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  1. Yeah, it would be great if you could share the steps and info on how you did that.

    I can never seem to get the avi demo command to work right. It always closes my game and goes to the menu. Any help on creating clips of my own would be appreciated.

    I'm trying to learn the editor as well, but its the first one I'm ever learning to use. Creating and Compressing demos would be great. Is there any way to keep the sound in it?

  2. Yeah, I downloaded a Coop mod file called Pak005 and it worked, I managed to hook up with other people and play excavation until we got to a cutscene.

    I really hope it wasn't the hack so I can keep my CD key still safe.

  3. I think it would be cool if you unlocked a certain door and WHAM, your back playing thru a level from the original DooM. Just like a total time warp. Then when you complete that level you exit thru a door that transports you back into the real DooM 3 on the other side of a room. (like some weird singularity of sorts).

  4. Skipping a hella lot of posts I just have to say this:

    Have any of you ever played Aliens vs Predator 2? The demo even? Did you play as the Marine?

    That is one freaky ass game, your alone, in the dark with a light attached to your gun. It can only be used for a certain duration before it has to recharge....when you light starts to go out so does your hope of seeing the alien that about to jump on your face from a dark corner.

    Whether I had the light on with my gun in hand or not it was still a freaky thought knowing that my light is going to run dry and I'm going to be alone in the dark with nothing but a gun.

    That system used for the light was a good one for that game. Not saying it applies to Doom 3 but it was a thought I had that might have worked well too in this game.

  5. I just mean that you cant literally tear wood apart in DooM 3. Or have a realistic mattress flailing into spongy chunks.

    Thats where the difference lies, It just doesnt seem like Doom's collission detection is as good or indepth as half life 2's.

    I still like D3 better than HL2 but I guess thats where my point in the above post lies.

  6. I work for a Litigation Graphics Company where to do patent infringement suits and there are people who actually develop patents, let them sit in waiting till somebody who can profit more off the idea makes it so they can sue and make money without ever raising a finger to produce it.

    Cheap but effektiv.

  7. No thanks,

    I'll pass on comparing his other works to the ones i like. Thats like comparing all Koontz or King novels. Some just suck serious ass but others stay in your mind forever.

    And yeah, the Alien thing kinda killed it but he was trying to keep some kinda consistency in his version between stories

  8. Ok, well after reading about 15 posts I can tell the DooM books were not highly regarded.

    The one thing it seems that wasn't realized is that it's just a story, it may not be the game (not like the game had much plot to stand on) but somebody took this hollow shell and filled in the gaps to tell a story that the author interpreted the game to be.

    It's just somebodys retelling of what they percieved the game to be, nothing more. It filled in the gaps for my 13yr old mind at the time and I loved it, kept waiting for the next. The first one rocked and got me hooked, the second was good too, the third sucked ass and it all went downhill from there.

    Thats my opinion.
    Personally I could care less whether anybody else agrees with me, or whether they are stuck in their own mindset of how the story should be. Doom 3 is a re-interpretation of the original game just like the books were. It's the base story that sets people imaginations in motion. You shouldn't hate a series of books because they don't live up to the standards you set for the story yourself.

    I liked how he depicted the environment to be and how he stuck to how the game played out almost level by level. Was cool. It was after the seconds book I didn't think there should be a sequel. Once he went to Earth the series went to Hell (haha, I made a funny).

  9. I played the original DooM, played the second and the final version. Now I await the 3rd and most anticipated installment of the series.
    The Doom games had a plot thinner than the hair on my back but great gameplay and depth. Regardless of the Doom games lack of storyline it had enough story to give the player a sense of being and a sense of fighting for something. Through it's mindless massacre of blood and guts a story was waiting to be told.

    The one thing that gave Doom a new light in my eyes was the novels. These books for me filled in the gaps that I felt playing the game. The books portrayed great detail and filled the vague work of the game with atmosphere, feelings and depth.

    If you havn't read them and you plan on getting Doom 3 than you should look into reading the first novel "Hell on Earth". It's like the introduction to the Saga. It made me want to play the game more, to take the role of Corporal Flynn Taggart. The lone marine who in his attempt just to live brings him to figure out what the hell has happened and overall try to stop the armageddon of hell from flooding onto Earth and killing everybody on it. Demons, ghouls, zombies, mixes of flesh and machine, with their own dark and sadistic goals which you never quite know, pulls you into the dark, dingy, scary world that the singular marine has to go through be it survival, saving the human race or both you travel along with Flynn into the darkness of hell.

    These books engrossed my young mind for hours on end years ago. It gave this flat, mindless game so much more depth and plot I never thought it could have had. They turned a game into a story, now they are turning a story into a game.

    Doom 3 may not be based off the books but from what I can tell the guy who is directing the plot and design of the game had to have read them because they are so eerily familiar to the situations and characters in the book. The Spidermind looks in the concept art exactly like it was decribed in the book.

    A few small cool things about the books was the fact that it followed you thru the levels of the games themselves, even using the same powerups that he had in the game but gave them a realistic sense and didn't seem fake at all.

    Looking at these screenshots I printed up in front of me on my jobs high-quality printing systems I see the detail put into this game, and I remember the detail that was put into the story in the trilogy of novels. I await this game like nobodys business and I seriously cannot wait until it comes out.

    Before Doom 3 comes out I'm going to read the first 2 novels 1 more time so their depth is fresh in my mind. Then I am going to play the game, not as a blatant comparison but to take the journey as Flynn Taggart. The scared, cold, bloodied and hardened marine trying to save his ass from a demonic armageddon from sciences mistake of openening the technological gates of hell by messing with things they should never have tried to figure out.

    Whether you liked the novels or not this is my opinion on it. Because of the novels it made me think of doom as more than a floating shotgun and guts.

    **goes to local library**