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  1. I'm after the retail Australian Manaccom box. The one without the OFLC rating. I'd be happy with either the 3.5 or the 5.25 diskettes. It's not really intended for use. It's the penultimate piece for my collection.
  2. https://i.redd.it/m9xo17j68h351.jpg
  3. Boaby Kenobi

    Your Tony Hawk Pro-Skater experience

    I played a lot of THPS. The 2nd game was where I really became obsessed. THPS3 was one of the first games I bought for PS2 back in 2002. THPS4 was decent but the first 3 games are my favourites. Played a little of the THUG games but not much. I also enjoyed the Mat Hoffman, Kelly Slater and Shawn Palmer games.
  4. I forgot I had these disks. I can't remember where I got them. Does anyone know which version it is? I have no way of checking the disks. Also, I have 2 copies of TUD, and one of the boxes has a sticker on it but the other doesn't, but when I checked the contents of the discs they both have episode 1 of Heretic. I wonder if all European copies of TUD have this? What about other regional releases?
  5. It was from Wikipedia and it links to an article with John Romero but when I read the article he doesn't appear to mention anything about Apogee so I honestly don't know.
  6. Boaby Kenobi

    2000s-era Internet Nostalgia

    All you have to do to not see content you don't want to see on YT is to click on the "Not interested" or the "Don't recommend channel" options. You must be watching Sidemen content if it's being recommended to you.
  7. Boaby Kenobi

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    I bought an Xbox in 2003 just to play Halo. It was incredible and there wasn't really anything like it on console at the time.
  8. Boaby Kenobi

    Show & tell us about your physical DOOM collection

    It's a strategy guide for TUD. I have some duplicate copies of my stuff. I could give you one
  9. Boaby Kenobi

    Id Anthology Box Set for Sale

    I'm fortunate to own a copy of this beautiful boxset. I bought in 2006-2007. It currently has an average asking price of £500, but that's for an opened copy. I honestly have no idea how much you could potentially get for a sealed box, probably 1000 minimum. If I were you I would keep hold of this until at least next year when it's the 30th anniversary of Doom. First time I've ever saw a sealed copy of this!
  10. @DSC It seems that you like to torture yourself. This is actually a very common thing for people to do, especially in this day and age. Some people spend hours a day online watching videos, videos made by people who they are not exactly fans of. It's what is now known as "Doomscrolling". If being online is having this kind of effect on you then you seriously need to unplug for a while.
  11. Boaby Kenobi

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    Australia was the only country where Doom received a retail release. Every where else had to call the number and order the game to be delivered by mail