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  1. bobsnowmexican

    yellow submarine mod ideas

    thats fucking amazing never knew about that
  2. bobsnowmexican

    yellow submarine mod ideas

    Thought about this years ago, what if there was a mod about the yellow submarine movie what would it look like and what weapons would it have
  3. bobsnowmexican

    Doom II - The Bloodletting needs YOU for beta testing!

    looks cool man i like the hellish designs with the floating icon of sins ill playtest it if i can?
  4. bobsnowmexican

    level design thread

    glad to see suggestions currently i havent been able to do much however i do have a concept mapped out somewhat so we'll see...thanks for the support
  5. bobsnowmexican

    how do thing in doom builder

    my favorite dio song
  6. bobsnowmexican

    how do thing in doom builder

    speaking of peterson levels i was thinking: double slough of despair maps where you teleport back and forth from each of them
  7. bobsnowmexican

    how do thing in doom builder

    thanks man for some reason i have an obsession with making pits maybe its that its something kinda unique idk
  8. bobsnowmexican

    how do thing in doom builder

    making a map in doom builder 2, a pit appears in the floor how do I make a hallway which continues on the lower path (im new to mapping so thanks i guess)
  9. bobsnowmexican

    DOOM: Perdition [now on /idgames]

    the mod so far aesthetic wise looks incredible i played the first level, hard as fuck but i would play it over hell beneath any day so far looks cool man
  10. bobsnowmexican

    OK who is the other doomguy in the box art

    the third died to an imp in e1m1 and the other got stuck because he couldn't find a blue key
  11. bobsnowmexican

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    literally forgot about the movie for a few months then it just dropped, did they realize from the reaction that marketing it was a waste of time or was i gone too long?
  12. your a stupid title...get rekt'd
  13. bobsnowmexican

    OK who is the other doomguy in the box art

    Craig T. Doomguy
  14. bobsnowmexican

    anything abstract?

    ride the sunshine is a trippy mod, its colorful in a rainbow vomit kind of way and its kinda heavy in furry stuff not a super terrible mod though all things considered (also there's a webcomic which the mod is based off)
  15. bobsnowmexican

    level design thread

    New to doom modding i have the basics of doom builder but how can i improve my level design ideas or execution? first mod if your curious: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8siqe3ru26boysc/baby%27s_first_%28decent%29_doom_wad.wad/file