 Leopard
  8. Boaby Kenobi

    What is your Specs?

    Just got a new laptop
  9. Boaby Kenobi

    What Are We Eating Right Now? (Foodies Welcome)

    Potato and spinach curry Chunks of chicken tikka with onions and herbs Cabbage, onion, lettuce and carrot salad Chicken jalfrezi with basmati rice
  10. Boaby Kenobi

    Poll: Do You Have Facial Hair?

    I have sideburns and a full beard but I trim it weekly and I also shave my neck as I don't like the feel of hair on my skin there.
  11. Boaby Kenobi

    How much is the value of this?

    That version of Doom has been selling on eBay for the past 5 years at anywhere between 350-500. This particular release appears to be from an Italian distributor. There are some hardcore collectors who like to acquire all the different geographical releases. Some people might pay a lot of money for this.
  12. Boaby Kenobi

    How much is the value of this?

    It's worth quite a bit more than 100.
  13. Boaby Kenobi

    How Can I Get Mortal Kombat Trilogy For PC?

    WTF does having "the real Doom discs on PC" have to do with downloading ROMs of Mortal Kombat?