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  1. I played through DE on a PC, but I was curious as I owned the PS4 version also so I installed it on my PS4 and it was actually pretty nice to play with a controller. Some elitists will try to tell you that Doom should only be played with a keyboard and mouse but that simply isn't true. You can change the difficulty at any point during a level so if you're struggling then you can simply lower the setting until you find whatever works for you. I found Eternal to be easier than 2016 on higher difficulty settings.
  2. Boaby Kenobi

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I'll be 43 soon. People keep saying I don't "look it". I sometimes wonder if they're just trying to be nice and make me feel good about myself but I would appreciate if they were just honest. I sometimes feel like I'm 1000 years although I don't drink anymore and I've cut down big time on smoking and I've always tried to have a balanced diet. I don't really eat meat, tinned tuna is about the only meat I have, and I very rarely eat takeaways or McDonalds or stuff like that
  3. Boaby Kenobi

    Playing (PSX) Doom with a controller in GZDoom?

    Why are you playing PSX Doom in GZ-Doom? Why not use PsyDoom? That's how I play PSX Doom these days, mostly with a DS4 also but sometimes with a RetroBit wired Saturn controller
  4. Boaby Kenobi

    Does Doom have AI?

    It's called artificial intelligence for a reason. Computers can't think on their own. If you ask a computer a question it can tell you the answer, but if you don't ask the question the "right" way then you wont get an answer. It's not really "true" intelligence. It's just a list of information that the computer can recall instantly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence_in_video_games
  5. Boaby Kenobi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like to eat nuts from a bowl with a spoon. Almost like eating cereal. But not cereal, nuts
  6. Boaby Kenobi

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    My Magnum opus! Nah seriously, my very first time messing around with DB. I just wanted to create a simple area and fill it with a few things to see how it worked. I found it easier to just do it that way instead of watching tutorial videos. Not really got any plans other than continuing to mess around with stuff and get used to the program
  7. I'm aware of that. It's wasn't me who claimed that Doom 64 has "no music apart from the title screen" Doom 64 has a very memorable soundtrack. It's not in the same style as PC Doom obviously but it's still there. I don't know how anyone could think it doesn't feature any music at all
  8. I don't think that's accurate at all. GoldenEye 007 featured individual tracks for every level so I don't think it has anything to do with cartridge space. PlayStation Doom doesn't feature music like the PC original either, and some of the same people who worked on that port were also responsible for Doom 64. It makes sense that D64 has the same tone and ambient soundtrack that the PlayStation version does, even though they're not the same game
  9. Boaby Kenobi

    I'm back!

  10. Boaby Kenobi

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    My first experience of Doom was in 1996 on PlayStation, then a year or so later Doom 64. I didn't get a computer until 2003. I think being used to Doom on a PS & N64 controller conditioned my mind so when I did finally play the game using a keyboard and mouse I found it "easy". These days I mostly play PSX Doom using the PsyDoom port but using a KB & M feels wrong to me as I'm so used to a controller for that specific version, so I use either a DS4 or a Retro-Bit Saturn controller, depending on which laptop I'm using. PsyDoom seems "easier" to play due to the uncapped framerate option which I have enabled. I knew at the time when playing PSX Doom on PlayStation that the game suffered from slowdown, especially the Doom II maps, but you just dealt with it. I think people feel the same way now about the PC original, plus the fact that the game has been around for almost 30 years now, and a lot of PWADs feature massive levels that were just not possible to create in the early 90s, so the original IWADs now seem easy but it definitely didn't feel like that to me years ago on PlayStation and N64
  11. Boaby Kenobi

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I'll be 50 in eight years
  12. Boaby Kenobi

    Low End Hardware

    Listing your hardware specifications is always a good idea when asking these types of questions There are no mods as such but you can always tinker with your settings to find a configuration that works better for your system For older systems I recommend a source port like Chocolate or Crispy Doom. I use both those on an old laptop from like 12 years ago. It has a dual core CPU with only 64Mb of VRAM and both Chocolate and Crispy run nicely on it. DSDA also runs well, as does as PsyDoom, without the Vulkan render options of course
  13. Boaby Kenobi

    To mods and Everyone. (please read the entire thing)

    Seriously, for your own sake, just stop creating these threads. It's almost like you're reveling in the attention. Have you ever heard the expression: "Making a mountain out of a molehill"? This is what you appear to be doing here. Don't overthink it. Come back in a few weeks with a different attitude and I'm sure you'll find you'll be okay here. It's really not that complicated. Take it easy
  14. Boaby Kenobi

    The Definitive PSX Doom version for PSP

    What differences are there between this and PlayStation Doom? Pretty sure it's still illegal to distribute ROMs like you're doing here