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  1. MatrixmaN

    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Box Art

    Mechwarrior 3 Reflective Box Art > ALL
  2. MatrixmaN

    Making an .avi

    Yeah, it would be great if you could share the steps and info on how you did that. I can never seem to get the avi demo command to work right. It always closes my game and goes to the menu. Any help on creating clips of my own would be appreciated. I'm trying to learn the editor as well, but its the first one I'm ever learning to use. Creating and Compressing demos would be great. Is there any way to keep the sound in it?
  3. MatrixmaN

    How do I model and import?

    I want to make a Mech in Max5 then import it and animate it. Where do I start? Thanks.
  4. MatrixmaN

    No CO-OP?

    Yeah, I downloaded a Coop mod file called Pak005 and it worked, I managed to hook up with other people and play excavation until we got to a cutscene. I really hope it wasn't the hack so I can keep my CD key still safe.
  5. MatrixmaN

    What ports does doom3 use for multi

    I know how you feel, I can't host either. Nobody can see or join my games and I forwarded the port 27666 via UDP and TCP. I don't get it.
  6. MatrixmaN

    Coop leftovers?

    Yes they can be read and heard. Some dude was spamming them earlier in a MP game.
  7. How would I go about doing that? In a game I have called "Severance: Blade of Darkness" there was a mod called "Gladiator". Basically you could spawn whatever monsters you like in this ring and watch them fight, or jump in yourself and fight them both. Is this possible?
  8. MatrixmaN

    secret games/levels

    I think it would be cool if you unlocked a certain door and WHAM, your back playing thru a level from the original DooM. Just like a total time warp. Then when you complete that level you exit thru a door that transports you back into the real DooM 3 on the other side of a room. (like some weird singularity of sorts).
  9. MatrixmaN

    New article + 2 screenshots

    Skipping a hella lot of posts I just have to say this: Have any of you ever played Aliens vs Predator 2? The demo even? Did you play as the Marine? That is one freaky ass game, your alone, in the dark with a light attached to your gun. It can only be used for a certain duration before it has to recharge....when you light starts to go out so does your hope of seeing the alien that about to jump on your face from a dark corner. Whether I had the light on with my gun in hand or not it was still a freaky thought knowing that my light is going to run dry and I'm going to be alone in the dark with nothing but a gun. That system used for the light was a good one for that game. Not saying it applies to Doom 3 but it was a thought I had that might have worked well too in this game.
  10. MatrixmaN


    Liquid Metal Terminator 2 style...
  11. MatrixmaN

    New article + 2 screenshots

    What E3 trailer.....linky linky?
  12. MatrixmaN

    Is nVidia betting on the wrong horse?

    I just mean that you cant literally tear wood apart in DooM 3. Or have a realistic mattress flailing into spongy chunks. Thats where the difference lies, It just doesnt seem like Doom's collission detection is as good or indepth as half life 2's. I still like D3 better than HL2 but I guess thats where my point in the above post lies.
  13. MatrixmaN

    Is nVidia betting on the wrong horse?

    In my basic, rudimentary opinion: DooM 3 is about the Graphics. Half Life 2 is about the Physics. Both games accell in both but specialize in 1 or the other.
  14. MatrixmaN

    Patent on Carmack's Reverse

    I work for a Litigation Graphics Company where to do patent infringement suits and there are people who actually develop patents, let them sit in waiting till somebody who can profit more off the idea makes it so they can sue and make money without ever raising a finger to produce it. Cheap but effektiv.
  15. MatrixmaN

    Preferred weapon

    BFG for everything....