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  1. Lvangundy

    Co-op Zdoom recommendations? like Sunlust/Eviternity

    Thank you all. Have a lot to get through!
  2. Hello, Recently and friend and I loaded up Sunlust and Eviternity (holy.. friggin..cow.. amazing!) and are looking to spend a few nights burning through these kind of WADs. Anyone have any recommendations for - -Doom2 IWAD -Co-op compatible -Compatible / designed for (G)Zdoom -NOT- TCs with custom weapons -More than 1 level (we play for a few hours - i.e. we did 2-3 episodes of Eviternity a night) -Personally I enjoy some more 'modern' stuff with new textures and attention to lighting detail and fake bridges etc..
  3. Lvangundy

    Butchering a midi with weird instruments for fun

    Video doesn't work.
  4. Saw this on Bluesnews.com this morning. Pretty neat - they mention id alot. I didn't know Direct3d was the product of some small dev house either. https://tedium.co/2018/02/14/3dfx-history-failure/ https://books.google.com/books?id=vzoEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA14#v=onepage&q&f=false
  5. Lvangundy

    3D Vanilla Bridge for Dummies?

    What a weird coincidence, I was just telling someone about when someone (can't remember who? Anyone recall?) first discovered this bridge thing and it was hot news at the time. I want to say 1998? I remember struggling to figure it out in my editor of choice at the time (c. 1997/1998 was it DoomED I can't recall, but it crashed all the time and had like blue / purple interface) but eventually I got it. So I came here to just take a peek at the forums randomly and there at the top of the page was this thread. So thinking back to this, I was just reminded of when one of the source ports, I think it was Legacy that added a way for water / blood / sludge floors to have depth so you would 'fall' into them so it appeared you were wading through them. Am I right about that? Anyone else remember that grand discovery?
  6. He seems like such a decent person who loves what he did and would jump right back into a little office with the old crew. Hearing him describe the nostalgia makes me a little teary eyed. I hope his health issues are resolved and he can get back to doing that classic collaboration he mentioned.
  7. I just had a thought about QC about how disappointing it's playing out to be and thought that I would have rather seen a Quake 1 (ONE) reboot. Maybe a dark industrial / gothic modern take on the game, particularly done by Machine Games if they could pull off a reboot like Wolfenstein (which turn into a modern masterpiece.) Anyone else have a take on this?
  8. Lvangundy

    A new trick discovery: zero press!

    Who has the most clout here with Carmack or Romero to ask them to chime in? There's got to be someone connected to them. Ling seems to have a probable cause with the programmer's viewpoint.
  9. Lvangundy

    Games that Desperately Need Sequels

    Betrayal in Antara. Now that's one request you won't see. But I'm serious. Anyone else have fond memories? I mean it was buggy at times but had a very long playthrough.
  10. Does anyone remember one of the early mods that featured bot DM support? It was before Boom, Legacy, and ZDoom. It was a standalone program I think that had modified monsters that attempted to act like players. I think it came with 5-7 maps and one of them was this sort of elongated star shape. The bots were ridiculously difficult - basically they had 100% accuracy. I want to say one of the default bot colors was grey? Did anyone else play this and remember how silly the bot aim was? I'm not positive but I think each one was assigned a weapon?
  11. Lvangundy

    I'm reminded of Doomworld whenever...

    Well, I'm wondering if Ling actually decided not to use the cedilla to make it easier to type over the years, or didn't know the ASCII code wayyy early on. I know he's a smart one so I doubt that, but anyway. It could be actually an "s" sound so we'd have to defer to the man himself on how he pronounces it. Could be "lin - gwee - suh"
  12. I see this in the local store. http://imgur.com/a/drwbO
  13. Lvangundy

    How many musicians are here, and what do you play?

    Drums. Played off and on since 2011. Just recently decided to give it up after months of not progressing and not having any drive. I can play along to a handful of songs but can't "make up" my own style or patterns - my brain is built for copying and not creativity. Doesn't get you far. Once I realized that I couldn't do a paradiddle around the kit it was like an epiphany - just knew that I would never have what it takes. It was such a profound moment. Life is pretty shitty right now in general though so maybe part of why I could care less. edit - used to make beats (hip-hop & dancey stuff) ion the early 2000s but lost touch with it.
  14. Lvangundy


    Win98SE is my first pick from the older gen. Then XP, 7, 10. Vista when patched wasn't that bad and had some great "new" features.