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  1. I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. I can play test both single and multiplayer.
  2. DOEL

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    Doom IS 3D, and the argument against that basically boils down to the fact that computers have yet to perfectly recreate a 3D environment. If Doom isn't 3D, then no games are.
  3. I was born in 89 and I feel like a cross section of millennial and zoomer
  4. DOEL

    Should I play Valiant or Eviternity first?

    You should play Alien Vendetta first, an amazing WAD, to greater appreciate these newer WADs!
  5. DOEL

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yea @Coincident's analysis videos are among the best out there, can't wait for more. his pacificst Icon of Sin video is really good too
  6. DOEL

    Hiding the ssg in a map is really uncool!

    I mostly agree. It's a matter of opinion of course but I think unless the map is balanced with omitting the SSG in mind, it shouldn't be a secret. Though I must admit that I find Ultimate Doom nearly unplayable because it lacks the SSG and extended bestiary. I do generally enjoy maps that make you fight for your SSG or require you to skip areas and come back. To me every map is a puzzle and routing can be just as important as having tactical skills. P.S. Some people here tend to take an, I don't know, condescending or elitist tone in this forum and yea it's just words but it's kind of discouraging. Or maybe I'm just an insufferable Libra 😬
  7. @ReX @thelazyqdude @TenenteZashu Thanks for the help ya'll. I'm gonna dig into it soon, see what I can come up with.
  8. @Doom-X-Machina didn't know it was possible to have an objectively wrong opinion but by god you've done it 😛
  9. DOEL

    maps/wads with ~~cool vibes~~

    these do be vibin' doe 😶 community chest 2 map 24 (the vibiest of maps) community chest 4 maps 10, 11, 21 japanese community project maps 27, 28
  10. DOEL

    "Pushing" monsters

    This has to do with complex movement and AI stuff so I thought I'd ask. If I push against a monster, say a pinkie, do I influence the direction it goes or am I simply preventing it from going my direction? Is doomguy perceived as a wall or a force? This can be easily seen by pressing against a monster that is targeting another monster that it has no line of sight of.
  11. DOEL

    Performance "enhancement"

    I, for one, propose that all new records come with a full drug screening panel. Since I can't come within an astronomical unit of the kind of things all these great Doomers are doing, then surely they must be DOPING 😡
  12. Similar to Gothic Doom, I want to make a mod that changes sprites and sounds without effecting gameplay, ideally even demo compatible. I'm thinking things like different SSG sprites, different chaingun firing sound, different imp sprites, different cacodemon fireball sprite, different mastermind sounds, etc. Could anyone point me in the right direction for tutorials and the tools needed to do this?
  13. DOEL

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Happy to see Akeldama and Nova III mentioned. Also happy to read about some awesome maps I haven't heard of that I need to try
  14. DOEL

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll look into trying some of these for my Christmas season co-op server.
  15. I tried searching the forum but no avail. Any wads or megawads that use default Doom 2 textures? I'm using a Christmas themed mod for Doom 2 textures that @Doomkid recommended a while back on a server, it's really fun. So far I've hosted it with Maps of Chaos Overkill (Yea, yea I know) and Hell Revealed 2.